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Black Seeks Delay in Reporting to Prison

Posted July 16, 2007

— Former House Speaker Jim Black on Monday asked a federal judge for a six-week delay in reporting to prison to serve his sentence for public corruption.

Last week, Black was sentenced to 63 months in prison and three years on probation for accepting more than $25,000 in cash from chiropractors while backing legislation favorable to the industry. He is expected to report to prison by July 30.

But Black's attorneys filed a motion Monday, asking that his reporting date be pushed back to Sept. 10. The motion states that the 72-year-old Mecklenburg County Democrat needs some medical procedures and would prefer to have them done by his private doctors rather than in prison.

The motion also notes that the U.S. Bureau of Prisons likely wouldn't have a prison assigned for Black by the July 30 deadline and that Black is awaiting sentencing on state charges.

Wake County prosecutors said Monday that Black would be sentenced on state bribery and obstruction of justice charges sometime during the week of July 30.

The state charges stem from cash and blank campaign donation checks that Black forwarded to former state Rep. Michael Decker in 2003 in exchange for Decker switching to the Democratic Party and helping Black retain a share of the House speakership. Black later encouraged people to lie to authorities investigating his campaign finance activities.

He could face 18 to 22 months in prison on the state charges.

Federal prosecutors have no objections to Black reporting to prison in September, the motion states.


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  • thelmasgirl Jul 17, 2007

    really don't see any difference in what jim Black has done to the people of N.C. than what the tax assessors in Granville County do when they assess your mobile home as a stick house and tell you that it is worth 20,000.00 more than what you paid for it and it was 2 years old when you bought it nobody in their right mind would consider that the true market value of your mobile home but that is what Granville county is doing and just like Black that is cheating the people of Granville County NC

  • richard2 Jul 17, 2007

    He will go to jail only after his lawyers get all they can from him.

  • hpr641 Jul 17, 2007

    You know, he pleaded guilty in February (over 5 months ago). I hope the judge is sick of his obvious stalling tactics and says Black knew his sentencing would include jail time and should have had his "medical procedures" done before he's due to report for prison. BTW, he's not due to report for prison for nearly 2 more weeks - can't a man of his means get them scheduled for before 7/30?

  • djofraleigh Jul 17, 2007

    Another minute has passed...I'm madder.

    Who cares what Jim Black wants???

    Does anyone care that the public is ready to see him in jail, behind bars, in orange?

    Lawmakers are NOT above the LAW, or are they?

    Why do we pay our taxes and who gets to spend our tax money?
    It was Jim Black controlling most of that, wrongly.
    Taking money wasn't the worse thing he did,
    for voters gave him their vote, their trust, their tax money,
    and Black took our government, our vote, our freedom, for money and power it brings. He sold us, Our right to good government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

    Jim Black is still walking around doing as he pleases.

    Maybe the doctors will come up with some funny cells in his postate and call it cancer, or something somewhere, to see that he either doesn't go to jail or does light duty when there. I'm so cynical I can't stand myself. We've all been screwed and while somethign has happened, nothing's been done.

  • jafo Jul 17, 2007

    There is a federal prison in Butner that is a medical complex. They should be capable of providing his "medical treatments". He would not be allowed to choose which doctors care for him, but if he did need something they are unable to accomodate internally, arrangements would be made to ensure his medical care was adequate. No need to delay reporting.

  • doowhatchulike Jul 16, 2007

    I would love to see some new faces in all levels of politics: federal, state, and local. I'm glad to see that Mayor Bruce Rose will finally face some competition here in Wilson.

  • doowhatchulike Jul 16, 2007

    Didn't Black plead guilty to both state and federal charges? Easley could pardon him only on the state charges, not the federal.

  • then who cares Jul 16, 2007

    20 months in prison? That's like $25,000 a month just on the $500,000 "donation"!!! We are watching you people!! We need to see the public officials with ethics and courage step up and say enough is ENOUGH!!

  • Rabid_Wolf_2 Jul 16, 2007

    Black Sheep! Funny, he doesn't want to go and be treated like sheep.

  • Like that Jul 16, 2007

    Is choosing when you go to prison a luxury all convicted felons get? NOT, send him to prison immediately and just like 99% of incarcerated people file your appeals while you do your time.