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Obama joins Tar Heels in pick-up game

Posted April 29, 2008

— Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama warmed up for another day of campaigning Tuesday playing basketball with the University of North Carolina Tar Heels at UNC's practice facility.

Obama walked onto the court with UNC coach Roy Williams and introduced himself to all of the players.

Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson, Marcus Ginyard and Danny Green talked with the presidential hopeful, who was dressed in dark sweatpants and a gray T-shirt.

Obama took a few practice shots before playing in a pick-up game with the UNC players. He played in the backcourt with Lawson on one team.

The Tar Heel players didn't go all out, but were throwing alley-oop passes and driving for dunks. At one point, Obama ran by the row of media cameras and said, "These guys are a lot better than I am."

But the U.S. senator from Illinois wasn't afraid to make one strong effort to add his name to the stats sheet. He drove hard on one play and almost snuck a lay-up in over Hansbrough's outstretched arm, but the shot clanged off the back of the rim.

After about six to seven minutes of play, Obama took a seat near Williams. Reporters weren't allowed close enough to hear what they discussed.

Before this year's NCAA Tournament, Obama announced that he thought UNC would win the national championship.


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  • Jermaniac Apr 30, 2008

    Either way bullet, they buried this story.

    I think we both know the answer to that question nodog.

  • nodoginthisfight Apr 30, 2008

    Angela, Jermaniac, makes a interesting point in his statement and it begs the question. Does WRAL have a political bias?

  • bullet656 Apr 30, 2008

    Jermaniac-how is obama now denouncing the minister going to hurt him? Haven't people like you been saying that he agrees with wright b/c he never denounced him? I was wondering the same thing as you, but had the exact opposite opinion. I was wondering why it seemed like wral was not keeping this article up. I respected obama for originally only denouncing wright's words and not the man himself for many reasons, but when I saw what wright was now doing and saying it annoyed me very badly and i was hoping obama would finally denounce him and he did.

  • WHEEL Apr 30, 2008

    Williams Quote "This is th most educational thing they'll ever do at UNC" . Nuf said.

  • Jermaniac Apr 30, 2008

    OK, so .. .. hmm, lets see...., a story about Obama playing basketball is still up but, um, a story about Obama distancing himself from his pastor is up for what,. . . 5 hours. I mean seriously Angela, that's a joke. I mean, are you serious? I know its still up and buried in the politics section but it just seems that the story that may hurt Obama gets buried, and the story about Obama being this outgoing, fun to get along with guy who can shoot hoops with the Tarheels is still on the front page.

  • nodoginthisfight Apr 30, 2008

    Just curious, but isn't this a NCAA violation this close to exams. (with Coach Williams present)

  • LetsGetHigh Apr 30, 2008

    Obama gave the Tarheels some bad luck, Tyler should have dunked all over him and step right over his head and let him know, you ain't winning nothing this year

  • duster 340 Apr 30, 2008

    Obama Tries To Move Ahead After Distancing Himself From Pastor

  • catwoman1 Apr 30, 2008

    well, I see Obama has good taste! Go Heels!

  • dukeblue Apr 30, 2008

    "I'd vote for a black man but, Colin Powell isn't running this time. Obama's a socalist and that's what scares me."

    Colin Powell would win easily if he were to run...i know i'd vote for him. i just couldn't see myself voting for obama, someone who cannot pledge allegiance to the flag.