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Bill would increase state's lottery tax

Posted May 28, 2008

New legislation in the North Carolina Senate would increase the state tax on lottery winnings in an effort to help more teachers cover classroom expenses.

Sen. Neal Hunt, R-Wake, co-sponsored Bill 2086. which would increase state taxes to 8.25 percent.

The games, officially called the North Carolina Education Lottery,  are intended to provide support for education, and that money goes to school districts.

As the tax structure is now, 7 percent of winnings go toward state taxes; 25 percent go toward federal taxes. On a $10,000 prize, for example, $700 would go to the state; $2,325 would go to the U.S. government.

Under the proposed increase, $125 more would go to the state.

"This is just an effort to make sure that the proceeds of the lottery, some of the proceeds of the lottery, go to teachers to enable the best teachers to be rewarded to help them cover classroom expenses and other expenses associated with being a teacher," Hunt said.

The money would go into a Public School Teacher Expense Stipend Fund and be distributed on a quarterly basis.

Next year, the Lottery expects to transfer nearly $385 million to the state to support education.


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  • TheAdmiral May 29, 2008

    Neal Hunt, R-Wake I hereby call a vote of no confidence. Resign now or be humiliated.

    Mr. or Mrs. Co-sponsor - I hereby call a vote of no confidence. Resign now or be humilated.

  • oldschooltarheel May 29, 2008

    mo taxes, mo taxes, mo taxes! NC is famous for the taxes laid out. The return is pathetic. It would behoove those lawyers writing laws in Raleigh to turn their avarous claws from the tax payers to the spenders & determine why the primary/secondary schools are so pathetically low in national achievement scores for the $$$ invested. I would think their ability to sniff out the geldt would be very useful in determining where the waste of $$$ lies - unless of course it gets redirected to the pockets of their kith & kin... a lovely NC tradition.

  • amlebede May 29, 2008

    If the NC General Assembly is going to tax the lottery even more, why not just privatize it and tax it.

  • pinetops May 29, 2008

    dlentz2 - Sen. Neal Hunt, R-Wake, co-sponsored this bill. He is NOT a democrat.

  • veyor May 29, 2008

    How about a bill to ban the ridiculous EOGs and go back to teaching grammer and basic mathematics so people can function in society again.

  • dlentz2 May 29, 2008

    Winnings are just that. Something you didn't have before you gambled. We put all those bleeding heart liberals in office and then we can't understand why our taxes are so high. They want to give everything to everybody who doesn't want to work for it. What can you expect?

  • Eduardo1 May 29, 2008

    gotta pay for the lottery workers pay increase somehow

  • dplowman May 29, 2008

    It's a known fact that the school system is broken and more money is not going to make it better.
    Why don't the admin. take a pay cut and give it to the teachers? Also if the two or three hundred million that the lotto has put into the schools since passed is not enough to even count we need to take a real hard look at the way the schools are run. I just read an article about the
    ignorance of our graduating classes and I truly beleve that it is true.
    The other day i had a sixth grader ask me what time it was when their was a clock on the wall (but it was not digital) and she could not read it. I asked why and she said they did not teach that to them. I don't know if she was telling the truth but a lot of children can't hardly read or write when they get out of school and for shure can't add or subtract. Next time when you buy somthing for say $5.43 Try giving the clerk
    $10.50 and see what happens.We could give the state 60% and they still would need more.Time to VOTE THEM OUT.

  • ncguy May 29, 2008

    I'm waiting for this stipulation- If you smoke they add another 3% if you drink another 7%

    So let's see- when the teachers get another 7% raise it comes out of the state budget that we all ready pay taxes for- then they make up the difference with this???

    What a scam!

  • ladyblue May 29, 2008

    So why is there no improvement so far in our school system if they are steadily pumping money into the school system?