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N.C. delegates want Clinton recognized at DNC

Posted August 26, 2008
Updated October 10, 2011

— Democrats celebrated Barack Obama's quest for the White House at the opening of their national convention Monday night, casting him as a leader with classic American values while seeking party unity essential for the fall campaign.

Not everyone is on board with the theme yet, however.

“I have no idea what this unity thing is about,” N.C. delegate Marc Freiland, from Charlotte, said.

The convention's opening gavel fell with Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton still struggling to work out the choreography for the formal roll call of the states that will make him – a 47-year-old first-term U.S. senator bidding to become the first black president – the party nominee.

Margaret Haynes, from Wilmington, is among the state's delegates attending the Denver convention in the Pepsi Center. She is also among those still supporting Clinton.

“We deserve respect, and if they want unity, they need to reach out ... and bring us into the fold,” Haynes said. "I'm hoping to see it, and I'm looking forward to it."

When the delegates vote Wednesday night, the state Clinton team wants a roll call. If they don't get it?

“If they try to disrespect me as a delegate. If they try to disrespect my vote as a delegate, I won't take that quietly,” Freiland said.

It is not clear if the Clinton team will walk out or hold a demonstration if their request is ignored.

“I think that this is sort of a dissident group that is doing that. I want us to be unified behind Obama and Biden,” N.C. delegate Ethan Staats, of Cashiers, said.

Some state delegates want Clinton recognized and acknowledges for running a good race.

"I think that would be mentioning Mrs. Clinton at breakfast. I think it would be speaking about her and not making her an invisible part of this convention. I think that is how you gain unity and respect," Haynes said.

Gov. Mike Easley also weighed in on the Obama-Clinton tension.

"I got to be an Obama super-delegate the day Clinton stood up and said, 'Let's support Barack Obama.' That is going to be our message tomorrow night. Everybody is going to leave here unified, and all of the Clinton delegates are going to get to stand up and say what they want to say, and then we are gong to all come together and win this election," Easley said.

Easley said he said he feels strongly that Obama can win the presidency. He is particularly excited about Obama's chances now that U.S. Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware has joined the ticket.

Public opinion polls made the race with Republican John McCain a close one, unexpectedly so in a time of economic uncertainty, continuing conflict in Iraq and poor approval ratings for GOP President George Bush.

Obama delivers his acceptance speech on Thursday at a football stadium, before a crowd likely to total 75,000 or more. Then he and Biden depart for the fall campaign.


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  • canes017 Aug 26, 2008

    "I assume the reason for doing this is to fool those voters of limited intellect into believing that you are more "patriotic" than your opponent."

    It shouldnt be a make or break for anyone, but for crying out loud, you're running to represent the US it should be a given that you want to show a little patriotism given the fact that the office you would hold represents a nation of US patriots.

  • Ken D. Aug 26, 2008

    "no matter were you go if you are running for US president you should wear the US flag"

    I assume the reason for doing this is to fool those voters of limited intellect into believing that you are more "patriotic" than your opponent.

    This reminds me of a blog I saw some months ago on Golo in which the blogger was criticizing Obama for not wearing a flag lapel pin. Naturally, in his blog he cited Ronald Reagan as his example of a "true" patriot, and showed a flattering picture of him striking an especially presidential pose. He didn't see the irony in the fact that Reagan was not wearing a lapel pin.

    Of all the reasons to support or not support someone, lapel pins have to rank near the top of the worst list.

  • canes017 Aug 26, 2008

    "It was here and in the making a long time before that, Jr."

    "the presidents dont have an effect on corrupt corporations falling"

    Answered that already, check the glasses pops.

  • davidgnews Aug 26, 2008

    "(Oh and even if they did, I've got news for you, the corruption that killed said corps arose under Clinton). "

    It was here and in the making a long time before that, Jr.

  • canes017 Aug 26, 2008

    "Unless you are blind, we are in a recession."

    You're blind my friend. I don't know if you just go around using the term recession when you're told things aren't going well or what, so I'll just give you a brief lesson. We only go into a recession when our economy SHRINKS see GDP values. In January the GDP was +.6%, not a huge gain but a gain nonetheless. The official growth number for this fiscal year is expected to be 2.4%, a very modest growth considering the fact that uninformed individuals such as yourself are running around saying these numbers are negative.

    As I said before, take an economics course for further education about this, and why the presidents dont have an effect on corrupt corporations falling (Oh and even if they did, I've got news for you, the corruption that killed said corps arose under Clinton).

    The last nail in your uninformed coffin:
    http://www.market watch.com/News/Story/Story.aspx?guid=%7B8BEE8D0B-14

  • Movin On Aug 26, 2008

    What are these Clinton supporters yapping about now? She lost fo goodness sake, and she lost because she was a poor leader and couldn't even manage her own campaign! I'm glad that Obama was smart enough to select Biden for his VP, can you imagine selecting a liability like Clinton--OMG--She's the star of several RNC negative adds; she's 25 million dollars in debt; and then there's BILL (nuff said). Clinton supporters are making us women look like a bunch of petty, catty, bratty simpletons, no wonder America decided not to put a woman in the Whitehouse, gee thanks a lot Hillary for setting us back another 50 years!

  • destewart2 Aug 26, 2008

    we never had the respect of most countries like in the middle east, they just want our money. we do need to pull out of iraq and focus on russia and WWIII

  • lilwil Aug 26, 2008

    I have to agree with one post....if they recognize Clinton, recognize all the others that campaign for President. Her supporters, since they are such faithful, loyal supporters of hers, pay off her debt.

    She played nasty in this campaign and it came back to bite her on the rear...she dished it out and now can't take it....

    Her supporters have shown their true colors..

  • Proloqour622 Aug 26, 2008

    Hey Canes,

    Check yoru figures, more collapses seem to have happened via Georges buddies that any otehr sitting president.

    The agreement is not in place for a withdrawl as the Iraqi government want us out sooner. CHECK YOUR FACTS, and the only reason it is being mentioned by the White House now is because they want McCain to take over.

    Unless you are blind, which you must be or are you one of those people making 5mil a year McCain spoke of, we are in a recession. Maybe not to you but it sure feels like it to me and my family. You know, the REAL MIDDLE CLASS.

    And we used to have resepct at least from other countries and now people like you want to blow it off like we didnt. Yes some nations always have resented us but they at least respected us. NOT ANYMORE.

    Tell me, is blind ignorance fun?

  • davidgnews Aug 26, 2008

    I'm going to go out on a limb here... you don't think for yourself do you? Just pipe out what you here on tv like its your own thought? Yeah, you should stop that. canes017

    So, what's YOUR excuse? Talk radio? Suburb brat?