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Michelle Obama to visit N.C. Thursday

Posted September 15, 2008

— Michelle Obama, wife of the Democratic presidential nominee, will campaign in North Carolina Thursday.

She will host a roundtable on women's economic issues in Charlotte, followed by a rally in the Triad area.


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  • justchillin Sep 16, 2008

    Reading come of these comments on here just goes to show how mean repubs are. I mean she is a human being for crying out loud. Can you not show some respect.

    Maybe you should be complaining about how Palin has not shown her face in the state of NC. I guess she won't unless mccain is with her. How many times has mccains wife been to NC by herself to rally for her husband? Probably zero. Haters such haters.

  • Lexus-1 Sep 16, 2008

    It beholds me that you so quickly to think that I of a Black Race. I said nothing about white's being a redneck. "GUILT"

  • tibbs29 Sep 16, 2008

    Go Michelle - wish I could go and witness history in the making...Obama/Biden 08 all the way!!!!

  • aegunc Sep 16, 2008

    lexus-1 didnt say a thing about rednecks being white....

  • Redneck_Bob Sep 16, 2008

    Lexus-1 by your standards, all rednecks are white. Does this mean that all militants are black? Why don't you grow up, put your big girl bloomers on and join the 21st century? It is people like you that keep racism alive and kicking.

  • Jeremiah Sep 16, 2008

    Please stop saying she's "anti-american" and things like "first time proud to be american", because you know she's not, you know she phrased it wrong. Please focus on topics and not shock-value and spin. please?

  • duster 340 Sep 16, 2008


    Are all rednecks WHITE ? Do you have embedded hatred for rednecks ?

  • aegunc Sep 16, 2008

    So Im wondering... all of you who would rather live in poverty than have a Black President....Are you planning to move to another country IF Obama is elected?

  • Lexus-1 Sep 16, 2008

    It really amazes me that in today’s history in the 21 century we still such rednecks with such embedded hatred for Blacks to succeed. How can you even bash this woman and you keep refusing to accept truth. When you are sick how many times did a black doctor/ black nurse looked and took care of your sad sick body and saw a little of nothing. I will not get in a debate over this. My expressed opinion.

  • Tawny Sep 16, 2008

    I see nothing Anti-American about Michele Obama. Her story is an "American" story about parents who worked hard and taught their children the meaning of good work ethics. Learning those ethics at an early age resulted in Michelle and her brother discontinuing the cycle of poverty. Isn't this what the American dream is all about.....knowing that if you work hard, you're reap benefits?