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Perdue charges Moore ads stoop to 'race-baiting'

Posted April 24, 2008
Updated April 29, 2008

— Two political attack ads that question Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue's commitment to civil rights have become the latest battleground in the Democratic primary race for governor.

State Treasurer Richard Moore, Perdue's main rival for the nomination, on Friday rolled out an ad linking Perdue to a Georgia-based business that sells items like caps and beer can holders that bear Confederate images.

"We were shocked, and we went back several times to make sure it wasn't an isolated incident," Moore campaign manager Jay Reiff said. "We simply ask the question, is this an appropriate merchandise for future governor of North Carolina to be selling?"

The ad comes days after Moore started airing an ad citing Perdue's vote against a 1987 bill allowing the State Bureau of Investigation to look into secret societies like the Ku Klux Klan without a crime occurring first. She was one of only seven House members – and one of only two Democrats – to vote against the bill, which became law.

The vote was made during Perdue's first term in the legislature, and her campaign said her support for three civil rights bills during that term, such as making Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a state holiday, shows that her vote on the SBI bill was a "misvote."

"It's nothing but race-baiting tactics Richard Moore is resorting to, and it's shameful," Perdue campaign manager David Kochman said. "He's getting desperate. He's resorting to something we'd typically see from (former U.S. Sen.) Jesse Helms. It's shameful and embarrassing and sad for the voters of North Carolina."

Purdue's campaign said Right Stuff Food Stores is operated by a stepson in Georgia. Her husband, Bob, is a part-owner but is uninvolved with managing the company and draws no salary, the campaign said.

Kochman pointed to a recent letter signed by 14 black lawmakers and elected officials endorsing Perdue and citing civil rights legislation she's supported.

"Bev Perdue has a 20-year record fighting for civil rights," he said.

The ads are the latest effort by Moore to raise questions among voters whether Perdue's campaign platform on key Democratic issues jibes with her legislative record within the General Assembly.

"This is a very competitive race. The voters will be the judge of what is out there and what are the facts," Reiff said.


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  • elhalema Apr 25, 2008

    "What's wrong with selling Confederate items?" IT'S A HATE SYMBOL!

  • Justabum Apr 25, 2008

    What's wrong with selling Confederate items?

  • winchester73 Apr 25, 2008

    I am so sick of these ads, and the incessant phone calls every night that the politicians have exempted from the Do Not Call list.

  • SaveEnergyMan Apr 25, 2008

    mugofstout2 is right. Yes terrorists have the right to their opinion, a right to publicize their opinion and to shout it out from the roof-tops. We punish crimes and people only really become terrorists when they take rights away from people and hurt them. Terrorists, whether they are the KKK, Black Panthers, or a fundamental religious group has the right to petition the government, publicize their beliefs and change the law in a legal matter. We punish the crime when they take freedoms away from people without due process. That's why we call it freedom, it's not always pretty, and we don't always agree with it, but everyone has rights.

  • davidgnews Apr 25, 2008

    Moore keeps pulling up desperation moves. Most of what he quotes is from 10-15 years ago, and usually from the Greensboro News and Record, a conservative paper. Wonder what they said about him at the time?

    Oh, right, he was busy LOSING to David Funderburk and has had handout political jobs ever since.

    His negative attacks will hurt them both come Novemember, but he and his campaign manager are apparently too caught up with themselves to realize how they're helping the opposite party instead.

    Nice going, guys.

  • airbornegirl16 Apr 25, 2008

    I am soooo sick of Richard Moore's vicious attacks on Bev Perdue. He must be so worried that he will lose that he will stoop to the lowest denominator in order to get what he wants. What he needs to do is focus on the issues of the state that are at hand and let the voters decide on merit rather than on popularity.

  • djofraleigh Apr 25, 2008

    Bev Perdue had Alma Adams on TV already today saying all the black caucus members supporte BEV PERDUE. So Bev is NOT going to lose the black vote, which is nearly half the democratic vote.

    LOTTERY lovers should vote for Bev, for BEV PERDUE more than any other single person GAVE US THE LOTTERY. HER tie breaking vote decided it. She alone could have ended the lottery, or she alone could give the people what they wanted, what they needed, the Education Lottery...and she gave the lottery to us.

    Yes, Bev Perdue is a friend to blacks and the lottery.

    Wonder what Bev Perdue got out of holding that Hook & Crook, after the Assembly was over, session? Do you think she is proud of her part in the trickery? Why do you think she did that, as LT Gov, why did she consent to the 'trick' after-it's-over vote? What did she get out of it?

    Maybe she thinks that is good government.

    I think the lottery ought to pay 98% to the players. More would play, win, and the schools could have th

  • whatusay Apr 25, 2008

    Amazing that we allow politicians to stay in public office as long as we do. Politicians create all the problems in this country...they make laws. Should be two terms and "thank you for your service". We need new blood..not the same people until they die.

  • mugofstout2 Apr 25, 2008

    Terrorism is an ideal. Many crimes fall under it, so yes a crime is a crime.

  • givemeabreak Apr 25, 2008

    NO......NO......I think I will vot republican for the governor. I am truely fed up.