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Obama to Speak About Iraq War at Fayetteville Tech

Posted March 18, 2008

— Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will visit Fayetteville Technical Community College Wednesday morning during a one-day swing through North Carolina.

Obama is set to speak about national security and ending the Iraq War at the Tony Rand Center on the Fayetteville Tech campus at 10 a.m. The invitation-only event is restricted to about 150 veterans, members of military families and local officials, according to campaign officials.

He also will hold a town hall-style meeting at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte Wednesday afternoon. All tickets to that event were distributed Monday.

The appearances by the U.S. senator from Illinois are the first in North Carolina by either of the two Democratic contenders in the weeks leading up to the state's May 6 primary.

Campaign officials for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton said she also will be a frequent visitor to North Carolina over the next seven weeks, but no appearances have been scheduled yet.

North Carolina has taken on a growing importance in the battle for the Democratic nomination as Obama and Clinton remain in a close race with a dwindling number of primaries remaining. The state's 134 delegates are second only to Pennsylvania's 188 among states that have yet to vote.


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  • knowyourrole Mar 18, 2008

    Interesting that only 150 will be permitted to attend his speech at Fayetteville Tech. His target audience is evident. Outside of the military, votes do not count.

    No one in their right mind, other than those who are anti-American, would vote for him now. His refusal to denounce this "minister" simply means he supports him. Apparently, he agreed with his comments all those years....until now when his election might be at stake. Up until now, I thought that Obama might possibly be good for the country, but anyone who would support a man that makes such anti-American comments will not get my vote!

  • doubletrouble Mar 18, 2008

    He is a powerful speaker-and a mixing pot of many different races-so-he can see the different sides of the coins of our society. I think he realizes his position in life, achieved thru education..was on the backs of taxpayers, and more importantly..on the back of "maybe" a poor white student, who couldn't qualify. Your race..decides your "acceptance" score, another form of racism. I think he has a grasp in the Black American community of the who wants to work-vs-who wants a lifetime of free handouts, generation after generation. I was very moved with his speach about race, and would probably thought of swinging his way...however, as a white male, to watch his pastor carry on like he was and did, reminded me as if I was sitting at a Klan rally, which they also HIDE their racism behind The Cross. OB, was part of this flock, for 20 years, till he "recently" retired. His former Pastor, has and will..cost OB ALOT of blue collar/white votes.

  • sweetsea Mar 18, 2008

    Obama did not disavow Wright because he sat on his hands for 20 years without raising objection to the America hating racist rants from the pulpit. If my pastor preached a sermon like Wright he would be unemployed by the next Sunday for certain. If not and the diatribes continued, I would be looking for another church. What also bothered me was the high fives, clapping and dancing after he would utter a bit of his nonsense. What kind of people are there in that church. They appear to be morons. Their church services were tantamount to a KKK rally in reverse, with the racists comments flying in the other direction. My country has more sense than to put someone like Obama in charge and the more time that passes the more people will come to their senses.

  • tmedlin Mar 18, 2008

    justwondering - I heard Michelle complaining about how long it took them to pay off student loans - where did you gt your information that their educations were paid for by the taxpayers?

  • ncwoman Mar 18, 2008

    whatelseisnew, you are absolutely right.

  • justwondering2 Mar 18, 2008

    Obama won't put the race issue to bed. He is just stirring the pot. Even if he is not elected (and I hope he is not) he will have succeded in dividing America. Yeah he is a tremendous speaker with a high dollar education (that by the way tax payers paid for, and his wifes as as well) But at the end of the day he is the biggest racist of all. JMO

  • ncwoman Mar 18, 2008

    The May primary will be important to the Dem Party because the race between Hillary and Obama is so close. Hill will get my vote. I'm amazed at the people who can't see through this snake oil salesman.

  • whatelseisnew Mar 18, 2008

    Actually based on what Barak had to say about race today, he has lost my vote. He got it very wrong. It is not that America can change. America has changed. For some reason, there are far too many people in this country that have failed to recognize it and as with Wright, they are stuck in the past. So people like him can continue to sit there and stew or they can wake up and recognize that the opportunities are our there for the taking regardless of your race and regardless of individual hardships. Any and all of that can be overcome and any person can achieve success if they choose to pursue it.

  • hpr641 Mar 18, 2008

    People, understand this: Obama is a politician. To help get himself elected to the Ill. state senate from the south side of Chicago, he decided to go to this large black church because it really helps with the local electorate there. Of course, it's not helping so much with a nationwide electorate.

    Another note - he said he can't disavow his pastor anymore than his grandmother. Sure he could!!! He didn't choose his family members, but he did (and does) choose this man to be his spritual advisor.

    Finally, one poster talked about his integrity. Please explain: Just what were the circumtances when his integrity was put to the test and proven to be solid (when he chose to use illegal drugs, when he lied about having never heard any of Wright's racist ramblings, etc.)?

  • bigdookie Mar 18, 2008

    memonster...you must be confused. The best fighting force in the world is at Camp Lejeune. Semper Fi!!!