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Palin to attend N.C. rally

Posted October 2, 2008

— Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin will attend a rally in Greenville next week, a campaign official said late Wednesday.

The Oct. 7 event at East Carolina University will be the first appearance in North Carolina by either Palin or Republican presidential candidate John McCain since the state's May primary.

Democratic nominee Barack Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden, each have made two stops in North Carolina in recent weeks, Michelle Obama, the candidate's wife, also has visited the state.

Obama plans to make his third trip to North Carolina on Sunday, when he will hold a 2 p.m. rally at Asheville High School's football stadium. The gates are scheduled to open at noon.

Doors to the Minges Coliseum are scheduled to open at 5 p.m. for the rally, but campaign officials didn't say when the event would start.


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  • james27613 Oct 2, 2008

    Right about Sen. Obama being 50% B&W,
    the other day few guys having lunch at McD's
    say Obama is Muslim ! Give me a break,
    don't these guys know about Rev. Wright ?

    I think most voters have no idea who we are voting for.

  • james27613 Oct 2, 2008

    How bout her foreign policy experience compared to other
    VP's like Dan Quayle ( potatoe), Spiro Agnew, cia man G.H.W. Bush,
    LBJ ?

    Too bad only 1/3 senate seats up for reelection this time,
    lets vote all of them out of a job. the entire us govt is
    out of touch with main street because they don't live
    on main street.

  • bs101fly Oct 2, 2008

    they showed footage of her getting off the plane this afternoon with her baby dangling from her arms and it looked like she almost dropped him. can't you JUST see her doing this getting off a plane to meet Putin? Or in Iran? or where ever!
    NO WAY!


  • Dr. Dataclerk Oct 2, 2008

    And many said Bush was the man because,

    He still is. Look at the economy he has messed up.

  • Bill Brasky Oct 2, 2008

    Also Subprime lenders/Brokers prayed upon the people who had no business getting hooked up with a loan(rich and poor), you can also thank the deregulating Republicans for that as well.

  • Bill Brasky Oct 2, 2008

    Democrats wanted the poor to own more homes, nothing wrong with that as long as they could afford them and their credit scores were good enough. However, with deregulation these people were prayed upon by sub-prime lenders/Brokers and given loans that they couldn't afford that didn't benefit the customer but benefited the lenders/brokers. Thanks deregulating Republicans for ruining this nation.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Oct 2, 2008

    Biden is barely alive as it is,

    Correction: You must be refering to McCain. He is the senior citizen. lol

  • jetstream Oct 2, 2008

    And many said Bush was the man because, "He is one of us". I'll take an elite snob this time. Thank You!

  • Dr. Dataclerk Oct 2, 2008

    And the entire Republican Congress and Senate for deregulating our banks.

    RIght. Don't worry Obama will clean the mess up just as soon as he becomes your president. It will happen.

  • canes017 Oct 2, 2008

    "And the entire Republican Congress and Senate for deregulating our banks"

    Ah yes, it was the Republicans, who believe everyone should earn their way in the Land of OPPORTUNITY (not entitlement)who wanted banks to give loans to EVERYONE, even if they couldn't afford it so we'd all end up having to pay for our neighbors to live in a home that they can't afford. Did the republicans also start welfare in your cracked out twighlight zone world?

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Biden is barely alive as it is, with all of his constant blunders he barely has a leg to stand on.... you know, kind of like the quadripalegic he asked to stand up a month back? Yeah, I don't think Palin is the one that should be worried.