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Obama, Perdue, McCrory win primary battles

Posted May 6, 2008
Updated May 7, 2008

— Barack Obama staved off a late charge by Hillary Clinton to capture North Carolina's crucial contest in the Democratic presidential campaign Tuesday.

Obama captured 56 percent of the vote to Clinton's 42 percent.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue easily outdistanced State Treasurer Richard Moore for the Democratic nomination for governor in an often bitter campaign. Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory defeated state Sen. Fred Smith and other challengers for the Republican nomination.

Perdue and McCrory both ran what they called positive campaigns. But after winning their parties' primaries, it was unclear whether they'll stick to their upbeat messages over the six months as they head toward the general election.

"You know, that's a good question," Perdue said Tuesday night. "But tonight, I'm thinking about this victory. I do know that we're going to stay focused on the issues that matter to the people of North Carolina – those middle-class folks out there who are working hard."

McCrory said his message – one of changing the culture of state government – also would remain the same.

"We need to debate the culture of the old status quo – the old politics of North Carolina," he said.

The general election campaign will begin immediately. McCrory wasted no time in calling for debates with Perdue, who sounded willing in an interview to participate in at least two.

The GOP planned a show of unity in Raleigh Wednesday morning, but it was unclear whether the state's Democrats could smooth over the differences between Perdue's and Moore's supporters and move together toward November.

Moore and Perdue ran a hard-fought campaign for the Democratic nomination. It was a race at least three years in the making, and one that cost the pair of state government veterans more than $16 million.

Perdue stopped running negative ads against Moore in the final month of the campaign in favor of more positive ads, including one featuring television icon Andy Griffith.

She focused her campaign on issues, such as improving education and the state's economy. But Moore continued to batter Perdue with negative ads, including two attempts to link her to the Ku Klux Klan that many observers likened to race-baiting.

Perdue called her win "a victory for our message of opportunity and standing up for the middle class."

As for McCrory, he entered the race in mid-January – late in the game compared to Smith and two other candidates who had been on the campaign trail for close to a year.

"It's kind of overwhelming," McCrory said. "We started this 13 weeks ago."

Smith, the Johnston County senator who made a name for himself with a 100-county barbecue tour, promised to help McCrory do that, pledging his support for the Republican candidate in the fall campaign.

At North Carolina State University's Reynolds Coliseum Tuesday night, Obama told the cheering crowd: "I love you back. I truly do," during his victory speech.

"Tonight, we stand less than 200 delegates away from winning the Democratic nomination for president of the United States."

Clinton won the Indiana primary. At the end of the day, Obama won at least 40 delegates, and Clinton at least 31 in the two states, with 116 still to be awarded.

Obama had a huge lead in the polls a month ago, but the lingering controversy over his former pastor in Chicago, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, became a drag on his campaign. Wright has been criticized for statements that U.S. policies caused 9/11 and that the government created HIV to destroy minorities – statements that Obama denounced.


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  • Dr. Dataclerk May 7, 2008

    dataclerk, I admire your persistence. You are an unabashed Obama supporter. He has many, it appears. I simply cannot make the connection that Obama is the great uniter and statemen, yet has such a long relationship with a mentor who would appear to be 180 degrees in opposition to his own purported views. I submit you CANNOT have a two decade plus long relationship with a Jeremiah Wright

    I cannot understand why you are sandblasting dataclerk. I have not done anything to you. Apparently you believe in this Wright man to have made you so angry. Don't take it out on me, I think you need to make ammends with yourself before jumping on someone else. Maybe you need to take anger management class.

  • Dr. Dataclerk May 7, 2008

    you would either give a days work or quit and go home. beachboater

    Why should I? Your tax-dollars are taking care of me. I love that.

  • beachboater May 7, 2008

    From Wikipedia:
    "Idiot" was originally created to refer to "layman, person lacking professional skill", "person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning".[6][7] Declining to take part in public life, such as democratic government of the polis (city state), such as the Athenian democracy, was considered dishonorable. "Idiots" were seen as having bad judgment in public and political matters.

    The above pretty well describes someone with 30 plus posts to this thread.

  • Dr. Dataclerk May 7, 2008

    To argue where no man has argued before.

  • Dr. Dataclerk May 7, 2008

    "Fools rush in where wise men never go"

    This is dedicated to beachboat

  • Dr. Dataclerk May 7, 2008

    What is it you would like to know? "

    Nothing really, Just curious about why you don't have one.

    I have one, but there are certain folks on board that talks ugly and nasty so I blocked. I am really a nice person, fun and I work every day except for the weekends. Then I am working around the home. I love animals even though right now I don't have any pets. I had one for 15 years until she die. I love attending High School football games and I like to travel.

  • Dr. Dataclerk May 7, 2008

    So much so, in fact, that if you were a person of honor, you should at least remove your internet time from your timesheet, and if you were an honorable person, you would either give a days work or quit and go home.

    First of all it is none of your business, busybody, how dataclerk spends his/her time. You really have a boring life if your only concentration is on dataclerk. Please, honey you need professional help. Please seek it, because its almost too late. Another soar loser folks. lol lol lol lol Just Pray for her.

  • gr May 7, 2008

    here here beachboater....I am reading over my lunch....I need to get back to work now and maybe some others need to do the same.

  • picsatexhibition May 7, 2008

    wildervb, there are two problems with your statistics. Number one, the republican nomination is locked up so a lot of republicans stayed home. Number two, all of those votes for McCain, Obama, and Clinton won't matter as the Electoral College decides who wins, not the North Carolina citizens.

  • doodad May 7, 2008

    mugofstout2, and I thought some Obama supporters disregarded race as a deciding factor in choosing a candidate. Guess I was wrong.