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Edwardses' visit to Mass. college goes forward

Posted August 11, 2008

— Salem State College still expects former presidential candidate John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, to appear at the school next month despite the former North Carolina senator's admission that he had an extramarital affair.

College spokesman Jim Glynn says school officials expect the Sept. 23 event to go forward, but are consulting with corporate sponsors who helped pay the Edwardses' undisclosed appearance fee.

Glynn says the couple is coming to the college to speak about Elizabeth Edwards' battle with cancer, and the school does not want to get involved in "moral issues."

The high-profile lecture series is paid for through private corporate donations and ticket sales, not public money. Tickets are selling for $10 to $75, and Glynn says the event is expected to sell out.


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  • ContinuityMan Aug 12, 2008

    One problem with this story and the cover-up is that the MLM has not branded it with a good "NewsSpeak" title. How about Riellegate?

  • rc4nc Aug 12, 2008

    Well at least we can all agree on one thing, Republicans still need to worry about morals, Liberals don't.

  • Tax Man Aug 11, 2008

    Just have the college send the money to Rielle Hunter to add to her "winnings" for hitting the real NC Lottery!

    The IRS should investigate how the money has been paid to her - I can bet she is not reporting it! Hush money IS taxable!

  • devilwearswalmart Aug 11, 2008

    "Oldschool" you sound like a jilted lover.

  • lizard Aug 11, 2008

    When was Clinton ever a great president? He didn't do a thing about the muslim attacks we endured those years and I am still trying to pay for the Clinton/Gore stock market crash of 2000!

  • Axtel Aug 11, 2008

    You guys are still at it. Just face it and move on. When a democrat gets pegged, leave it alone. Everybody does it. Just face it and move on. If you catch a Republican with his hand in the cookie jar, go for it. Don't worry about facts. Every story has a shelf life. A negative story about a democrat has a short shelf life. The only true freedom in this country is freedom of the press.

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Aug 11, 2008

    Bush, McCain, Cheney, Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Dole, etc. They're all criminals.

  • oldschooltarheel Aug 11, 2008

    Oh, he'll go all right. Love's that limelight - where ever & whenever he can get it. He'll be up there spewing down-home homilies & speaking earnestly about his commitments to the poor, to the unrepresented, to... (just not THAT BABY); anyone with a lick of sense would be better served watching new fall TV or even reruns rather than listen to this charlatan natter on.
    If his wife goes with him - her choice; I'm not in her position & never intend to be a wittol or a cuckhold. Interestingly though NC is one of 7 states in the nation you can sue the person having an affair with your spouse. Really! People get judgements (pretty good $$$ too) against their spouse's philandering partners. Proven adultery also tosses out the 50/50 marital asset division rule. If the poor woman didn't have metastatic cancer these would be delicious options to proceed on given his public admission. Her terminal illness more than likely hobbles her - child custody would be onerous to determine for starters...

  • Libandproud Aug 11, 2008

    Tired_of_Literacy: Rush would be so proud of you today! You spewed mindless hate without any justification at all, made fun of others, and pretended to be morally and intellectually superior. Have an oxycontin, you deserve it!

  • oldschooltarheel Aug 11, 2008

    ambulance chaser, "channeller" of those who "can't speak for themselves" , ostentatious conspicuous consumer in grossest nouveau-riche form, "defender of & educator about the poor in America" who allows his staff to trespass on his poor American neighbor's property, adulterer, rodent-like liar who actually RAN & HID in a basement bathroom... who cares?
    Seriously, you want THAT to represent you? I don't want him associated with me, my alma mater, my little tax dollars, my side of the street - nothing! Forget about "representing" me - what a creep.