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President to campaign for McCrory

Posted June 4, 2008

— President George W. Bush will attend a private fundraiser in Raleigh next month for Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, campaign consultant Jack Hawke said Wednesday.

John Kane, developer of the North Hills and North Hills East projects in Raleigh, will host the June 20 event at his home, Hawke said.

McCrory, the mayor of Charlotte, faces Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue in the race for governor in November.

The most recent WRAL News Poll shows him leading his Democratic rival in a close race.

A survey of 500 likely voters just after the May primary found McCrory with a 45 percent to 39 percent edge over Perdue.


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  • yeshuathemessiah Jun 4, 2008

    Pat, just say no to Bush!

  • ifcdirector Jun 4, 2008

    It's sad that he thinks using the most unpopular President in American history who betrayed his own military, citizens, and party is going to win any voters over to him. Does this mean McCrory is embracing the Trotskyite "Let's Spread Global Democracy At The Point Of A Gun At Any Cost" religion of George Bush and the neocons who are bent on destroying the GOP and have done a great deal of damage already? If so I don't think this was politically wise and I may be changing my vote if it's true that he thinks Bush represents Republican principles or values in any respect whatsoever remote.

  • ncguy38 Jun 4, 2008

    The fact that Comrade Bush is endorsing this guy just made it a lot easier to cast my vote for Bev Perdue!

  • shep8851 Jun 4, 2008

    I voted for Junior twice ( hey, anyone can make a mistake.) However, were I Pat McCrory, I don't believe that I would be overly happy that he ( Junior) is coming to help me.

  • giffman Jun 4, 2008

    The president really has run out of friends.

  • You cant be serious Jun 4, 2008

    Well I now know everything necessary to make an informed vote.

  • rand321 Jun 4, 2008

    Its a brave move to be shown with Bush, however, if its the same big GOP money that supported the war and ran record deficits....do we need someone like this as governor?

    I think not. go Perdue!

  • obs Jun 4, 2008


    Stephen Colbert is running for governor.

  • bluewater Jun 4, 2008

    This guy needs some better guidance to reach a wider audience, but maybe he's counting on the few who don't know what's going on.

  • purplestorm Jun 4, 2008

    Go Pat Go! Gov. Mc Crory!
    At least President Bush has a Higher approval Rating than the do nothing, Congress.
    Mc Crory has presided over a major prosperous city.
    Perdue on the other hand is lt gov. of one of the Highest tax states in the south with a Failing mental Health system