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Easley: Illegal Immigrants Deserve Education

Posted December 11, 2007

— North Carolina cannot turn its back on anyone who wants a better education, including illegal immigrants, Gov. Mike Easley said Tuesday.

Easley reiterated his support for a policy shift in the North Carolina Community College System that allows qualified illegal immigrants to attend any of the state's 58 community colleges as an out-of-state student.

About 340 illegal immigrants are enrolled statewide, officials said.

Easley said he understands why many North Carolina residents oppose the idea, but he also said that anyone who studies the issue would support it.

"What people are upset about, they care deeply about their citizenship. It really means something to them," he said. "All the governors allow kids – illegal immigrants – to go to community colleges because they don't want to build an underclass in their state. All the states do that."

Changing the policy would hurt innocent victims of the debate, he said.

"We're not talking about 50-year-olds who are jumping the fence to go to school. We're talking about little kids who've grown up here through no fault of their own. They don't know where they were born."

It also would harm North Carolina's economyto bar the students, he said.

"If you slam the door on them, you lose that talent. If you don't take advantage of it, it's just kind of dumb."


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  • ncguy Dec 13, 2007

    Betrayed by a leftist socialist.
    Buh bye Easley!!

  • coolwill Dec 13, 2007

    The Universities and colleges will be charging out of state tuition and the fact of the matter is, most of then that are here illegally cannot afford to pay out of state tuition. So the actual number that take advantage of it will be minimal.
    Bull: how long do you think it would take for them to start receiving government grants and instate tuition and take your job because they would work for less. Bill Gates is looking to hirer more people from other nations because he can not fine quality here (bull) cheaper labor. Bill Gates is the riches man in America.

  • reality4sure Dec 13, 2007

    While these young people can obtain a college degree, and even become a doctor, they will not be able to drive because they can't obtain a driver's license.

    One would think that the Governor would want to also educate the Latino drivers about safe driving and the importance of not drinking and driving. But they also can't obtain a driver's license because they don't have a social security card. So we will continue to deprive illegal immigrants any incentives to learn the rules of the road, proper registration and insurance, protecting us all.

    If traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for this population and they pose a significant health hazard to other highway users, why are we not educating this population and guaranteeing that they possess minimal skills and the privilege to drive?

    Oh, because they entered the US illegally, which has nothing to do with SAFE driving, saving countless lives.

    A common sense approach would distinguish the difference between the two

  • GIGATT Dec 13, 2007

    claudnc...my nephew was actually turned down for an academic "tuition only" scholarship from Duke, not UNC (sorry, my mistake). He graduated with a 4.7 GPA and was valedictorian of his class. He later learned that two other kids from his class with lower GPA's were given full ride scholarships to Duke. These boys were considered a minority, my nephew was not.

  • chavke Dec 13, 2007

    Imback " what we expect from our representatives, the rule of law and you arent going to find that out listening to some professor at UNC who hasnt had a real job since the 1960s."

    Wow...complain about immigrants getting in-state tuition at our public universities, but yet say the professors at those universities don't hold real jobs. Looks like someone other than the immigrants needs to be educated.

  • Mia Dec 12, 2007

    I don't understand why my comments not appearing???

    well let me tell you you guys need to get educated!!! and start being more sensitive!!! these children just want to better themselves.... become better people!!! is not their fault they were brought here by their parents is not their fault!!!! you guys are so selfish!!!

    please go to church and pray for yourselves because you really need it!!!

  • hometechnc Dec 12, 2007

    Has anyone sent the link to this Blog, to Governor Easley ?

    I've got news for ya Governor... $ 8,000 to $15,000 cost to the taxpayer's, per year, per student, to subsidize "In-State Tuition".

    That is my "Taxpayer" money and I say no! So many Illegal Immigrants DO NOT PAY INCOME taxes, and still benefit from are generosity in so many ways. Why on Earth would I want to subsidize an Illegal's Higher Education, when I'm already stressing over getting MY TWO KIDS THROUGH COLLEGE ???

    I think you can assess from the majority of comments here, that WE SAY NO!

  • mossy Dec 12, 2007

    I agree with Easley... they do deserve education.. back in the country they are from when we deport them. Come here illegally, bring your children, sure... but think you "Deserve" anything past being shipped home and your wrong..

  • whatusay Dec 12, 2007

    What if I went on vacation and came home and found 15 illegals mexicans living in my house with their children. Do I have a right to kick them out? Or, should I let them live their because one of them cut the grass, another painted the porch, and some did the cooking. I thought it was my house, but according to the government they should be allowed to stay because they were working. No difference in what is happening now...this country is our home, and the illegals were not invited.

  • whatusay Dec 12, 2007

    Easley says we are talking about "little kids" here who came with their parents...we are not talking about little kids...we are talking about illegals. Let me stay in this state and get an education and live off welfare, and get free medical services. I would be thrown in jail as a legal citizen. Easley has been brainwashed by the few other stupid governors. Easley is just trying to be like them. Stand up like a man and take a stand against illegal immigration.