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Board Bans Former Police Chief, Family From Town Buildings

Posted December 20, 2007

— The town board of Taylortown banned its former police chief and his whole family from town buildings, but the fired chief still wants to make a comeback.

Tim Blakeley wants his old job back heading up the tiny police department in Taylortown.

“There are citizens in Taylortown that depended on me when I was the chief of police,” Blakeley said. “They have called me with questions since I’ve been terminated, and I want to get back and serve.”

On Tuesday night, the town board voted 3-2 to ban Blakeley from setting foot in Town Hall or on any town property. If he does, he’ll face arrest. The board then passed a resolution barring any of Blakeley's family members.

“There was no reason or explanation given during the meeting,” Blakeley said.

His wife attended Tuesday's meeting when the decision was made.

"I was very disturbed by it," Blakeley said. "I was embarrassed for my wife at being in a meeting like that."

The town board fired Blakeley in March. At the time, Ulysses Barrett was the mayor. He’s now a council member. Earlier this year, he was arrested on fraud and embezzlement charges.

Barrett and several members of the board said they fired Blakeley because of poor job performance.

The board appointed as the new chief a 28-year-old officer that Blakeley hired. It was the new chief who suggested that the board ban Blakeley from town property. The town decided to also ban his family.

Chief Damon Williams said Blakeley's conduct since his firing has made people nervous, but he wouldn't give examples.

“The folks here are very familiar with the actions I’m talking about, but I’m just not going to speak to that at this time,” Williams said. "We felt it necessary for the citizens here, the council members here, that he not be involved in town matters."

Lonnie Jones, a former town board member who was arrested in July on drug charges, said Blakeley “was acting like a stalker.”

“He also told the board members that if they thought he was going to go quietly, he wasn’t,” Jones said. “And the way he stated it, yes, it sounded like a threat.”

Blakeley said he was never disruptive in town board meetings and never stalked anybody. He says council members went too far in banning him and his family from meetings.

“What it does is it strikes at the very core of what America stands for. It’s a citizen’s right to petition its elected officials,” Blakeley said.

The state's Open Meetings Law gives all people the right to attend official meetings of public bodies, and Blakeley said he hopes the law will prevail inside Town Hall.

Blakeley's attorney and the state director of the Police Benevolent Association planned to meet with the town board Thursday night in an effort to get Blakeley re-instated.


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  • retired and luv it Dec 21, 2007

    Hey Durham can you annex this place and give it some crediability?

  • iamforjustice Dec 21, 2007

    Opietaylortown....Andy Griffith show to fruition...lol..gotta love America.

  • Evil one Dec 21, 2007

    This is about ingorance and incompetence, they don't even know that they cannot legally ban the ex chiefs family so they do it. This level of ignorance should not be rewarded with the ability to pick pockets through tax collection. As in many similar situations you reverse the racial makeup of the players and you have a race hustlers dream case.

  • 68_polara Dec 21, 2007

    Sounds like the thugs have actually taken over that town! Amazing!

  • PickAnotherID Dec 21, 2007

    Even if they make the ban of the Chief stick some how, what's the justification for banning his family from all town buildings? They are PUBLIC buildings after all.

  • illegals--GO HOME Dec 21, 2007

    This is typical in small towns...the board wants a chief they can tell what to do, who to arrest and who not to arrest, then when they get an honest chief who does the job he was sworn to do, they terminate him and hire a "yes man"! In small towns, police chiefs and officers serve "at the pleasure of the board" and if they are not pleased your job is gone. That does not mean you are not doing your job, for usually it is because you are doing your job that you get terminated. All across NC this is the same in small towns, and some larger towns. It is a rare thing for a chief to have a contract.

    I hope this chief sues and wins, as a message needs to be sent to these "criminals" sitting on town boards everywhere. The only sad part is that it is the taxpayers who really suffer for the ignorance of these board members. Hope their charges are not subject to "good ole boy politics in court".

  • Evil one Dec 21, 2007

    Taylortown's board is the laughing stock of Moore County. I think it is high time they have their power to tax abolished. The board had a chance for a fresh start with the recent elections. They should have re-instated Blakely as they had no grounds to fire him. Now he will probably win a truck load of taxpayers money (and rightly so) in his lawsuit. Why do I care? Because I have lived here a long time and have suffered the incompetence and corruption of this gang of knuckleheads. Isn't it odd, the ex police chief and his family can't be at the town hall but there is the alleged drug dealer free to roam. This stinks.

  • thnbluln Dec 20, 2007

    sounds too me like something shady is going on with this towns board members. I guess the only law abiding citizen in that town was the fired chief. What a shame!! Sounds like a good lawsuit to me.....Can we say, "Wrongful termination"

  • leo-nc Dec 20, 2007

    More info...


    This second one is even more interesting, and explains in a bit more detail what's going on:



    From thepilot.com ref. Jones:
    "During a search of the premises at their home at 118 Burch Drive, investigators seized 32 grams of crack cocaine, 4 grams of marijuana, $1,946.60, two Percocet pills and drug paraphernalia, according to Sheriff Lane Carter. They also took a marijuana plant found growing in the rear of the backyard.

    Lonnie Jones III maintains that he is innocent. "

    Sounds like the only one who wasn't a crook was their former chief. Wonder what the new chief has going on behind closed doors with the rest of the town government.

  • thewayitis Dec 20, 2007

    I agree with the other posters -- something here is just not right. Not sure what it is, but it's not right. It seems like it should be against the law to ban the family from the public places, unless they have made threats or something. Wow, this sounds worse than Durham, LOL!