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Michelle Obama pursues female vote in N.C.

Posted September 18, 2008

— The wife of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama reached out to female voters across North Carolina Thursday, hosting discussions with women in Charlotte and Greensboro about economic and social issues.

Michelle Obama said the forums are part of a week-long effort to build support for her husband among female voters nationwide.

"You want to get to as many people as possible so that they can hear your message, but you want to get into situations where you can have real conversations," Obama told WRAL News. "What we're hearing is that families who are doing everything that's being asked of them and more are still having a hard time getting ahead."

She said she thinks her husband's plan for universal health care and middle-class tax relief and stabilization will resonate will North Carolina voters.

"This is a swing state, an important state. It always ranks with some of those top five to seven states that could change the election ... and we've invested a great deal in this state," she said.

Women and young voters will be key to turning the historically Republican state – North Carolina hasn't backed a Democrat for president in 32 years – in Barack Obama's favor in November, she said.

Despite the buzz generated by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's selection as Republican nominee John McCain's running mate, Michelle Obama said she doesn't plan to change the way she campaigns for her husband.

"Our game plan is the same – women are an important vote," she said. "Everything that I have done the last 19 months continues to be important, but it's not new."

Michelle Obama said she enjoys meeting with voters, but she structures her role in the campaign so she can spend weekends and most nights with her two daughters. After a private fundraiser in Durham Thursday night and a brief campaign appearance Friday, she said she planned to return home to take the girls to their soccer games and dance classes this weekend.

"It's been important to create this kind of stability – Dad's running for president. Mom helps, but mostly she's at home – that's how we want them to think," she said.


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  • bobbyg Sep 19, 2008

    Obama is a winning man not a loser.

    Um, history doesn't really reflect that. He cheated Hillary in the primaries by stealing delegates from her in Michigan and then bullying her delegates in Denver (If he didn't, why did the Arkansas delegatation vote unanimously for him after she won the primary by 40 points?) AFTER she got more popular votes, and more Democratic votes than he did. He won his state senate seat by challenging his one time mentor Alice Palmer in court and knocking her off the ballot. He won his Illinois senate seat after "somebody" released his opponents divorce papers to the press. The only time he ran without cheating (when he ran for congress) he had his you know what handed to him. Obama IS a loser--unless he cheats. And he will try to cheat in the general election, mark my words. Hope there will be people making sure the dead aren't voting, or that his supporters aren't "voting early and voting often". Obama is a crooked Chicago pol, period.

  • spookync99 Sep 19, 2008

    I want to know what all the Obama events here are either by invite/ticket only or on the web. No open forums at all. No way to ask a REAL question like "What are you going to do about the Illegal Immigration crisis?"

    She and her husband must be really scared of a real person from 'main street usa" asking a real question. Maybe because they don't have the answers, just empty slogans.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 19, 2008

    Her white roomates mother caused a huge controversy because she didnt want her daughter rooming with her because of her skin color.

    This is the way adults acts. Watch small children, who do not act that way because of someone color of their skin. Children get along great with each other and more so if not for their parents. It is sad though how some children are being taught by their own parents. The sad part is when the children grow up and discover the truth regardless the dismay of their parents.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 19, 2008

    right_n_exact i dont understand racism give me a break, blacks are just as racist as whites.

    If you don't know the meaning of the word RACISM, how would you know if the black are racist to one another?

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 19, 2008

    he will lose, and lose BADLY. Respect THAT.

    Keep thinking that. Are you a loser of some sort? Anyway, Obama is a winning man not a loser.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 19, 2008

    if not you are welcome to leave the country since we do have an open border policy.

    I would love to see that and would you be the first to go? lol

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 19, 2008

    Lyle i look forward to you eating your words when obama loses and McCain is president. and dont try to have another gore moment.

    Better start eating those words now. Obama is going to win. :)

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 19, 2008

    right_n_exact i dont understand racism give me a break, blacks are just as racist as whites.

    There is a new book out - "Hunger Pains In My Head". That may help you to understand racism and why. Its a good book. I believe also had you attended an all black school from 1969 back then and only then you would understand what racism is all about.

  • Right_N_Exact Sep 19, 2008

    dstewart2.....if you did you would understand her pain during her college years. But you brush it off as if it should have been no big deal a young woman in early 20's or late teens. Its hard to love a country that hates you in return.

  • pebbles262004 Sep 19, 2008

    bobbyg I use to know a bobbyg