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Governor seeks fix to state payroll problems

Posted August 12, 2008

— Gov. Mike Easley on Tuesday asked State Controller Robert L. Powell to make sure that state employees get the pay due to them.

In response to reports of glitches in the state's new payroll system, the governor asked Powell to identify any employee who may have been short-changed in recent months and to "pay them as quickly as possible."

Since April, when the state rolled out the Beacon HR/Payroll Project, employees statewide have complained about not getting overtime and shift-differential pay.

Workers at the departments of Health and Human Services, Environment and Natural Resources, and Correction have all complained since the system went online.

The Beacon call center has received more than 64,000 questions and complaints since December.

The governor has asked Powell to work out both short-term and long-term solutions to address the problems.


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  • annemarek Aug 13, 2008

    I can not figure out my time stub. I have lost vacation time and holiday time. Where has it gone? I am even unable to report the errors, can’t read the deposit stub. I am now looking for a deduction for the allotted pay raise instead of a gain.

  • eatme Aug 13, 2008

    I liked the old online system better....at least we knew how much comp/vacation we had...we have gone back to doin it on paper to keep up with it again. I thought this system was supposed to do away with all that. Oh well, ya gotta look after yourself cos nobody else will.

  • canes017 Aug 13, 2008

    Maybe he can impose another temporary emergency tax like the one he implemented years and years ago but has yet to retract?

  • beachlover77 Aug 13, 2008

    GWALLY thanks for the comments, you are right..ljrbrown, whose iq is in question, you are not worth a response, get it?

  • GWALLY Aug 13, 2008

    beachbum59....thank you for your work, (if you are 'one of the few')! I think you will find there are "customers that are morons and idiots" and expect everything with little or no effort on their part in every business and industry today. You are not alone there. Political correctness, inclusiveness, tollorance and entitlement rule the day. So as a general rule we spend 80% of our time with 10% of our 'bad customers' leaving only 20% of our time to work with the 90% that are in need and could (should) be truely served.

  • jr1brown Aug 13, 2008

    beachbum59: Glad to see you used your spellcheck this time! Maybe you will quit thinking you are above everyone else's IQ and just do your job. The type of helpdesk work you do is the same as a 'fry-master' at MikeyD's.

  • lili64 Aug 13, 2008

    I know what the problem is, they need to quit holding overtime for thirty days before they release it to see if they can reimburse any leave time the employee has taken. This will solve a lot of problems. Don't worry about reimbursing leave time. It creates problems because time is being entered a week behind. Pay the Overtime and be done with it. Let the leave time come from where it is suppose to come from.

  • beachlover77 Aug 13, 2008

    and btw GWALLY I am aware of who pays my salary, I am reminded every day, I also know I pay taxes right along with the rest of you, and i agree with you I have been here long enough to see everything you are talking about, I see the waste and see the good ole boy slap on the back, but I work hard and I do my job and you get your moneys worth out of me. and btw jr1brown, you are not even worth answering back to.

  • flyfishNC Aug 13, 2008

    Let me get this straight...work for the state, don't get paid. Work for Wake County....hmmmmm. "I'm going to Disneyland!" (but am getting a $400 haircut during my stopover in Italy)

  • Myword Aug 12, 2008

    What still is not being said in these stories is that Beacon is WORSE than simply cheating folks out of their pay--which is bad enough. The features and usability in the system are also TERRIBLE! Supervisors cannot monitor employees balances--incredible. And no one can really spend less than about an hour or so a month just doing the stupidly high number of clicks and screens it takes just to enter your own times. Supervisors have to spend even more time on it. And it is often down thus wasting more time. These are in many ways even bigger problems that the pay glitches. Also, to those of you who still don't get it--it is not managed by government employees but by the private sector in contract to the state. The old system that worked so well? It was the one run by state government staff.