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Obama leads in N.C. appearances

Posted September 22, 2008

— The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has made three trips to North Carolina in the past eight days, while Republican rival John McCain's campaign has no appearances scheduled in the state.

Obama, his wife and running mate Joe Biden have visited Charlotte since last Sunday, which some Democratic Party officials say indicates North Carolina is up for grabs in November. The state hasn't backed a Democrat for president since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

A WRAL News poll released Monday puts Obama and McCain in a virtual dead heat, as did an Elon University poll released last week. The Elon poll also indicated state residents had a much more favorable opinion of McCain.

North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Meek said believes economic concerns are behind the momentum shift toward Obama.

"The financial crisis has, I think, really raised people's concerns," Meek said.

Brent Woodcox, a spokesman for the North Carolina Republican Party, discounted the polls.

"We've seen everything from a 20-point lead for McCain to a dead even race. I mean, both of these polls can't be correct," Woodcox said. "It's important to remember (that) polls are snapshots."

Still, McCain's campaign isn't taking the state for granted, he said. McCain is airing television ads across the state and has plenty of grassroots volunteers.

Obama has a nearly 10-to-1 advantage in paid staff in North Carolina, and both he and McCain continue to open campaign offices in the state.

"That suggests to me that they're serious about North Carolina in a way we haven't seen before," Meek said.

"If Barack Obama wants to put all his eggs in one basket in North Carolina, which hasn't gone Democrat since 1976, we welcome that decision," Woodcox said.


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  • streetfightinman Sep 23, 2008

    if you think the economy will get better because of obama
    you're dreaming especially a Dem' funny how you are the only one
    pulling the race card. That's why alot of people won't vote
    for him because we are sick of the race card, think up some
    other excuses why people don't get jobs or a home loan
    or a car loan when things don't go your way Hey, I know pull the old ace in hole, the race card ,that's the most racist thing of all to do.

  • mattatiww Sep 23, 2008


  • nosuchmiracles Sep 23, 2008

    Man, I am so tired of republicans using catch phrases such as Liberal media. What in the world is liberal media? I hate to tell you this, I have yet to find something I consider to be liberal media because not one station pushes a true agenda of someone who is liberal. I know, I know, everything but Fox News is liberal and fox news is "fair and balanced" or so they say. I don't know how anyone can say that with a straight face...Get some new catch phrases and stop blaming Clinton. Ya'll had 8 years to do better and it looks like it only has gotten MUCH worse in this country. I just love living in the "home of the free" and we still have 2nd class citizens. That will continue if we continue allowing ignorance and religion to run this country...Thankfully NC is only 15 electoral votes, but I am glad to see Obama tying up McCain in polls at least. Once the debates start, its only going to get better.

    Obama/Biden '08

  • destewart2 Sep 23, 2008

    Dr. Dataclerk and you would be voting for a man who is not ready to lead. Palin has more experience than obama does. McCain/Palin REAL LEADERSHIP

  • destewart2 Sep 23, 2008

    Dr. Dataclerk i have nothing against obama race, I DONT CARE that he is black, i dont trust him and i dont like his policies. and bush mess was caused by Bill Clinton.

  • Lyle Sep 23, 2008

    Polls are strictly filler. They keep the media and other small minds occupied until the real action starts (debates). Any logical voter already has his/her candidate picked out. Many thousands of voters have already voted. With or without NC's help, Obama will prevail; I have zero doubt.

    Obama/Biden '08

  • JustAName Sep 23, 2008

    As someone else said so perfectly, the last time NC voted for a Democrat it was Carter. NC learned it's lesson. If NC forgets and votes for Obama, it will probably be another 60 years before they make that mistake again.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 23, 2008

    he should just give it up. a democrat has not won NC in 30 years and i doubt that obama is going to change that. McCain/Palin 08

    Never say never. First time for everything. Obama/Biden would be the right choice. If you go McCain (senior citizen) he will be a big repeat of Bush and the mess would be greater. Palin, the Alasky girl cannot cut it as a vice or president. Think this through. If you go for McCain and the economy get worse than what it is, you will have no need to complain, because you vote him in. Shake off the race issues and go for the right man Obama.

  • destewart2 Sep 23, 2008

    he should just give it up. a democrat has not won NC in 30 years and i doubt that obama is going to change that. McCain/Palin 08

  • workingforthosethatwont Sep 22, 2008

    He's not leading anywhere except the liberal WRAL poll.