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Cary, Morrisville approve budgets without tax increases

Posted June 26, 2008
Updated June 27, 2008

— Morrisville and Cary town officials adopted annual budgets Thursday night without increases to the local tax rates.

Public outcry at a meeting last week led the Morrisville Board of Commissioners to unanimously reject a proposed budget with a 19 percent property tax increase. After an additional two days of budget negotiations, commissioners unanimously approved a budget that put the tax rate at 36.7 cents per $100 of property value.

The Cary Town Council approved a $290 million budget for the coming year with a tax rate of 33 cents per $100 of assessed value. The resulting tax bill will be roughly equal to the one last year when the rate was 42 cents per $100 of assessed value before Wake County's property revaluation.

Cary did adopt a $2.25 increase to the monthly solid waste fee and a 5.5 percent increase for water and sewer customers.

The budget funds 25 new positions in Cary and provides money for a downtown streetscape project, street paving, the first stages of two new parks and the renovation of a former school into a community arts space.


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  • davidgnews Jun 27, 2008

    Wow, what are the odds for setting such an example of responsible government?

    Leaders in the surrounding areas need to take heed, if they can ever get their egos in check.

  • Road-wearier Jun 27, 2008

    Get the smelling salts because I'm about to faint. Elected officials of both parties had the NERVE to listen to their constituency. Why hasn't WRAL reported that both town councils were abducted by aliens and replaced with droid look-a-likes because these clearly aren't the usual town councilmembers doing this...

  • oversleeper Jun 27, 2008

    see what happens when people organize just a little? good job cary and morrisville!

  • KevinUNC97 Jun 27, 2008

    I think that Durham city officials need ot take a field trip down the road in order for them to understand what a balanced budget should look like. It's amazing to me, that Durham City Council members never seem to care about the millions of dollars they go into wasteful projects or city positions. Good job Morrisville!

  • whatelseisnew Jun 27, 2008

    Gee where are all the "I am willing to pay more crowd"? I am quite sure that they will generously send in money as a donation to their cities and towns to demonstrate their willingness to help out with such things as a cultural arts center. After all, these are desperate times.

  • ncsuspam Jun 27, 2008

    that's right Jan Faulkner, you got walked on.

  • dws Jun 27, 2008

    no, I doubt if Prince Charlie would acknowledge that he might learn something new from others

  • whatelseisnew Jun 27, 2008

    Well well, my congratulations to these two mayors and councils. Perhaps Meeker and his council can board a bus, head on over to Cary and Morrisville and ask them for some lessons in fiscal responsibility.

  • bs101fly Jun 27, 2008

    see school board, it CAN be done!!!!

    If this public is smart they'll hold the school boards feet to the fire and make them do the same! Otherwise Rosa will be saddened to hear her attempt with more lies saying "if the public supports a BIG enough bond MAYBE we can unconvert some schools".

    Again, MORE lies Rosa. Unconvert them all and then we'll talk, until then we're not supporting ANY more taxes increases for liars and criminals!

    NO BONDs!

  • Trivr Jun 27, 2008

    What amazes me is that a 19% increase was even proposed during this time of people struggling with gas prices.