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Clinton, Obama to Debate in N.C.

Posted March 13, 2008

— Democratic presidential contenders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been invited to hold a nationally televised debate in North Carolina next month.

Debate host CBS News said Thursday Obama had accepted, and the network was awaiting word on whether Clinton would participate.

"CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric and political correspondent and "Face the Nation" host Bob Schieffer will moderate the April 19. Its location has yet to be determined.

Clinton and Obama also will debate in Philadelphia on April 16. The Pennsylvania debate, which comes six days before that state's primary, will be hosted by ABC.

North Carolina and Pennsylvania are the last major states to hold primaries, with 188 delegates up from grabs in Pennsylvania and 134 in North Carolina.


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  • NCSU_Nuke Mar 19, 2008

    "Obama (a muslim) has no issues, just hope, change and yes we can's, a wife that doesn't even like America, a rev. that is a racist."

    Please understand that you have just called (implied as a negative) Obama muslim in the same sentence you complained about the rantings of his Christian minister. Obama is not a Muslim and has not considered himself muslim since he was very young. If you want to imply his conversion was not genuine you can not also claim that he takes stock in the sermons of his former minister (Christian.) You can't have it both ways. Besides that, a reasonable person will come to dismiss both conjectures as Obama is not a Muslim (not that something like that should matter to sane human beings) and the pastor has since been removed from the campaign.

  • LEG Mar 14, 2008

    Thank you 'teachnow'
    It is troubling that any church would take a stance on a controversial political issue, especially one that would support someone who would say that things Rev. Wright has said. If I had been a member of TUCC, I would have walked away and found another church, despite having been married there. Obama, especially, knowing that he was going to run for a public office.

  • GWALLY Mar 14, 2008

    So just what are they going to debate.....who has the most issues, hope, change, more taxes, gov. run health care ?????

    Obama (a muslim) has no issues, just hope, change and yes we can's, a wife that doesn't even like America, a rev. that is a racist.

    Hillary (an atheist) gov. run health care, higher taxes, a husband that can't keep his hands to himself, and no rev. at all.

    So again I ask......what is to debate......there past actions speak for themselves!!!!!!....oh that's right...it doesn't matter what YOU have done in the past or who you have associated yourself with....just what you SAY you are going to do today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • teachnow Mar 14, 2008

    Google Jeremiah Wright. Lots of pages on him. His church web site is http://www.tucc.org/pastor.htm Look at it and make up your own mind about what he stands for and if his congregation is on the same page as he is(he sure seems to think they are).

  • wildervb Mar 14, 2008

    Obama has already stated that he doesn't agree with his minister's inflamatory statements. I attend a church and don't always agree with what my minister says, so, I don't see this as an issue. It's the typical slimeball politics that leads us to electing incompetent people like Bush.

  • HockeyRules Mar 14, 2008

    "No one should ever be elected President who hasn't served in some branch of the armed forces"

    Sorry, not the way the it is written. Can't have experience in every area that a President must preside over.

  • flashlight Mar 14, 2008

    Maybe Florida and Michigan could learn something about waiting your turn in the primaries, and still being of value. After CNN started airing what appeared to be YouTube videos of Obama's pastor, some of the comments he said seem like they're going to stick. But we'll see...

  • deannab1973 Mar 14, 2008

    OMG, dont associate him with this Rev.? He married him and his wife, baptized both their children and has been his spiritual advisor for 20 years. Ummm. yes, I will associate them.

  • Redneck_Bob Mar 14, 2008

    "Anyone who posts lies on here on a regular basis is neither honest or hardworking." and ncwebguy was never seen nor heard from again.

  • applejuice Mar 14, 2008

    obama is not his reverend - BUT - his reverend does hold a formal role in his campaign and has been obama's spiritual advisor and described "mentor" for the past 20 years. while you cant link what the reverend said to what you think obama actually thinks, you do need to question him and make your own decision. all candidates have to be careful who they associate with and denounce any kind of racist or anti-american talk that comes from one of their own supporters, or risk being considered to think the same.