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McCain plans pre-primary visit to N.C.

Posted April 30, 2008
Updated May 1, 2008

Sen. John McCain, the leading Republican candidate for president, will make two campaign stops in North Carolina next week.

His campaign announced Wednesday that he will appear in Charlotte on Monday afternoon and in Winston-Salem Tuesday morning.

He plans to deliver a speech about judges and courts at Wake Forest University's Wait Chapel Tuesday at 8 a.m. The event is open to the public, but requires a reservation. To secure a seat, e-mail northcarolina@johnmccain.com.


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  • dogman1973 May 1, 2008

    Yes, Ron Paul doesn;t have a chance in Hades but just the same, WRAL should cover his visit as it is news.
    As for blank stares, we are in awe of the fact that McCain is being forced upon us and all the other REPs just dropped out without giving it a fight. I say the fix is in on the REPublican party for the Presidential Nominee...only Ron Paul is still fighting and for that I applaud him!

    BTW, what's the deal with your name--ArmyNavySeabee...either you were in both the army and navy or you are clueless that there aren;t any SEABEES in the Army? Just to let you know I was an officer in the Navy---so I have a weeebit attention to detail on matters as such!

  • colliedave May 1, 2008

    if Huckabee is still on the NC Republican ballot I am going to vote for him as a sign of protest

  • freespeech May 1, 2008

    He's probably going to talk about how he wants to continue the "peace and prosperity" we've been having. That, and the "fundamentalist Islamic radical extremist fraction." That, and how he'll cut taxes. That, and.................."the "fundamentalist Islamic radical extremist fraction." Oh yea, and .................."the "fundamentalist Islamic radical extremist fraction."

  • WRALcensorsforIslam Apr 30, 2008

    Ron Paul has no chance of winning anything. He's risen as high as he will ever get in elective office. Covering Ron Paul this campaign would be tantamount to covering Harold Stassen. Ever. There simply is no point in it.

    Paul's supporters seem to be of the same blank stare, reality denying, fringe characters as are found in Obama's camp.

  • dogman1973 Apr 30, 2008

    Ron Paul who is still on the ballot is coming to NC to speak at UNC and Duke on Friday.....WRAL, why don't you write about that????
    The Republican party maybe forcing McCain on us, but I will still vote for RON PAUL in the NC primary election!

  • allison842 Apr 30, 2008

    or winstoN-salem

  • luvmeneday Apr 30, 2008

    And? Who cares!!!