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Mary Easley defends 88 percent pay increase

Posted July 2, 2008

— First Lady Mary Easley said Wednesday that she wasn't bothered by criticism of a new contract she has with North Carolina State University that almost doubles her annual salary.

"Negative stories and exaggerations and partial stories go with the territory, and that's part of public life," she said in an interview with WRAL.

Easley has been an executive-in-residence and senior lecturer at N.C. State for the past three years, developing a speakers program and teaching a graduate course in public administration and courses in the Administrative Officers Management Program, which provides leadership training to law enforcement officers.

Her previous salary was $90,300 a year, but that increased Tuesday to $170,000 a year – an 88 percent increase – as part of a five-year contract.

Provost Larry Nielsen said in a statement that Easley's salary "is within the range of similar management and law faculty and administrators at N.C. State and other universities."

A full-time professor at N.C. State earns an average of $110,790.

"Mary Easley brings unmatched experience to our students at N.C. State, and we are fortunate to have her as a member of our faculty,” Nielsen said. "Under her direction, the university's Millennium Seminar Series has been extraordinarily successful in hosting nationally known speakers on campus four times each year."

In addition to her previous duties, Easley will begin expanding the Public Safety Leadership Initiative to include first responders and security professionals. The initiative includes the Administrative Officers Management Program and the Law Enforcement Executive Program, which provides top law enforcement officers with management training.

She also will co-direct pre-law services at N.C. State and become the university's liaison with area law firms and law schools at other universities as she develops a dual degree program.

"Mrs. Easley's experience in the legal profession and commitment to public service make her uniquely qualified to direct these efforts at N.C. State,” Nielsen said.

State workers, including N.C. State employees, will likely receive a 2.75 percent raise, or $1,100, once the General Assembly approves the new state budget. Gov. Mike Easley had proposed giving state workers a 1.5 percent plan in his budget plan.

"I think the average rank-and-file state employee is going to be beside themselves and just feel like this is one more slap in the face," said Ardis Watkins, director of legislative affairs for the State Employees Association of North Carolina. "(An) 88 percent raise when state employees were suggested by the governor to get 1.5 percent is just preposterous."

Bob Hall, executive director of government watchdog group Democracy North Carolina, said the timing of the raise is pretty embarrassing for the Easleys.

"It just highlights the disparity and sort of arbitrary way money gets allocated here and there," Hall said. "We need to have rules and standards for how money gets spent, so there's not favoritism."

The Easleys said they couldn't understand the uproar over her salary.

"It's not a raise. She's taking a new position," the governor said. "She could go out with a law firm and make a lot more money, but she's decided to stay with public service."

"I certainly didn't want a conflict with my husband's endeavors, but I've got plenty of energy left," Mary Easley said. "What people have to understand is that I bring something unique to N.C. State."

The governor said he senses sexism in the critics of his wife's success.

"If she were a man, it wouldn't be an issue," he said.

The Easleys have come under fire recently for taking taxpayer-funded trips to Europe in recent years.

They spent more than $100,000 during an April trip to Italy sponsored by the state Department of Commerce. Mary Easley accompanied state Department of Cultural Resources officials on trips to France last year and to Russia and Estonia in May that cost another $109,000.

The governor on Tuesday defended the cost of the overseas travel, saying the trips were necessary to promote North Carolina to European businesses, arts officials and tourists.

"I wish (the trips) didn't cost so much, but let's be honest about it, a cheeseburger and onion rings is $60 over (in Europe)," he said. "The dollar's very, very weak now, and that is why we were over there – to get those euros coming to the United States."


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  • GALNC Jul 9, 2008

    I don't think her sex has anything to do with it. It is that a law degree qualifies Mary Easley to do the following: Provide her leadership of the public safety programs and help develop "best practices in the administration and leadership of ... the work of police, firefighters, port officials, emergency medical personnel, homeland security official and others."

    I would have thought that the recently retired Three Star General who is leaving Fort Bragg with a PHD and Military Response background would be more qualified...and he wouldn't require a 100K limo ride for his trip to Paris. He didn't even make what Mary made prior to her 88% pay raise. But, obviously he wasn't smart enough to be married to Gov Easley. What type of experience does a law degree provide to direct medical personnel, homeland security and public safety?

    Why isn't the Director of Crime Control and Public Safety being considered either. The only thing here that seems to matter is who you are married to.

  • StanleyCup Jul 4, 2008

    Just thought of something. Does this mean that she also gets whatever pay raise the rest of us state employees get, another 5,000 + for her if she does.

  • durhamguy Jul 3, 2008

    Maybe with that pay raise , she can repay North Carolina taxpayers for her share of the trip abroad.

  • limeyone2000 Jul 3, 2008

    Pig at the trough. Wait until the students boycott everything you touch. It will happen.

  • davidgnews Jul 3, 2008

    The only time this lady can find 'work' is to pick up a dictionary.

  • bluewind Jul 3, 2008

    Ya'll remember this in November. And remember wannabe Bev Purdue was in on the "Tall Ship Ferry Ride" at taxpayer expense. She paid it back, AFTER she got caught. She's just LIKE them!!! Elitist, entitlement attitude. DON'T VOTE FOR HER!!!!

  • davidgnews Jul 3, 2008

    Pat McCrory HAS to be one happy candidate! dws

    Yes, he can set it on 'cruise' for now.

    If he wins, he should undergo plenty of scrutiny along the way. People would be foolish to give him a blank check or we're back to the same old soup.

  • dws Jul 3, 2008

    Pat McCrory HAS to be one happy candidate!

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Jul 3, 2008

    It's amazing that the Prince and Princess of Easley lie to us, and somehow expect that ANYONE believes the fairy tales they're spewing.

  • Wakeupcitizens Jul 3, 2008

    I see where she will "co-direct pre-law services." To me that sounds like someone else, probably making ~$45k, will do the actual work. How are the people of NC served when relatives, political flunkies, and contribitors to politicians get put in positions of responsibility by our political hacks? The answer is that we aren't. If you take all of this out of the picture, budgets would balance, taxes would be less, normal state employee salaries would keep up with the cost of living and, wonders of wonders, the people of NC would be better served by having the most qualified people working for them!