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WRAL News Poll: McCain, Obama still close in N.C.

Posted July 17, 2008

— Republican John McCain leads Democrat Barack Obama by three percentage points in the presidential race in North Carolina, according to a new WRAL News poll released Thursday.

A survey of 500 likely voters Tuesday by polling firm Rasmussen Reports shows McCain has 45 percent of the vote and Obama has 43 percent. The margin of error for the poll is plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

When “leaners” are included, McCain leads 48 percent to 45 percent.

Last month, McCain led by two points and in May by three points. In April, the candidates were tied at 47 percent each.

North Carolina voters have favored Republican candidates in nine out of the last 10 presidential elections. In 2004, George W. Bush won the state 56 percent to 44 percent.

In the most recent poll, 33 percent of the state’s voters found Bush is doing a good or excellent job and 48 percent said he is doing a poor job.

Eight-five percent of Republicans and 18 percent of Democrats in the state support McCain. Obama is backed by 69 percent of Democrats and 7 percent of Republicans. Among unaffiliated voters, Obama leads 43 percent to McCain’s 33 percent.

Among female voters, Obama leads McCain 44 percent to 42 percent. McCain leads 48 percent to 39 percent among men.

Each candidate’s favorability ratings improved since last month. Fifty-seven percent of voters viewed McCain favorably, which is an increase of two points from June. McCain is viewed unfavorably by 40 percent – down two points from last month. Twenty-three percent of voters found McCain very favorable, while 16 percent found him very unfavorable.

Obama is viewed favorably by 52 percent of voters, an increase of three points, and unfavorably by 45 percent, which is down five points. Thirty-one percent had a very favorable view of Obama, while 29 percent found him very unfavorable.

Nationally, the poll found Obama leading McCain 44 percent to 42 percent.

In the poll, North Carolina voters identified the economy as the most important issue of the upcoming election. National security was their second concern.

Nationwide, the poll found voters feel high gas and oil prices to be the biggest threat to the economy. Sixty percent of North Carolina voters said they support the idea of drilling offshore oil wells. Fifty-five percent said they believe the practice would reduce the price of gas. Fifty-two percent said the U.S. should allow drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. Thirty-six percent oppose the idea.

North Carolina voters were against lowering the national speed limit to 55 mph. Fifty-seven percent opposed the idea, and 60 percent said they do not think the law would reduce gas prices.

Forty-five percent of voters in the state believe it is more important to reduce gas prices than to protect the environment. Thirty-nine percent favored protecting the environment over reducing gas prices.


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  • OrdinaryCitizen Jul 18, 2008

    I wish there was a third party candidate! Nader doesn't count

  • batcave Jul 18, 2008

    Just goes to show ya what poles are worth, it won't be that close. Like always a few swing states will decide, everyone else is pat.

  • motorfinga Jul 18, 2008

    "Obama when sworn in a US Senator used the Quran, NOT the Bible. He won't salute our flag. He refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance."

    - unstable

    unstable? Ha! The name fits perfectly!

  • motorfinga Jul 18, 2008

    It's thanks to Bush that the Republican party is in a shamble. And it's thanks to the Republicans to nominate someone like McCain that is too old and suffers from memory problems and is Bush's pet.

    The last thing you need as a presidential nominee is someone who sucked up to Bush for the last 8 years. (Then again they didn't have better choices, Huckabee(fake) = Bible Thumper, Romney(phoney) = a Massachusetts (phoney)liberal flip-flopper that used being governor as a stepping stone to the Presidency, Giuliani(freak) = who was completely unelectable and stupid to focus on one state, Thompson = who never really wanted to run anyway.)

    But yes, the Republicans up for reelection cannot run from the GOP. Since their party is collapsing miserably.

    Gees you say Democrats are hurting this country, then what have you been doing for the last 12 years?

    Oh ya humiliating yourselves in corruption and sex scandals AKA Tom DeLay, Tom Foley, Larry Craig etc etc etc.!

  • foetine Jul 18, 2008

    We are about to waste a trillion dollars on Iraq. How do we pay for that? Cause the Iraqis aren't paying for it. Their president is too busy passing out $8,000 a pop to citizens on the street as if he's Monty Hall. They're not going to give us any of their oil money nor cut us a deal on the oil we pump out of their ground.

    How do we pay for such outrageous expenses without raising taxes? Are we going to claim that our credit cards were stolen and someone rang up a trillion dollars worth of bills in the Middle East? The Communist Chinese want the money we owe them. Our economy is being propped up by the same commies that killed us in North Korea.

    We have to PAY OUR BILLS or merely destroy the people we owe.

    McCain doesn't want to raise our taxes. Of course not. Cause he like Tony Snow won't be around when the Sheriff knocks on the door with the eviction notice.

  • See Chart Jul 18, 2008

    to "tarheelsdontlike edwards"
    I think we need a serious investigation
    How Bush over the last 8 years has railroaded
    us into the biggest deficit in our history.
    I would like him to justify how we spend unknown
    secret monies on the defense industry while accepting
    bailouts for our treasury from Communist China and Our uncivil rights partners the Arabs. Much harder to ask the right questions about these 2 issues (amongst hundreds) about the lack of leadership. Sure go after Senator Obama internet dealings (non event) if it makes you feel better buut the blame for the troubles in this country stays with the Commander in Chief.

  • ncguy Jul 18, 2008

    Oprah gave it to him....

  • See Chart Jul 18, 2008

    Let's try it this way for the Republicans
    Senator Barack Hussein Obama the first
    White (Irish)& Black (Kenyan( President
    running for office.
    Should help with the racists out there
    that only see his color as an issue..Nah!

  • See Chart Jul 18, 2008

    Bush-Cheney what ever happened to
    all those bumper stickers I used to see
    with their names on it on so many cars???

    Go Obama 0'8

  • One flew over Randy_s nest Jul 18, 2008

    Turns out that TarheelsDontLikeEdwards's story is a hoax.
    Big surprise...