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Uncertainty in Several States Gives Edwards Hope

Posted December 26, 2007
Updated December 27, 2007

— After a couple of days in the Triangle for the holidays, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards returned to the campaign trail Wednesday in New Hampshire.

Edwards, a former U.S. senator from North Carolina, released a new television ad in New Hampshire and was expected to attend numerous town meetings before heading to Iowa for the final days before that state's Jan. 3 caucuses.

Most polls show Edwards in a virtual dead heat in Iowa with New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. Political observers aren't ready to write Edwards off yet, despite the war chests and organizations assembled by his top competitors.

Ed Turlington, a Raleigh lawyer who serves as Edwards' campaign adviser, said he sees promise in the uncertainty.

"I'm very optimistic about his chances," Turlington said. "If you would have told me a year ago that we would go into the Iowa caucuses and be dead even with a chance to do well in all four January states, I would be very pleased."

New Hampshire's primary is scheduled for Jan. 8, followed by primaries in South Carolina and Nevada.

Many political observers contend Edwards will need more than optimism to survive.

"He doesn't have a lot of money," said David Yepsen, a political columnist with the Des Moines Register in Iowa. "He doesn't have the national organization that others have, so he's got a to win in Iowa."

Turlington, who plans to campaign in Iowa for Edwards next week, emphasizes polls that show Edwards is the strongest candidate on getting second-choice votes, which translate into strength in the way Iowa's caucuses operate.

Whatever the odds, Edwards and his supporters agree he needs a strong closing to have a realistic shot at the Democratic nomination.

"It's what he did as a lawyer. It's what he did as a high school athlete, and now I think it's what he's doing in his presidential campaign," Turlington said.

Michigan and Florida also have primaries scheduled for January, but the Democratic National Committee has voided the delegates from those states because of controversy over efforts to move primaries up on the calendar.

On Feb. 5, 21 states hold at least one party primary. North Carolina voters won't head to the polls until May 6.


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  • shine Dec 27, 2007

    Edwards is staying in the game for that $2.00 that everyone puts on their tax return.. I don't. He will get his cut at the end of the day. Pick up another cool 2 mill or so... while his wife files to sue toy companies.... or he files for her since she is not in good health.

    FE: I apologized to the pigs.... I was a manager on a farm back years ago and I should have thought more of them. Since NC and Iowa rank 1 & 3 in pork..... I guess there might be one to cross the line and vote for him - If he promises health insurance before they go to the slaughter house.

  • farkle80 Dec 27, 2007

    I think the NAU is the major provider of aluminum foil hatwear.

    I hope Obama gets the nomination. He is unelectable.

  • iamforjustice Dec 27, 2007

    I don't even know why they waste their time. Obama is gonna win hands down. He is the best candidate for the job. He is the only honest person running. Thank God for a real president...finally.

  • 68_polara Dec 27, 2007

    I found yesterday's article about Elizabeth Edwards having hard time finding U.S.-made toys to be quite ironic considering that high taxes and product liability lawsuits are two of many causes of manufactures closing doors in the United States. We can thank Mr. Edwards for both.

  • pbjbeach Dec 27, 2007

    he should get out of the presidential race an return to nc to run for governor he can't be any worse for state employees than what we now have thank you

  • hawkbruc Dec 27, 2007

    Make no mistake about it , all of the front running democrats and republicans will give this country away for their corporate masters . Ron Paul is the only candidate that even mentions the US Constitution and abiding by the mandates set forth in it . We the people have got to quit being Democrats or Republicans and be Americans . Vote for the person that will do what WE THE PEOPLE want instead of what is best for the party . NO NORTH AMERICAN UNION

  • HockeyRules Dec 27, 2007

    The very reason he is staying in the race is that he realizes that neither party has never nominated anything other than a white male to head the ticket. He is betting on people having doubts once it is actually time to pull the lever. Not a bad strategy. Doesn't make him a great candidate but he is in a pretty good position.

  • mvnull Dec 27, 2007

    Happy Christmas to all you Edwards-obsessed folks! Glad to see you back.

  • OLD PIRATE 2 Dec 27, 2007

    John Edwards for President...Does this not bother those poor people in Indiana, Iowa, NH... You people are getting the worst cotton picker of the bunch..

  • KevinUNC97 Dec 27, 2007

    John Edwards is self-serving crook. He complains about health care being so expensive, but he built his $52 million fortune filing frivolous lawsuits against healthcare systems and Insurance companies. He is the reason that healthcare costs are exorbitant.
    Also, isn't his wife supposed to be dying of inoperable cancer? Why is he campaigning? It's amazing how Americans pretend to believe in family values, but accept the selfish actions Edwards against his family. This shouldn't be too shocking ,since he completely abandoned NC when we elected him our Senator. I guess he was too busy trying to run for president and posing for People magazine shoots. This guy is a threat to all humanity.