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Political expert: Edwards not a likely VP candidate

Posted May 15, 2008

— Political experts say John Edwards’ endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama has benefitted both men, but may not lead to Edwards serving as a vice presidential candidate should Obama win the nomination.

“Having this kind of attention, getting on the Obama bandwagon at this point is good for him. He looks like a winner again instead of a loser,” said Gary Pearce, who ran Edwards’ 1998 U.S. Senate campaign.

After one term of representing North Carolina in the Senate, the one-time trial lawyer rose to political prominence. He was on Al Gore's short list for vice president in 2000 after serving just two years in office. He ran for president in 2004, and after he lost to John Kerry, the nominee picked him as a running mate.

Edwards bestowed his long-sought endorsement to Obama on Wednesday. Both Obama and rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton had avidly sought Edwards' endorsement, particularly in the weeks after he dropped out of the race.

Edwards won 19 delegates before departing the presidential race in January. Four of Edwards' Democratic National Convention delegates on Thursday announced they would be support Obama.

Pearce believes it is highly unlikely Edwards will be the vice presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket in November.

“His problem is really he ended up with a reputation of not being a good team player among the Kerry people. So I don’t think you’re going to see Obama do that again,” Pearce said.

Some believe Edwards should be among those considered for the position if Obama gets the nomination.

Ed Turlington, Edwards’ national campaign chairman during his 2004 vice presidential run, said Edwards would be a good candidate because he fits the bill as a good potential president and a campaigner.

”I would say as an Edwards supporter and friend, I hope his public service days aren't over,” Turlington said.

Pearce even believes it is even possible for Edwards to make a run at governor in North Carolina.

“He was popular enough 10 years ago to be elected in North Carolina, never say never in politics,” Pearce said.


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  • Doctor Dataclerk May 16, 2008

    I'm da real Dr. Dataclerk an I wish some of yous fools would quit tryin to impersonate me. I says it agin, I changed my mind an goin for Hillary cause a good woman is what we need.

  • HockeyRules May 16, 2008

    " Feel free to copy and paste my comments. It is very flattering."

    Only a fool would think seeing their ignorance displayed twice was flattering. And you prove that point.

  • JustAnotherRedneck May 16, 2008

    Somebody please stick a fork in Edwards, he done. Obama, he not too far behind. Obama he want to make change, he change the name of the white house to the "prez crib". Soon, it will be McCain walikng into the White House in January.

  • datacIerk May 16, 2008

    Edwards is out and Mrs. Clinton is the best man for the job. Like I done said before, a woman do not have the intelligent or quality to do a man's job, so Edwards is out. Vote McCain!

  • CoCo May 16, 2008

    He rolled over....pure and simple and there IS a reason. Just a different look to the "good old boy" network.

  • COPs eye May 16, 2008

    carolinakhaki: My earlier comment was based in sarcasm howver you didn't get it. I will show up to vote because I earned the right to do so. I will be voting McCain.

  • beachboater May 16, 2008

    I would give great odds on Edwards becoming governor of NC. HA!

    Oh, wait. He's liberal, he's a democrat, and he's pretty. He might get it. We are a victim of our selves.

    Vote Republican!!!!!

  • now May 16, 2008

    Doctor Dataclerk, I love a person with convictions and stick to them.

  • Doctor Dataclerk May 16, 2008


    Obama isn't going to change anything, that's why I "changed" and went with Hillary.

  • bullet656 May 16, 2008

    now-obama writes a lot of his own speeches and does speak without a speech in front of him alot. What does that whole "without a teleprompter" comment mean? Does Bush speak without looking at his speech that he didn't even write every few seconds? After 7 years he finally can go several seconds without looking.