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Weinbrecht Wins Upset in Cary Mayoral Race

Posted October 9, 2007
Updated October 10, 2007

— Former Cary Town Councilman Harold Weinbrecht beat out incumbent Mayor Ernie McAlister Tuesday night with a 16 percentage-point win.

About 58 percent of the votes went to Weinbrecht, while McAlister had 42 percent, according to Wake County’s election results posted online.

"We're excited," Weinbrecht said after hearing the results. "We were out-spent at least 6-to-1. We remained positive through it all and kept to our message through it all."

McAlister declined to comment about the election late Tuesday, saying he was too disappointed to speak.

Weinbrecht, 51, attributed his victory to grassroots campaigning. 

"We got one vote at a time," he said.

His top priorities as the new mayor-elect include: balanced growth with available infrastructure, reducing school overcrowding and protecting the environment.

Also in Cary, Erv Portman was named the winner in the Cary Town Council At-Large race after he drew 69 percent of the vote. Gale Adock was elected to Cary’s District D seat with 54 percent of the vote.

The District B race offered the state the first chance to experiment with an "instant runoff."

Incumbent Nels Roseland lagged behind challengers Don Frantz and Vickie Maxwell, who had 39 percent and 34 percent of the vote, respectively. In the coming days, election officials will review the ballots cast for Roseland, because he was third, to see which of the other candidates were the second choice of his voters. The votes will then be assigned to either Frantz or Maxwell, and a winner will be declared.


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  • jimmycrackcorn Oct 10, 2007

    Calling Cary an armpit.
    Puh-Leaze...what a pleasant town to live in. I have lived in all kinds of places and this is HOME. Granted there are some rude types but if you ignore them they go away. But the police don't shake you down and are always professional. The streets are mostly clean. The lack of signage is peaceful to my eyes.
    My neighbors care about their neighborhood and we don't have an HOA or Covenants, they are just good people. My job is close by.
    The traffic is not bad if you have ever lived in a major city.
    My child goes to a nice school. There is diversity here. There are parks on every corner. Aaaaahhhhh....I love it here!

  • Lyle Oct 10, 2007

    As a developer at SAS he was making $90K+, and they have a hair salon on campus. The attraction to cary is: it's clean, people speak English quite clearly, there are great sports facilities, evry conceivable place to eat, bank, shop, etc. I will totally agree with you on the rude people part......we moved from Boston 2 years ago to Cary and thought we left most of the arrogant, status-hungry jerks up there, but there is more than a fair share here and they keep coming. That and the choking traffic are 2 negatives about Cary that come to mind. Anyone who doesn't live in Cary but can find so much to hate about it sound like they are envious of the standard of living here. Economically speaking, you need them more than they need you. It's $$$ that makes this area what it is.

  • slugolicious Oct 10, 2007

    Bring Koka back! He's got a nice haircut.

  • missparrothead Oct 10, 2007

    I certainly hope that all of you that have made not-so-nice about Harold Weinbrecht's hair are absolutely perfectly gorgeous when others look at you- perfect bodies, hair, eyes, nose and not an ounce overweight or out of shape. What is wrong with you people? Didn't your momma ever teach you couth and manners? Since when do we judge people by their looks. Shame on you!

  • Gooseye Oct 10, 2007

    Well, now maybe he can afford a decent haircut.

  • Leftfinsright Oct 10, 2007

    Ohhh, the EEEEvil developers must pay their fair share. News flash-that is reflected in the price YOU pay for the property. I lived in Cary, I will be the first to say A) it was a cluster you-know -what and B)it was full of rude people. I am so glad I have gotten out of that arm pit. I just remember what a nightmare Glen Lang was, and yet once again, history shall repeat itself. I am not for *wreckless development* and I still don't get what the attraction is to Cary.

  • silvfx Oct 10, 2007

    Anybody but Ernie was my motivation to vote for Harold, oh wait I don't a voice in local politics, I was born in the north. What hypocrits, you sell your land to build houses that transplants buy, you will come to cary to shop and to work but then you tell us to go back home. Seems like we have helped everybody in this area with some economic stimulation. And why is it in the north nobody cares where you are from, just don't take their parking spot.

  • SpiritWarriorCrackPot Oct 10, 2007

    A "NERD!" is now at the helm of Cary. God help us!

  • Lyle Oct 10, 2007

    I only travel with Louis Vitton bags, Jermentalcase. Please invite a Yankee over for some barbecue and be a good neighbor.

  • Jermaniac Oct 10, 2007

    Go home carpetbaggers.