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Moore, Perdue to Debate Tuesday

Posted April 22, 2008

— The two leading Democratic candidates hoping to become North Carolina's next governor debate in the WRAL-TV studios Tuesday evening.

Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue and Treasurer Richard Moore will go head-to-head starting at 8 p.m., and viewers will have a chance to ask questions. The debate will be carried live on WRAL and simulcast in Charlotte and Wilmington.

For months, the Democratic candidates for governor were not on the same page when it came to a debate. Until a few weeks ago, Perdue said she was against the idea.

“I am challenging him to debate after watching (his) sleazy, dishonest commercials,” Perdue said.

“I look forward to the opportunity to go toe-to-toe under any circumstances and talk about what we agree on and what we disagree on so the voters can see what they’ll get in their next governor,” Moore said.

The two could not agree on a place or format until Monday. That means Perdue and Moore will have little time to prepare. Tuesday night’s one-hour debate on WRAL will be the first for the Democrats.

The candidates have appeared in forums together, but those events did not allow for follow-up questions or an opportunity to question one another.

Republican candidates for governor have met at least 10 times, and several of their events were televised.

WRAL Anchors David Crabtree and Pam Saulsby will moderate the discussion between the candidates.


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  • smartmissa Apr 22, 2008

    Put the stupid debate online for people who care and let the rest of us watch NCIS! I garuntee better ratings for your channel.

  • RetGr6 Apr 22, 2008

    Do we really have to listen to this stuff??!! It's all we hear all day long. As far as their promises go (free community college tuition, cutting taxes for seniors, etc) THEY ALONE can NOT do any of that! We aren't stupid. We know that and if the candidates don't then they need to pack it in and go home!
    Can it! Let us see NCIS.

  • methinkthis Apr 22, 2008

    The debate should be televised at 3+AM and NCIS shown at the regular time. Why would anyone want to watch a debate vs NCIS? I have yet to see a debate that offered any help in choosing which candidate is least likely do us harm.

  • Womble_Fred Apr 22, 2008

    "Pandermania! I'd rather chew on tin foil than hear Perdue speak. Her voice is grating, and both their promises are empty rhetoric."

    It's one of the worst secrets at the legislature that Bev Perdue was regarded as an airhead state senator. Worse, she played right along with it like a little girl. Of course, that act has gotten her to the Lt. Gov's office.

  • NC_VET Apr 22, 2008

    Please enough of the whinning, mudslinging, and lies. This
    is lower than reruns of "Wheel of Fortune"

  • PaulRevere Apr 22, 2008

    Pandermania! I'd rather chew on tin foil than hear Perdue speak. Her voice is grating, and both their promises are empty rhetoric.

  • nodoginthisfight Apr 22, 2008

    If these two are going to be giving out stuff. I wish they would give each other WEDGIES in public. I"m tired of mudslinging politics both nationally and statewide. Unfortunately this state is controlled by hte dems and will be until the voters wake up. The issues will never be addressed until people quit voting for a party just because mommy and daddy did.

  • curiousgeorgia Apr 22, 2008

    TheAdmiral, you are good!!!!

  • TheAdmiral Apr 22, 2008

    I particularly do not like anyone who is pandering to the uneducated for their vote. There are always strings attached to any "I am going to give..."

    First of all, Nothing is free. If anyone says it is is just plain stupid. They take the money out of your pocket to give it to someone else in order to make it free.

    Second, Anytime someone promises Free anything seems to forget that when you remove the reasons for them to work toward a goal, they have no need to work at all. It is human nature to avoid work. Many do it so well, they have gotten Welfare, Medicare and Medicaid and they can work perfectly fine - they just don't want to.

    Last, Every time I hear a politician complain about dirty pool, I have an image in my head of them standing in a mud puddle.

  • RNM Apr 22, 2008

    Their ad campaigns agsint each other have been disgusting. And Bav's recent no-more-mudslinging is a day late and a dollar short. Almost as despicable as Vernon Robinson's ads when he ran for congress (though Robinson set an unprecedented low).