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Political 'Power Couple' to Be Sworn in This Week

Posted December 2, 2007
Updated December 3, 2007

— On Monday, Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker will be sworn in for his fourth term. This time around, he's not the only one in the family getting ready to take office in Wake County.

Anne McLaurin, Meeker's wife, this week becomes a member of the Wake County Board of Education.

Some might call them Wake County's newest political power couple.

“I’m not sure we’re really powerful. I think we’re going to work hard at what we’re doing. That’s what we’re committed to,” McLaurin said.

Meeker has been in the public eye the most as the 37th mayor of Raleigh, elected this year to his fourth two-year term.

Fewer people are likely to know McLaurin. She had only one previous bout with politics, besides helping her husband's campaign.

“I ran for my junior class president in high school. ... I won!” she said.

McLaurin, a family-care doctor, is taking the seat vacated by Susan Parry. She is one of the two new school board members who will be sworn in on Tuesday.

“She’s a natural at politics. [She’s] got that winning smile,” Meeker said. “[She also has a] very strong resolve, so the other board members can just give up and do it her way.”

Political leaders said they think this is the third time in Wake County that a husband and wife team have held major political offices at the same time.

“It’s the kind of power couple at the local level that you don’t normally see,” said Barlow Herget with the Wake County Democratic Party.

Both husband and wife said they have a vision for where they want the city and the county to go.

“It’s going to be a county where every child has the opportunity for the best education,” McLaurin said.

“Our goal is to become one of the most successful cities of the 21st century,” Meeker said.


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  • CestLaVie Dec 3, 2007

    veekee: Sorry! Can't AFFORD to run. You know, the common folk can't afford to do such things!! Only attorneys and business folk.

    The business folk are the ones Meeker is trying to protect during this drought, so they won't have to pay bigtime for their high water usage. Can't you read between the lines on why Meeker and his Council have dragged their feet on the water woes?

  • mvnull Dec 3, 2007

    "now we have two corrupt democrats in office....we reap what we sow..." Just a question, "Are corrupt democrats any different than corrupt republicans?" I disagree with a lot of what Meeker does, but I don't believe he is corrupt -- just misguided.

  • swisher1 Dec 3, 2007

    I don't know anything much about Meeker and wife; just hope they do their jobs and keep Raleigh rolling in a good direction (or as good as it can be)!

  • Huey Dec 3, 2007

    I think you all, including WRAL, are making way too much over
    this "power couple" story. I think it's fine that they both want to serve the community, one the city and one the county. They may
    be left of some folks center but they an't no Bill and Hillery, for
    Pete's sake.

  • wildervb Dec 3, 2007

    "now we have two corrupt democrats in office....we reap what we sow..."

    What evidence do you have that either one of them is corrupt?

    Just curious.

  • cjo32 Dec 3, 2007

    now we have two corrupt democrats in office....we reap what we sow...

  • veekee Dec 3, 2007

    It's hard to run people out of office when they run unopposed. If you dislike them so much, do something about it.

  • The Fox Dec 3, 2007

    Meeker & Squeeker

  • applesmith Dec 3, 2007

    Welcome to my Island ! Fantasy Island where all your dreams and fantasy come true. Now PEDRO SHOW THEM TO MY OFFICE,GET THERE MONEY/KICKBACKS. Mr&MRS. Meeker will be in a moment to sign contracts for city contract. LOL,LOL.

  • Adelinthe Dec 3, 2007

    Boy! Some of you sound like you're part of the "Good Ol' Boys Network." Get a life, will ya! A name's just a name.

    Meeker has taken Raleigh further in the right directions than any preceeding mayor in the 20+ years that I've lived here. Praying that he continues to do so.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB