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Moore, Perdue Unveil Economic Package, Campaign Finance Plans

Posted March 4, 2008

— State Treasurer Richard Moore, a Democratic candidate for governor, on Tuesday unveiled a stimulus package he said would strengthen the state economy and help financially strapped families.

The plan includes freezing property taxes for seniors, eliminating the child care subsidy waiting list, issuing $1.5 billion in transportation bonds, raising the minimum wage by $1 and offering free community college tuition for high school graduates, a prepaid college tuition plan and small business tax relief.

North Carolina is one of 30 states where the minimum wage is higher than that mandated by the federal government. The state requires employers to pay $6.15 an hour, compared to $5.85 required by the federal government.

In July, the minimum wage in North Carolina will increase to $6.55 an hour, and it will go up again in July 2009 to $7.25 an hour.

“North Carolina’s families are looking for a governor who is focused on helping them make ends meet in a slowing economy. My economic stimulus plan will ensure that incomes keep up with the cost of inflation and that our citizens have the skills they need to secure good jobs,” Moore said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, the main rival for the Democratic nomination, said she would eliminate special interest money in the race.

Perdue said she would create an endowment fund to which businesses, organizations and citizens could donate an unlimited amount through their tax forms. The goal is to generate $4 million to $5 million a year, and funds would be distributed equally among candidates.


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  • radical Mar 4, 2008

    Increasing minimum wage will make it harder for highschool kids to find a job, and reduce their hours, as small businesses won't be able to pay them.

    Child care credit and
    Free college tuition - Who gave the government the right to collect our money and give it to other individuals.

    All of these programs will require that taxes be increased, and we know wo won't be paying for it. (senior citizens) so everyone else will be drowned in higher taxes, and wont' have money to pre-pay for college tuition.


  • Get_Serious Mar 4, 2008

    I agree with all of you.

    How will doing any of these things he's offering do anything more than raise the taxes.

    This is rubbish and pandering.

  • Me again Mar 4, 2008

    I fail to see how that will stimulate the economy. Give people their money back. That will stimulate the economy.

  • simbo Mar 4, 2008

    Amen xteacher!

  • GoHeels1969 Mar 4, 2008

    Any information on how he plans to pay for all that and still balance the budget?

  • NoToIllegals Mar 4, 2008

    Here's an idea. How about lowering taxes - PERIOD.

    How about doing away with giveaway programs and supporting illegals?

    How about only voting for CONSERVATIVES in NC.

    Time for a change in NC. No more taxes, lower tax on gasoline, property for everyone, and those that do not pay taxes to the IRS, should get NOTHING.