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Easley: Statewide Water Curbs 'Pretty Positive'

Posted October 17, 2007

— Two days after he called for statewide water conservation, Gov. Mike Easley said Wednesday that he is pleased with how well communities are pitching in for the effort.

Easley urged all North Carolina residents on Monday to cut back water usage in an effort to head off a water crisis next spring. Most of the state is in the worst category  scientists have for drought conditions, and forecasts call for limited rain in the coming months.

The governor said lawn watering should end, people should stop washing their cars and everyone should try to conserve at least one gallon of water daily.

Many communities statewide had implemented voluntary or mandatory conservation measures in recent weeks, but Easley said he needed to "ratchet it up just a little" because some towns didn't realize how dire a situation the state faces.

"We took it up another notch, and I think people all of the sudden said, 'Whoa, he is talking about me,'" he said. "We are starting to see people comply a little bit more now, and they take it a little more seriously."

The governor met Wednesday with Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety Bryan Beatty, representatives of the North Carolina National Guard and staff from the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources to assess the water situation. He wanted to get an update on the state's plans for a possible water crisis and to ensure cities and public water systems were complying with his directive, spokeswoman Sherri Johnson said.

"Whether we have an inconvenience or crisis depends solely and completely on them," Easley said of local officials.

Since he put the state on notice, several Triangle cities and towns have followed his suggestion and have banned outdoor watering with sprinklers.

Durham's ban went into effect Tuesday. Apex will outlaw sprinkler use on Friday. Raleigh will tighten the taps next Tuesday – forcing several Wake County towns that buy water from the city to do likewise – and Cary and Morrisville residents will have to shut off their sprinklers on Nov. 1.

"So far, it has been pretty positive," Easley said of the conservation efforts.


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  • lynddsy Oct 18, 2007

    i feel this is sooo late to be doing this kind of measures. these things should have been done in the spring to early summer when they knew we were in a drought and temps. were so hot. and why is cary not have to have there's working and in place until nov.1? water shortage and drought applies to everywhere. oh, maybe i missed the big cloud that stays and rains only in cary!

  • msncdso Oct 18, 2007

    With continuing hot weather causing more evaporation and no measurable rain in sight, how long can the current usage continue without disasterous results? All you spoiled pansies go right ahead and use the last drop of water available to you. A lot of us on private wells know how it feels when the water starts getting discolored and next there is suddenly nothing.

  • whatelseisnew Oct 17, 2007

    Wow I am impressed. Gov comes out; spews a few trite words and low and behold problem solved. We can all just kick back now and not have a concern about the water. It amazes me how out of touch these politicians get with the real world. Does he really believe that most of the people in the state did not know about the drought? Yes there are still those that water away on their lawns and it is amazing that they are doing so. This is truly astonishing for this ego driven fool of a Governor. I hope the folks that voted him into a second term are proud of their choice.

  • ifcdirector Oct 17, 2007

    Too many illegal aliens and too many people from everywhere else. This city was never meant to hold this many people. At the very least the state and local governments should be doing their utmost to get these illegals out of our city.

  • enigma1469 Oct 17, 2007

    Wow so many people with so little brains. I think those who control the water know more than what little knowledge the media decides to give you. Sure the water is low, but those in charge know more than you and they are not going to let it run out.

  • alwayslovingu30 Oct 17, 2007

    Is this going to be like governoe Easy an he says he is saving water also,yea right watch his grass an flowers at the mansion.
    When he ordered other goverment building to set their thermostats higher.My friend was working inside in the attic it was very hot up there well over 110 degrees but the rest of the building was kept about 70 degrees so who is he to tell us to save an he isnt.Practice what you preach easy an help people not hide from us thats why your name is govenor Easy.The Big tax spender

  • DavidJonathan Oct 17, 2007

    I still don't think the Governor understands the seriousness of this situation. Outdoor watering should have been banned months ago. I have only washed my car once in about 4 months, and that was at a car wash that recycles its water.

  • angel2747 Oct 17, 2007

    I believe that we should have been on really firm restrictions months ago. It's a little late to, as they say, close the barn door after the horse has escaped. In this case, to put ridiculously loose restrictions on water use after most of the water is gone. And I'm sorry, but I would much rather have water to drink, and to provide food for our animals (hay, etc.) than to have car washes remain open and people who obtained special PERMITS BEFORE the new water restrictions went into effect can still use everyone else's drinking water to water their precious lawns?! What makes their lawns better than mine, or yours? It's not fair for people who are trying to conserve to suffer this lack of rain, when some are not even trying to conserve.
    But, in the end, they will be going without drinking water, too.
    Bottom line - too mild restrictions too late. And - too many illegal aliens moved here with no attempts to send them back home which equals too many people now here for our water supply

  • Windsway Oct 17, 2007

    Mr. Easley is right about something.... finally. We should all conserve. But, I can't help wondering two things. Will we see him riding around in a dirty car? Who is going to be monitoring his shower time?

    Practice what you preach, governor.

  • colliedave Oct 17, 2007

    as with his plea not to hit the roads for the Memorial Day holiday and then promptly taking off in his state helicopter I am wondering what his is doing about his lawn in the Governor's Mansion.