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Moore Files Complaint Over Pro-Perdue Ads

Posted March 27, 2008

— State Treasurer Richard Moore's gubernatorial campaign on Thursday filed a complaint with the State Board of Elections over radio advertisements aired by the National Education Association that praise Moore's main Democratic rival, Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue.

Moore's campaign contends that the ads violate North Carolina law, which forbids a professional association using its general dues on behalf of a political candidate. The NEA maintains the ad is "grassroots lobbying," which is allowed.

“This is a political ad, pure and simple,” Julie White, Moore’s deputy campaign manager, said in a statement. “Claiming it is ‘grassroots lobbying’ insults everyone’s intelligence and a breaks state campaign finance laws.”

The campaign asked the elections board to demand the NEA stop running the ads immediately. The organization has committed to spending $360,000 running the ad over the next two weeks.


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  • doodad Mar 28, 2008

    Leonardo, how about Pat McCroy or Bob Orr? Atleast there are three potential Republicans to choose. (I'm not counting the fourth one)

  • whatelseisnew Mar 27, 2008


    If you can't bring yourself to vote for any of the republicans do what I do, vote for the libertarian or just leave the governor spot blank. If there is not a candidate from either party that I can support, I will not vote for any of them.

  • ThinkChick Mar 27, 2008

    Perdue is NC's Hillary.

    Hey, I thought teachers' salaries were such that they were barely getting by...how come they have money for union dues to buy political ads?!

  • PikeMom4real Mar 27, 2008

    Don't worry Moore,I could never vote for Perdue! Her voice is about as annoying as Fran on the Nanny.Plus she favors a possum ,and that is scary enough.

  • Leonardo Mar 27, 2008

    "People, please vote Republican this time around."

    Uh...no thanks. If the best you've got is Bill Graham, I'll stick with the backstabbing Democrats.

  • Broker - Back from Lurking Mar 27, 2008

    Those who work closely to Perdue have little good to say about her. A client who worked on a committe on which she also sat was blown away with her crass demeanor coupled with her stereotypical political smile. Other folks who have worked near her call her a pure back-stabber. Since this is all hear-say, take with a grain of salt... but I have yet to hear or see one meaningfully good thing she can do for NC without simultaneously smacking another part of this great state.

  • whatelseisnew Mar 27, 2008

    Yes Perdue has used the "free" word. So has Moore. Yesterday I heard one of these toll road bozos talk about Free Roads. I can not believe our good fortune. I don't know how it happened but suddenly we can have free college and free roads. Wow, can't wait to see all the taxes that will be lowered now that we have all this free stuff.

  • doodad Mar 27, 2008

    I think I saw a TV add that suggested that Perdue would work to ensure that Commuinty College tuition would be free.

    People, please vote Republican this time around.

  • whocares Mar 27, 2008

    When will all the bickering end. The Democrats are giving this election to the Republicans because they cannot make nice with one another. I am tired of all the negative ads and name calling. Now I just turn the cannel when a political ad comes on.