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Lawmaker's Campaign Pays State Fine

Posted October 3, 2007

— A Fayetteville lawmaker's campaign committee has paid a $16,000 fine that the State Board of Elections imposed as punishment for campaign finance violations.

The elections board ruled in June that Rep. Mary McAllister, D-Cumberland, committed a "substantial violation" of rules governing campaign finances. The board found no criminal wrongdoing, however, and didn't refer the case to prosecutors.

McAllister deposited money from her campaign into her personal account and was repaid for a nonexistent loan to her campaign, the board ruled.

The 17-year veteran of the state House testified that she didn't remember certain loan payments listed in her campaign reports. She also claimed staffers might have made mistakes.

The elections board ordered her campaign committee to forfeit $3,625 in illegal campaign contributions and $5,669 for the loan repayment. It also ordered her to pay $7,000 to reimburse the board for its costs in investigating the case.


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  • richard2 Oct 3, 2007

    You are stupid if you vote for people like this!

  • doodad Oct 3, 2007

    I equate her with the Lousiana politician who hid $90000 in his freezer. Honorable Democrats. Yea, right.

  • lilwil Oct 3, 2007

    This is what happens when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar (regardless of who you are)...

    It amazing me how these topnotched political folk, who should have better organized people around them to ensure that the funds are going where they are suppose to go...but they are too busy trying to find loopholes so they can get their greedy little hands on all that money and expect us little folk not to have a clue as to what is going on.

    I'm sorry, but I'm sure she knew. Why allow someone to pull the wool over your eyes, when you are the one that should keep up with what is going on.

  • pleshy Oct 3, 2007

    I bet she didn't even know what had happened with the money until after the fact. Not condoning that, in fact it makes it worse in my mind, but if you have ever been around a political campaign, the money collected and spent is incredible, even at a local level, and keeping track of it all, even with 100% honest employees, is really hard to do.

  • mrlaidback11 Oct 3, 2007

    Heck, if I decide not to pay taxes I wonder if the excuse I forgot will work for me.

  • oldschool Oct 3, 2007

    "If she had been a Republican she wouldn't even have been investigated."

    lol. Yeah right. If she had been a Republican she would have been run out of the Congress and probably gone to jail. You see, dirty Republicans get sent to jail. Dirty Democrats get sent back to Congress. That isn't even arguable.

  • NCSUPackfan Oct 3, 2007

    She's the same woman who is making $116,000 per year PART TIME at her own NON PROFIT organization.

  • Deep Thought Oct 3, 2007

    If she had been a Republican she wouldn't even have been investigated.

  • Panther Oct 3, 2007

    I’ll bet a month’s pay she will be re-elected. If her memory is this bad she does not belong in office.

  • tiredofgovtwaste Oct 3, 2007

    What a waste of time and energy. she should have gotten some jail time and she would have it she had been a republican. The ethic rules and regulations for these clowns are a joke. Did the committee just comit another violation? Where did these funds come from?