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Edwards: 'Things Are Moving in My Direction'

Posted January 3, 2008

— Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards pushed himself though the final hours before Thursday night's caucuses in Iowa, racing across the state to make one last pitch to voters as the 2008 presidential nomination process begins.

He told WRAL's David Crabtree Thursday that "things are moving in my direction."

"I've been through it, and I've got a much better feel, and I know that we've got a great shot at this," he said.

During a 36-hour "Marathon for the Middle Class," Edwards made 15 stops to reiterate his campaign themes, re-energize supporters and pick up as many undecided voters as possible.

"We have an epic fight in front of us, an epic fight for the future of this country," Edwards said. "This is not going to come easily."

  • WRAL's David Crabtree is in Iowa to cover the caucuses. Watch his reports Thursday evening on WRAL News and read his blogs on WRAL.com.

In Ames, he spoke about taxes and health care coverage. In Davenport, he promised to end the war in Iraq. In Des Moines, he encouraged voters to create their own legacy.

"There's so much at stake in this election," he said. "I don't need a poll to tell me we're moving, we're moving every single day, and we're moving in the right direction in this campaign."

Polls indicate Edwards is in a tight race in Iowa with New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

No other Democratic candidate has invested as much time in Iowa as Edwards, and many observers have said he needs to capture the state to gain needed momentum to carry his campaign across the country. He is a distant third behind Clinton in national polls.

"I'm the only (Democratic) candidate who's won in a red (Republican) state," he told a crowd in a diner, citing his election in North Carolina a decade ago. "I grew up in small-town, rural America, which means I can go every place in this country and campaign and compete."

Elizabeth Edwards campaigned with her husband, pushing all talk about her battle with cancer to the side to use her intelligence and wit to win over voters.

"[Elizabeth] feels terrific. She's been with me non-stop. She did the 36 hours and went through it beautifully. She's been terrific," Edwards said.

Pop singer John Mellencamp also appeared with Edwards at a Wednesday night concert.


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  • Timbo Jan 3, 2008

    "Edwards: 'Things Are Moving in My Direction'"

    Let's see, your wife is dying and you're running for president instead of taking care of her? Darn right! Things are moving your way. Moron.

  • FloydRTurbo Jan 3, 2008

    "You are over-thinking the problem..." ????

    What is "overthinking" about telling you to go ahead and "ship'em back where they came from"? That is about as base level a solution short of extermination that I can imagine.

    If we don't try to educate the "anchor babies" then they grow up ignorant and on the welfare plantation for life like the Dems have managed to do to AfrAmer mainstream. An uneducated constituency has been the lifeblood of Liberalism for 50 years.

  • colliedave Jan 3, 2008

    Funny material today, guys. The more juvenile your insults, the more votes he gets.

    OK, what about the constant insults Bush has received. Look at all the editorial cartoonists who draw him as a dunce

  • beachboater Jan 3, 2008

    shep8851: Well North Carolina did elect that moron from Texas. Enough said!
    Inter Alios

    Inter Alios - You could also say that we refused to let John Kerry into the white house!!! And four years before, we refused to let Al Gore (who didn't invent the internet, but he did make up global warming) into the white house.

  • jackadoo Jan 3, 2008

    Wish you knew about our johnny boy. He cherrypicked easy lawsuits, especially targeting younger clients as their life expectancy and $$ would be much higher. He has started a class warfare, that serves to no ones advantage. And he always sued firms with deep pockets. He is all about John Edwards, with his 25,000 sq ft house. I wonder how many homeless people he will house there tonight during the cold. I guess he may allow a few into his horse barn.

  • Windsway Jan 3, 2008

    It appears to me that you all need to grow up...but not as much as John. In a perfect world there would be no war, no economic problems, and no politicians who try to con the public.

    If anyone is able to name one thing that John has done for the state on NC, please submit it. If you have to think about it, then he hasn't done anything significant has he?

  • ghwhitaker1_old Jan 3, 2008

    Taxes have nothing to do with corporations moving. The first thing they did was flood our elected representatives with enough cash to get them to enact NAFTA, then CAFTA and other similar "free trade" agreements, which resulted in the removal of import taxes. Then they moved their manufacturing facilities to countries with cheap labor to increase their profit margins, and with the elimination of import tariffs, their profits grew even more. Now they have our government "watching" our borders with one blind eye and a patch over the other, and now we're in a heck of a mess. We've been sold a bill of goods, and by the time enough people in this country figure it out, you will not recognize this country.

  • tmedlin Jan 3, 2008

    corporation move offshore because we have taxed them at such a ridiculous rate, that it is more profitable for them to move offshore. corporations answer to their stockholders - that's you and me! If we want our jobs back, we need to provide incentives for them to come back, that means reducing their taxes...NOT something Edwards would do - he thinks business is BAD, and doesn't recognize that business is what creates jobs - not big government...

  • ghwhitaker1_old Jan 3, 2008

    "Lesley" It was probably on the bumper of an insurance company executive.

  • Lesley Jan 3, 2008

    Saw a great bumper sticker a few weeks ago:

    Flush the John (Edwards)... again!