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Raleigh, Wake Bond Issues Pass Easily

Posted October 9, 2007

— Bond issues for open space in Raleigh and Wake County and to expand the county library system and the local community college easily gained the approval of local voters Tuesday.

Raleigh voters passed an $88 million bond issue for parks and greenway projects by a 72 to 28 percent margin. The money will allow the city to buy undeveloped land for future parks and open space, build two community centers and one aquatics facility and help fund a 13-mile greenway that will stretch from Falls Lake to the Johnston County line.

Wake County's $50 million open space bond passed almost as easily, by a 71 to 29 percent margin. The money will pay to preserve land along stream corridors to protect drinking water supplies.

A $92 million bond issue for expanding Wake Technical Community College passed by a 68 to 32 percent margin. The money will finance the completion of the college's north campus off Louisburg Road and will secure a site for a campus near Cary.

The $45 million bond for the county library system passed by a 70 to 30 percent margin. The money will pay for new branches in underserved areas and renovations to other branches.

Paying off the three county bonds will require an increase in the county's property tax rate of 2.25 cents per $100 of assessed value, based on current valuations. That would amount to about $45 per year on a $200,000 home. The county is in the process of completing a property revaluation.

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker said the next City Council would have to decide how to pay for Raleigh's bond issue. He said he would like to raise impact fees instead of property taxes to finance bond payments.


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  • Steve Crisp Oct 10, 2007

    I can not imagine any voter who is even partially informed vote for a bond not knowing how it will be paid back. Wait, I take that back. I can see liberals voting for it only because it accomplishes the two things they do best.

    1. Spend other peoples tax dollars.

    2. Spend that money on nonessential projects that benefit small numbers of people.

  • patriotsrevenge Oct 10, 2007

    Why do we allow some people to vote? Steve Crisp

    Oh Steve, some of us aren't ready to turn our brains over to you so you can make decisions for us. It's called Democracy, don't like it? I hear Leningrad is beautiful this time of year. Flight available daily.

  • wildervb Oct 10, 2007

    I'm realy glad that the open space bond passed, I wish they had asked for more money.

    At this point the only thing that will keep the entire county from being paved over is for the government to put some land aside that cannot be developed. Since the plan is to preserve land around streams and watersheds this should help our water supply. I also enjoy the greenways and parks that will be developed. This will improve our quality of life and in the long term help our real estate values.

  • saturn5 Oct 10, 2007

    I'm so glad these bonds passed. With the Education Lottery, and the largest school bond in history passed just last election, we just haven't had any money coming into the coffers. It'd be better to just throw your money in the fireplace and set it ablaze. At least you'd get some momentary warmth from it, then.

  • Nobody but Carolina Oct 10, 2007

    Well, I did get out and voted against the bonds, one reason being what Steve Crisp just mentioned, among others. What I found interesting is one of the staff at my polling station said exactly what I was thinking in the separation of the bond vote from normal elections in most areas was done to sway the results to what the "powers that be" wanted.

  • Steve Crisp Oct 10, 2007

    The citizens of Raleigh just voted for millions of dollars in bonds without a single clue as to how they are going to be paid back. But they feel good about themselves now.

    Why do we allow some people to vote?

  • HemiTodd Oct 10, 2007

    The people who voted for these bonds are real gluttons for punishment. I guess the multi-million dollar school bonds passed last year didn't increase their property taxes enough. Well it did mine so enough all ready! NO NEW TAXES!!!!

  • ded_n_nthraleigh Oct 10, 2007

    Well the lies won out....they convinced the public that the failure of the bonds will be detrimental to life in the region. I mean how can they ethically put this on the bond website...."In the long term, if Wake Tech cannot address its maintenance and new construction needs, it may be unable to keep up with the evolving educational and workforce training needs of the Triangle’s competitive business community. Industry will decline if there are not enough qualified workers; jobs will, in turn, be lost, and a vicious cycle might ensue in which the region will be less and less able to attract new industry and provide new jobs. This would have a negative impact on the economy and recovery likely would be very difficult".....they have no proof that this will happen. I mean if Wake Tech cant build more to serve Wake and a good number of other counties, I certainly dont think we will all be living like people in some 3rd world country.

  • joco cruiser Oct 10, 2007

    Enjoy your "opan Space" everyone. You paid for it :)

  • enderby Oct 10, 2007

    Along with infrastructure costs, "open spaces" should be funded with impact fees. We are already forced, tricked, and coerced into funding development costs, now we are taxed again to compete with developers for land.