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Obama Fundraiser Set for Chapel Hill

Posted June 6, 2007

— U.S. Sen. Barack Obama will be stumping on the home turf of rival Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards next week.

Obama, of Illinois, has scheduled a June 14 fundraiser in Chapel Hill, where Edwards, a former U.S. senator, now lives.

A $1,000-a-ticket reception is being hosted by Steve Lerner, a public relations and marketing executive who previously supported Virginia Gov. Mark Warner's presidential bid. Other hosts of the reception include Ken Eudy, chief executive of public relations firm Capital Strategies; jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis; and SAS co-founder John Sall.

In addition to the general reception, a more exclusive reception is open to people for $2,300 a ticket.


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  • Lexus-1 Jun 8, 2007

    You all are against Obama for whatever your personal agenda maybe. What has Georgy done but sent your sons, daughters father, uncle to another country that we have no business there but get them killed. He had/nor has any experience in running the country. He is an OIL man that is getting richer by the hour and you are putting extra money in his accounts. Just to look at him turns my flesh. Can you do any better than Obama, if so then you enter the race. If not continue to send your families to get killed by the BUSHESNET.

  • casp3r Jun 8, 2007

    @ blueridgerunner= Thats not the first time hes played the race card either. He tried to say his daughters were bothered by what Imus said, Ill bet you anything that they have a cd or a song on their ipods that says alot worse. I guess he has a stack of those cards just waiting.

  • G-man Jun 8, 2007

    Should have known he'd show up in the Peoples Republic of CH.

  • mindyourown Jun 7, 2007

    No comment.

  • der_Marv_meister Jun 7, 2007

    So whats the difference between Obama and Edwards? Both have limited experience. Hillary, oddly enough, has more Senatorial experience plus that time she lived/worked in the White House for 8 years and the guv's mansion in Arkansas for 8.
    I think they are all disconnected and its ahoot to watch people trip over themselves to align them up with one of the three main Dem cons going today.

  • beachboater Jun 7, 2007

    What goes here? A total of THREE comments posted before someone comes up with a racial comment. The comment that raised that was that the poster was not going to vote for Obama. Is that a racist statement? As far as I know, I won't vote for him either, not will I vote for Hillary or Edwards. I haven't seen anyone from either party that I want to see in the white house yet.

    First time in 80 years that there is no incumbent president or vice president in the race. Should prove interesting.

    By the way, I think Obama is a very impressive public official. I don't think he has the experience with government to be president. I feel the same about Edwards.

    Hmmmm. I feel the same about Edwards and Obama. Now how will somebody make that a racist comparison.

  • blueridgerunner Jun 7, 2007

    Obama rolled out the race card in Hampton Va. Too bad. I thought he might have potential. but it appears that he plays politics like everyone else. Whatever you want to hear.

  • Movin On Jun 7, 2007

    How many normal folks has actually attend these types of fundraisers anyway? My take on the primary is that it will come down to Edwards, Clinton or Obama (believe it or not Obama is actually ahead of Clinton and Edwards). I personally have not decided who I will vote for, but let's face it, it will definitely be Edwards, Clinton or Obama (no brainer). Did anyone ever consider the fact that even if Obama doesn't win the primary, that whoever does win will take Obama with them as their running mate? It would be a good strategic move if Clinton won, or if Edwards won, let's face it, they both would want the minority vote, and although I'm not saying that they couldn't get the minority vote without Obama, but it sure increases the number of minority vote they do get....

  • mvnull Jun 7, 2007

    "I've tried to be positive about Obama, but I just don't feel that he is qualified to run our country." That bar isn't particularly high after the current administration.

  • hardtack Jun 7, 2007

    I've tried to be positive about Obama, but I just don't feel that he is qualified to run our country.