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Hagan, Dole express similar views on illegal immigration

Posted September 17, 2008
Updated September 18, 2008

— A recent Elon University Poll cited illegal immigration as one of the top three issues in the race for U.S. Senate between Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole and Democratic challenger Kay Hagan.

The two candidates have very similar views on the issue, calling for more border enforcement and opposing allowing illegal immigrants to enroll for degrees at North Carolina community colleges.

Dole said she helped get $3 billion in federal funding to secure the borders.

"I've worked with our sheriffs to come up with an enforcement plan where you have illegal immigrants who are committing crimes that they can identify, apprehend and start the deportation process," she said, referring to the 287-G program used in several counties.

Hagan said securing the border is the first priority in dealing with the immigration issue.

"If we don't do that, the number is going to get larger. That's where I want to start. I want to have a comprehensive solution that is put forward once I get up to Washington, where we can have committee meetings and solve this issue," she said.

Hagan criticized Dole's vote against an immigration bill in the Senate.

"My question is why didn't she put forth an amendment," she said.

Dole said the bill offered empty promises.

"The reason why I voted against this broad bill (is) that (it) came up with no amendments permitted. Isn't that amazing? You couldn't do a thing about it," she said.


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  • readme Sep 19, 2008

    They are both pretty soft on immigration. We need someone to have the guts to take a stand. It's time for drastic measures.

  • Tidbit Sep 19, 2008

    For the Education of CameraGirl and other (con't):

    - She was against the Federal Mandate of 9 billions gallons of ethanol be used as a renewable fuel, that was being increased to 11.1 billion gallons in 2009 citing that it is hurting North Carolinians with increased food prices and an increase in energy costs.

    - Dole crossed the isle to support Democrats on a bill to overhaul the Higher Education Act, which allows for more funding to student who are studying in high demand fields such as nursing or education. It makes college costs more transparent and simplifies the FAFSA (which was needed so badly!!!) by reducing it from 7 pages to 2! AND gives members of the military the ability to defer federal student loans repayments interest-free while on active duty.

    DO YOU SERIOUSLY Need me to continue... I have 4 .doc pages of my own personal research of her votes and what's she's done..

  • Tidbit Sep 19, 2008

    For the Education of CameraGirl and other (con't)

    - Dole is also working with another Democrat on legislation that will extend unused military benefits to the spouse or child of a deceased veteran or service men/women who die during service.

    - Dole was able to secure major concessions in the DR-CAFTA that addressed concerns of NC textiles losing business (which benefitted our local manufacturing and textile industry)

    - She sponsored legislation requiring the Dept of Commerce to self-initiate anti-dumping cases when faced with evidence that textile dumping has occurred ( I can't believe liberal environmentalist don't love her!!)

    - She secured a significant amount of federal funding for NC to hire additional customs agents to monitor incoming textiles (which also created more jobs)

    - She was able to extend and improve the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program, which provides a benefits and training safety net to workers whose jobs have been lost to global trade. (HUGE)

  • Tidbit Sep 19, 2008

    For the Education of CameraGirl since they can't actually do anything for themselves:

    - In July 2008 Dole introduced “The New Clean Energy Tax Extenders Act” which would repeal more than $17 billion in tax credits to oil companies AND redirect that revenue to investments in alternative and renewable energy resources. Pelosi stopped it before it was even heard

    - She initated a bill allowing for extending the family leave act to 6 months for family members of wounded veterans when the family member is needed as part of the care.

    - She fought (and won) to keep the bases in NC from closing. AND in the process helped create another 9,000 jobs on Ft Bragg alone.(Saving many jobs and businesses in the process that would have been lost without the military traffic)

    - She recently (07/31/08) voted against the 2 houses adjourning for a recess because of the important legislation that was still pending (while democrats overwhelming felt the American people weren’t as important)

  • Tidbit Sep 19, 2008

    timbo, for us Senior Citizens, what does this mean talk the talk, walk the walk. Give specifics please. If you mean that Dem Harry Reid, would not allow any amendments to the Immigration bill to come to the floor. Is that why Congress currently have a 12-15% job approval rating? Is that why House leader shut down the House for eight (8) weeks VACATION, while WE all have problems, buying gas, meeting mortgage payments, food, medical care. -Eduardo1

    I'd like to add to this person's wonderful post that DOLE - IN FACT Voted AGAINST taking that vacation that the Democrats felt they were so entitled to while we were feeling the pinch

  • cameragirl Sep 19, 2008

    my2boys, I agree with you. The wall should be high enough that it can't be scaled and their should be barbed wire on top and lots of barbed wire on our side of the border (say about fifty feet depth from the wall). Keep them out so that our economy can reboud.

  • cameragirl Sep 19, 2008

    Vote HAGAN. Dole hasn't really done anything for us. IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE.

  • my2boys Sep 19, 2008

    I want a huge wall across the border, and one door in/out. Show up with papers...come on in, we welcome you! No papers, no door. I am sick and tired of watching the economy being bled dry by illegals...while my kids' schools are overwhelmed, I pay higher insurance premiums, the crime rate goes up (don't argue with me there), and as a taxpayer...I don't get the benefits!! One wall...one door. Come on Elizabeth, work with me here.

  • tweathe850 Sep 19, 2008

    How about another direction, let's open an investigation into the "hispanic advocacy" groups that support and aid tens of thousands of Illegal Criminal Aliens. The numbers are huge and massive and our response to this invasion should be just as Powerful. How can these groups such as El Pueblo and the racist LA RAZA (THE Race}, be allowed to operate in this country? In my opinion they are against the law.

  • Stringbean Sep 18, 2008

    Secure the borders and other points of entry. Employ and train a sufficient number of U.S. border patrol agents. Utilize National Guard troops to assist in providing border security.

    Eliminate the jobs magnet and social benefits. Enforce employer sanctions. Eliminate government financial aid for illegal alien students. Enforce existing laws to reduce the U.S. illegal population.

    Reject amnesty or "legalization" programs for illegal aliens.

    Promote cooperation between federal, state and local law enforcement officials, with emphasis on interior enforcement.

    Prohibit eligibility to services offered by financial institutions in the United States. No driver's licenses for illegal aliens.

    Designate English as the official language of the U.S. government and print all documents, including election ballots, in the English language only. Screen and track foreign visitors legally entering the U.S.