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Lawmaker Quits After Misconduct Allegations

Posted July 12, 2007

— One day after former House Speaker Jim Black was sentenced to federal prison for corruption, a state lawmaker resigned amid allegations of "serious, inappropriate conduct."

Rep. David Almond Jr., R-Stanly, submitted his resignation to the House Republican Caucus Thursday morning after someone leveled misconduct claims against him.

"I intend to defend myself against these charges in whatever forum may be appropriate," Almond said in a letter to caucus members. "In the meantime, I have concluded it's in the best interests of my family and my constituents to resign from the General Assembly."

The nature of the allegations against Almond, an insurance agent and two-term representative from Stanfield, hasn't been disclosed. However, the lawmaker's legislative assistant suddenly cleaned out her desk last week and left his office, officials said.

The 63-year-old woman was reassigned Monday as a "floater," meaning she is no longer assigned to a specific office.

House Speaker Joe Hackney confirmed the a complaint had been lodged against Almond, but said he couldn't legally disclose details about the complaint.

"It's disheartening, but if the allegations made by the complainant are correct, then the resignation is certainly appropriate," Hackney said.

The Republican caucus met twice this week to discuss Almond's situation, and House Minority Leader Paul Stam, R-Wake, described the allegations as involving "serious, inappropriate conduct."

"We became aware of serious allegations earlier this week," Stam said. "The leaders of the caucus asked him to resign if the allegations were true. We don't know the truth."

No criminal complaint has been filed against Almond, and no legislative investigation will be conducted because he resigned.

Stanly County GOP leaders will have to name a replacement for Almond.


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  • richard2 Jul 14, 2007

    There is a real bad odor coming from Jones St. in Raleigh.

  • innocent bystander Jul 13, 2007

    The AP wire is reporting, "Monkey escapes after barndoor left open at Jones St. Zoo."

    Could be a different Jones St. Zoo, I guess.

  • FloydRTurbo Jul 13, 2007

    Term Limits would indeed help A LOT. Obviously that has to be a grassroots revolution not unlike France in the 1780s .... Madame Guillotine would be needed to dislodge the Basnights and his bipartisan ilk.

    Gerrymandered districts is possibly Jim Black most repulsive legacy .... more damaging even than "the lottery". His own district in "Matthews" is as absurd as Mel Watts. He was despised in Matthews but he never needed his neighbors votes due to the customized gerrymandering of his district.

    Install Term Limits and draw up sensible districts ..... that combo will flush out the many of the snakes and spiders on both sides.

  • nbforrest Jul 13, 2007

    An honest, moral politician. What a novel idea. Never happen though.

  • Mad Baumer Jul 13, 2007

    I still thisnk the picture associated with this story makes Almond look like he was at mug shot practice.

  • Timbo Jul 13, 2007

    Look, another secret process in government concerning a possible crime. Next thing you know, they will convene a Grand Jury and not take transcripts!

  • HadEnough Jul 13, 2007

    This place is like little New Orleans. Is there an honest/moral politician left.

  • innocent bystander Jul 13, 2007

    Term limits aren't a bad idea, but the problem goes beyond that. Almond was only in his second term, and the last House member who was caught doing something like this was only a freshman, as I recall.

    The fault is largely ours. Our society has become so politically polarized that many of us will automatically vote based solely on party affiliation without taking the candidate's other attributes into consideration. It's especially a problem in voting districts that heavily favor one party over the other, so that it is very difficult for a non-incumbent challenger from another party to get elected.

    I think voting districts in NC need to be redrawn, maybe using random, computer generated clusters of census tracts, so that the bias favoring incumbents is eliminated.

  • Rabid_Wolf_2 Jul 13, 2007

    anther one bites the dust . . . .

  • DrJ Jul 13, 2007

    Hard to comment on this or draw any conclusions until some facts come out.

    I'd like to see term limits. It's the ONLY way to get people in and back out before they start to like the power too much.