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Economy could tilt gubernatorial election

Posted September 16, 2008

— The continued struggles of the state and national economy could be the key issue in the gubernatorial race between Democrat Beverly Perdue and Republican Pat McCrory, according to many political observers.

"The candidate who is able to capture the issue, define it for voters and explain to them what they're going to do is going to be the front-runner and likely winner," Democratic consultant Brad Crone said.

Polls show voters are most concerned about jobs and the wild swing in gas prices, Crone said.

"My message would start with Washington – get busy and do your job," Perdue said.

Perdue said she supports the crackdowns on potential gasoline price-gouging and on predatory lending. She also said she believes North Carolina's economy remains fundamentally strong.

"My role as governor is to be sure that kids get a good education and opportunity to do better than their parents and that folks being displaced from the work force now have good worker training and jobs available to them," she said.

McCrory said the economy will die if it relies solely on service and government jobs. He says the job of governor requires a pro-business, hands-on leader.

"You communicate to the public to remain calm," McCrory said. "The governor needs to go out and meet with business – existing businesses – and go, 'OK, how can we work together? Are there bureacratic things in your way or barriers that are stopping you from expanding in North Carolina?'"


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  • TechRescue Sep 17, 2008

    This election will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how smart the people of this state are: they can either support and subsidize corrpution by voting in the people who gave us Wright, Black, Scott-Phipps and scores of others or they can vote for the people who have the backbone to fix it.

    I'm amazed that teachers, who deal with bad behavior every day, think that the solution is to pat them on the back and encourage more of the same. No wonder the kids are out of control in many of our schools....

  • ncwebguy Sep 17, 2008

    President Bush came into town for a Pat McCrory fundraiser a few months ago. If you want to continue the destruction of the American economy, please consider and vote for Pat McCrory in November.

    If you want leadership that doesn't rob from the middle class to pay for the bank's bad bets, please consider someone else, Perdue or Munger.

  • rushbot Sep 17, 2008

    You all know how Durham calls itself the City of Medicine? Well, Mr McCroy comes from THE CITY OF BIG BANKS and he is beholden to them. And big banks are a major reason the economy is down the toilet. Just what we need, big banks governing our state!

  • vote4changeASAP Sep 17, 2008

    From his website:

    Member, Homeland Security Advisory Council - appointed by President Bush (don't hold that against him)

    Chair, U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) Committe for the Environment
    Founder and first Chairman of the NC Metropolitan Coalition
    Only elected official to serve on the national board of the Afterschool Alliance and is a featured mayor in Harvard University's Faith-based Executive Session
    Past President of the Republican Mayors and Local Officals Organization

  • vote4changeASAP Sep 17, 2008

    teacher56, increasing teacher's salaries is important, but there are many more important issues that need to be addressed that affect your salary.

    Did you know that Pat McCroy has a Bachelor of Science (good grief WRAL-can't abbreviate this) in Political Science and Education, earned his North Carolina Teaching Certificate, and has a Honorary Doctorate Degree in Education?

    Beverly Perdue feels she is entitled to be Governor of NC because she has served with Martin, Hunt, and Easley.

    I'm sorry, but NC needs a leader who is well rounded and has impacted areas such as metro leadership, education, commerce, the enviromment, energy, Homeland Security, and youth mentorship.

    Please consider and vote for Pat McCroy in November.

  • discowhale Sep 17, 2008

    Teacher 56,
    your voting for the Dems, as a teacher, because they are for the little guy. Uh huh, that's some sound, "...I don't work for a company, so I don't care about business owners" thinking ya got there. Businesses are THE source of tax money, we need more of them!

    And don't give me the NEA party line either, you DON"T pay taxes, the taxes that come from you, are recycled from those evil Republican business owners who payed in to start with via their profits and wages.

    And just for the tally sheet, we evil business owners can't make more money without hiring more people, paying more wages, buying and selling more products, paying for more gasoline, electricity, equipment etc.

    All you produce is kids who can't read or write!!

    Vote Republican, Fire Bad Teachers, Save America!

  • vote4changeASAP Sep 17, 2008

    "My message would start with Washington" Perdue said. "Get busy and do your job."

    She had the same response when asked about the problems and burden thrust upon taxpayers caused by illegal immigrants.

    Don't expect her to be aggressive about either issue.

    Please vote for Pat McCroy in November.

  • RocknRollDoctor Sep 17, 2008

    Perdue is a pawn in the same game as Easley.

    I'll agree with the Obama camp on one thing as it relates to the State of NC......Change Now!

    The entrenched Dems in this state have bribed the teachers and their followers to keep them in office.

  • geosol Sep 16, 2008

    You know what would REALLY stimulate the economy? How about another round of huge tax tax breaks like our Republican friends passed a few years ago? They worked REALLY well, didn't they? Prices went down in response, didn't they? Profits went up, didn't they? Well, maybe for their good friends in the oil companies.

    Vote Republican and get more of the same!

  • davidgnews Sep 16, 2008

    Good Bye Dems!! Navy Vet

    What good are they, anyway? What if we could just do away with the party? Wouldn't things be better off?