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Toll Road Measure Resurfaces, But Comes Up Short

Posted August 3, 2007

— House lawmakers had a change of heart Thursday when leaders gave the North Carolina Turnpike Authority $20 million to help create the state’s first toll road. However, the measure did not pass the Senate.

Earlier, leaders believed they did not have a concensus on the measure, but it re-surfaced and passed as representatives reached the end of the legislative road. Lawmakers are considering holding a special session before May to discuss transportation funding.

That was just one of many last-minute votes taken Thursday night.  Lawmakers also voted on a new law that will crack down on speeders. That bill had seemed dead after a vote Wednesday night.

“We want the roads to be a safer place for people to drive, families to be on, and we know that there have been deaths as a result of excessive speeding that hasn’t been dealt with,” said Rep. Rick Glazier, D-Cumberland.

Lawmakers said the bill closes loopholes that allow speeders to drive away with lenient penalties.

“This is a firm step to make sure that people who drive at excessive rates of speed in this state are stopped,” Glazier said.

Lawmakers also passed a bill that puts tighter environmental restrictions on future landfills. Landfills will no longer be allowed within 200 feet of a stream or within two miles of a state park. The bill kills plans for three proposed landfills down east.

“Landfills across the state operate well in neighborhoods and towns. There is no reason for this arbitrary requirement,” said solid waste lobbyist David Barnes.


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  • richard2 Aug 3, 2007

    NO to toll roads. We already pay the highest gas tax on the east coast.

  • Warren G. Aug 3, 2007

    Seems to me a lot of politicans are worthless regardless of their party affiliation. When I vote, I don't vote party, I vote candidate. The problem is, there are less and less candidates worth voting for. Easley has been a complete failure as far as I am concerned. I am glad he will be gone, as well as the Big Devil himself, Bush! Be gone with sorry behinds!!!

  • weasleyes Aug 3, 2007

    Nancy: lol - easy to do, local, county, state, feds - they're all the same anymore.
    This a.m., the Republican Party called and asked me for a donation. I told the caller "You are no different than the Democrats" and told them to take a hike. Is it just me, or most of us starting to come to consensus on this topic!

  • ahh-fooie.... Aug 3, 2007

    We're getting stuck more you know! WRAL as normal gets half of the story right!

  • Wake1 Aug 3, 2007

    Let's face it - there's nothing we can do about it - just get ready to hand over more of your hard earned money to the State. After all, they better know how to spend our money than we do, right?

  • Nancy Aug 3, 2007

    "That's right! I bashed a Democrat and a Republican!!!
    Click to view my profile "

    lol - easy to do, local, county, state, feds - they're all the same anymore.

  • Warren G. Aug 3, 2007

    Hey WXYZ...Easley=Satan, Jr. Bush=Satan, Sr.

    That's right! I bashed a Democrat and a Republican!!!

  • WXYZ Aug 3, 2007

    Also, I challenge all to name a stronger force for ecomomic INFLATION than the NC annual budget DOUBLING over the past 10 years. Has a majority of the voting citizens of NC REALLY become this SOCIALISTIC? Does NC really have a REPRESENTATIVE form of goverment? If not, then what can our form of state government be called? How many of us want to be humbled, dulled and dependent on the government to take care of us and make all of the decisions for us and our children? Are we ready to let the Federal and State government tell us how to raise our children?

  • WXYZ Aug 3, 2007

    Again, Kind Readers, I say: PLEASE look at what has happened since Easley took office: State budget DOUBLED (~$10 Billion to $20+Billion), which is WAY out of proportion with the increase in population in NC. There has been a BUDGET SURPLUS all but one year out of the past 10 years and the only "GIVE BACK" was a reduction in tax on certain groceries and one weekend per year of no tax on certain school equipment and supplies. There was a surplus of nearly $3 Billion over the last two NC fiscal years alone and STILL Easley's Legislature wants to RAISE taxes, fees and spend ALL of the SURPLUS and RAISE the Annual State budget for each and every year. Also, PAY ATTENTION to the corruption in the State Government. Easley and the Legislature has engaged in more pork barrel politics, legacy building and outright SOCIALISM over the past 7 years than ever before. This is RUN AWAY SOCIALSIM, which is costing the tax payers dearly, not to mention ruining our American way of life.

  • prodigalrn Aug 3, 2007

    As long as our local politicians are in bed with the home builders and realtors, this uncontrolled growth will continue unabated. The end result will be Wake County and the whole Triagle will resemble the urban sprawl of Atlanta, where you DON'T want to be anywhere near during rush hour. If a builder pays a $1000-2000 impact fee on a new house, they expect me to believe that a buyer that was going to pay $190,000 for a house will walk away because he now has to pay $191-192K? Puh-leese! The builders could care less that our schools are now unbearably overcrowded, and that scores of students are in 'mobile-home' classrooms. They just want the money, and then will move on once they've thoroughly ruined the area. The unadulterated greed of the builders/realtors and yes, the politicians is unconscionable.