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'I'm Running for Governor, and I Sponsored This Message'

Posted January 11, 2008

— Don't know who's running for North Carolina governor? You soon will.

The political ad blitz is expected to begin this weekend, when State Treasurer Richard Moore unveils a two-minute issues-and-image television advertisement. Moore's campaign said it would spend $20,000 statewide Sunday, followed by $200,000 a week on shorter ads.

"The people who have helped me in this campaign don't want to see (their money) sit in a bank account," Moore said. "It's January. The election's in May. That's what we got into this for – to reach the voters."

He said he expects to raise about $6 million for his run for Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, Moore's Democratic rival, plans to hit TV Monday with her first ad.

The Republican gubernatorial candidates – Salisbury attorney Bill Graham, former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Orr and state Sen. Fred Smith – are expected to be close behind.

The Perdue campaign said she would be competitive in the money race. Campaign reports show Republicans trailing in fundraising.

Early ads will emphasize image, not the sniping that has marked the Moore-Perdue campaign in recent weeks. The two candidates have sparred over issues ranging from campaign contributions to college tuition and financing for the former Randy Parton Theatre in Roanoke Rapids.

The Republican candidates have been more cordial so far. But once Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory makes his expected late splash in the race next week, many observers said they believe the GOP will start throwing punches as well.


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  • The Fox Jan 12, 2008

    He's been running for Governor for a long time and spending tax dollars to do it. Check this site out: http://www.nctreasurer.com/dsthome

  • gopanthers Jan 12, 2008

    Hey Mr. Moore - Take your money you would spend and put it towards better water infrastructurer for the state and you will get my vote.

  • I need my medication PLEESSSEEEE Jan 12, 2008

    If it looks like Breck Girl...
    Walks like a Breck Girl....
    Talks like a Breck Girl...

    But at least it is not a Hildabeast...

    Follower of the Hight Priest of the Painful Truth.

  • shine Jan 12, 2008

    Mr. Moore, Go stand in front of the Former Randy Parton Theater, now the Roanoke Rapids Theater that you put your signature on and do a commercial.......

  • Navy Vet Jan 11, 2008

    I will vote for anyone as long as he is a REPUBLICAN.

  • cjtheump Jan 11, 2008

    david, david - nicknames are nicknames.....should we not call Ali "The Greatest" because we weren't the one who thought of it.

    By the way you stood up for America's favorite socialist, I am surprise that you are also supporting Pat for governor.

  • davidgnews Jan 11, 2008

    McCrory 08 !

  • davidgnews Jan 11, 2008

    cjtheump -"Breck Girl..." - don't you think for yourself, or does Rush feed you everything you know?

    Moore is one more part of the good ol' boy network as it goes. He also lost to Funderburk first time around, and had political handout jobs ever since.

  • cjtheump Jan 11, 2008

    I am glad to see someone besides the Breck Girl on WRAL but I do miss my daily dose of socialism.

  • whatelseisnew Jan 11, 2008

    Hey Mr moore. Do not run the adds. Put the money you intend to spend into one of our road projects instead. You will get my vote.