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Bill Clinton Plans 7 Stops in N.C. Today

Posted March 28, 2008

— Following campaign stops in Cary and Charlotte last week on behalf of his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton plans to visit Greensboro, High Point, Kannapolis, Salisbury, Gastonia, Hickory and Asheville today.

Chelsea Clinton, the Clintons' daughter, is scheduled to appear at the North Carolina Young Democrats convention on Saturday at the Sheraton Imperial in Durham.

Hillary Clinton visited North Carolina Thursday and called for a $12.5 billion fund for worker-training to help the U.S. retain and create millions of jobs.

She used her first campaign appearance in North Carolina before the state's critical May 6 primary to make a far-ranging speech about rebuilding the nation's struggling economy.

"We're going to fight for every single job and create millions of new high-paying jobs that can't be outsourced," she told a crowd at Wake Technical Community College. "You cannot be a strong country with a growing economy if you don't make things."

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama discussed the economy, education, health care and the Iraq War during a town-hall meeting in Greensboro on Wednesday.

"We're at a defining moment in our history," Obama told a packed house at the Greensboro Memorial Coliseum. "We can't wait to fix our schools. We can't wait to fix our health-care system. We can't wait to bring good jobs and wages back to the United States of America. We can't wait to bring the war in Iraq to an end."


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  • Trivr Mar 28, 2008

    You can't regulate the creation of high paying jobs! You allow it to flourish by reducing the government micromanagement, restriction, red tape imposed on its citizens by government. Western Europe already bought into the "compassionate", expensive, big government programs which "help" it's citizens. Their economies consistently lag behind ours with an unemployment rate double or triple ours, yet Obama and Clinton will never stop believing in their big government solutions.

  • doodad Mar 28, 2008

    Has anyone checked the WRAL Web Poll?

    Asked if whose speech you would like to attend;Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, or None - 64% voted NONE!

  • GIGATT Mar 28, 2008

    "As soon as people condemn all insults, not only those that they disagree with. Hard to correct the problem when some folks only see one side of it."

    I can control whether I insult someone or not. I cannot control whether you do it or someone else does it. That's why I said insults are not intelligent. They make one look desparate but not intelligent.

  • GIGATT Mar 28, 2008

    "Curious as to why the same rules don't apply whether it is a R or D congress?"

    Don't get all defensive on me now:-) I never said the rules only apply to one party and not the other....you implied that. And don’t assume things about me or stereotype me because I hold to many of the ideals of the R party. Let me clarify that I am not on the R side or any side for that matter. There are plenty of R & D representatives that have strayed from their party’s ideals to play politics and I won’t vote for them. I vote for the candidate who’s ideals are closer aligned with mine whether they are R or D. I can think for myself and I don't need to blindly side with a party just because they are an R or D. I encourage everyone to think for themselves, study up hard on every candidate and make a decision based on those facts.

  • enlightened Mar 28, 2008

    Who cares?

  • tgw Mar 28, 2008

    Ladies bewere, Bill the philanderer is on the loose in North Carolina. Better watch out, the Clinton's are after your vote and your money. Hummm. Oh, Hillary said she would have us out of Iraq in 60 days. Guess what, we do not have the capacity to get our troops out in 60 days even if she orders it. CLUELESS AND SCARY-oh at least she knows how to put her hand over her heart.
    Go McCain-at least he has a few clues.

  • doodad Mar 28, 2008

    I take it you don't buy any thing made in China

    I didn't realize we had much of a choice.

  • DurhamDude Mar 28, 2008

    Alx, I take it you don't buy anything made in China?

  • HockeyRules Mar 28, 2008

    "When will people learn that insults aren't intelligent?"

    As soon as people condemn all insults, not only those that they disagree with. Hard to correct the problem when some folks only see one side of it.

  • HockeyRules Mar 28, 2008

    "Does the word filibuster mean anything to you?"

    Oh gosh, I guess it means the same thing that it means as when folks complain about the current Congress. Or is that not acceptable? So many folks here on the R side complain about the current congress without mentioning that word. Curious as to why the same rules don't apply whether it is a R or D congress?