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N.C. Democrats: Obama has chance to move state's vote

Posted August 27, 2008

— North Carolina Democrats are cautiously optimistic that Barack Obama can break a long losing streak for the party in November.

The state hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter in 1976, but long-time political observers said they believe the dynamics of this year's election give Obama a chance to outdistance Republican John McCain at the polls.

"When I say the state's in play, I mean I think he can win it, and I think he can," Gov. Mike Easley said.

Easley cited the strong Obama organization on the ground in North Carolina and a renewed energy for Democrats across the state.

Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand, an Obama delegate at the Democratic National Convention, said Obama's strength in the state runs more deeply than his political organization.

"This is the year where there are a lot of young people involved," Rand said. "I certainly think (they will go to the polls). They certainly appear to be involved, and they certainly were there in the primary."

Bob Schieffer, the chief political correspondent for CBS News, said he has closely watched North Carolina for the past year.

"Is (an Obama victory) a long shot? Yeah, I think it's a long shot, but I think he has a chance to do it," Schieffer said.

North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Meek said the combination of a sputtering economy, an unpopular war and public disenchantment with President George W. Bush lessens the challenge for Obama.

"I think it's winnable. Is it a stretch? Yeah, it might be a little bit of a stretch, but it's winnable," Meek said. "We're seeing dynamics this year in North Carolina of a nature that I don't think we've seen in a long time."

Rand said he's ready for a fight and expects the fall campaign to become a real dogfight.

"It's not the dog in the fight, it's the fight in the dog. So, we'll see what happens," he said with a laugh.


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  • Phrostbite Aug 28, 2008

    I say he has a 40% chance of taking NC. However, make no mistake, racism is alive in NC & will play a role in who comes to the poles. If Kay Hagan wins, so will Baracak Obama & right now, Kay is within 4 points of Libby D.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Aug 28, 2008

    I'm novinced to vote Democrat nationally (I still don't like Bev). Our lives, middle class lives, are getting worse under Bush. Clinton left us in good fiancial shape and Bush want on a spending spree.

    Conservatives complain about liberals' social engineering, but all conservatives care about is holding on to power to advance their social agenda and they don't care how much they have to borrow and spend to do it.

    I think the widening wealth gap is a problem for everyone, including the rich. Who wants to be rich and surrounded by poverty? Average workers are getting the shaft while CEOs lay off workers and rake in bonuses. So yes, I think it is in everyone's interest that the rich pay higher tax rates than the poor.

    I don't want big new gov't programs, but if we are going to have them we should pay for them today rather than borrowing more. Medicare part D anyone? I'm keeping my guns, but I think we can do that in spite of Obama.

  • destewart2 Aug 28, 2008

    obama would never be able to cut the miltary clinton tried the same thing and congress said not going to happen

  • ABar Aug 28, 2008

    Obama doesn't have a snowball's chance in a microwave!

  • B.T.D.B Aug 28, 2008

    I really enjoyed the speech given by Hillary. She has now seen the light. ..........
    I don't really think she has seen the light! hehe!! I think it's funny how some people could sit around and beleive every single word coming out of there mouth!
    I don't like MCcain, and I don't particularly care for Obama either! But I do like the fact that he picked Biden as his VP.
    You got Mccain who's biggest thng is "drill here, drill now" and the fact that he's a "pow". give me a break already! drilling here won't do a thing!And he's been throwing the pow around for the last 20 yrs!....That's right I said pow! most people don't care to mention it! We send 700 billion dollers a year to other countrys for oil. drilling here probably won't manke a differnce for years, and if it does, it'll drop 700 billion down to 500 billion. Not Good! Atleast Obama says differentaly. Is he going to follow through!...probably not, but atleast he talks about it. A little quickand off topic, but that's OK! :)

  • Bob3425 Aug 28, 2008

    iamforjustice -- What has obama done? He got nothing to offer except higher taxes, that doesn't help.

  • canes017 Aug 28, 2008

    He's also got the chance not to. Wow, another revelating article.

  • Boot-the-DC-Tyrant Aug 28, 2008

    Everyone should say they're voting for Obama when they take these polls. This will get the drool rolling fast from the liberals all around. Then, come November, they should all go to the poll and vote McCain and watch their mouths drop in disbelief as McCain steamrolls over Obama!

  • Boot-the-DC-Tyrant Aug 28, 2008

    They shouldnt be so optimistic for me. I'm voting McCain no matter what lies and promises Obama throws my way.

  • workingforthosethatwont Aug 27, 2008

    Well, liberal WRAL wouldn't post my last comment so I will try again.
    umm...Yeah right, What's he running for again? I don't think so!