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House OKs Bill to Pull Licenses for Giving Booze to Minors

Posted May 17, 2007

— The state House on Thursday passed a bill that would revoke the driver's license of anyone convicted of supplying alcohol to minors.

Lawmakers approved the proposal by a 105-7 vote. It faces a final reading Monday before heading to the Senate.

State Rep. Ty Harrell, D-Wake, sponsored the bill, saying the state needs to be tougher on people who illegally provide beer, wine or liquor to teens.

Under the legislation, people found guilty of giving alcohol to minors would lose their driver's license for a year. But they would be allowed to apply for a restricted license to commute to work or school.

The proposal comes in the wake of alcohol-related accidents that killed several Wakefield High School students in the past 15 months. Some family members of the deceased Wakefield High students were at the General Assembly Thursday to support the bill.


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  • mvnull May 19, 2007

    Another law to take away a driver's license for something not related to your driving. One of the first things good parents know is to make punishment relevant to the offense. Otherwise it will do no good.

    I know that colliefan probably didn't mean it, but her comment was pretty good. I see many people getting this punishment suspended because it really makes no sense. In some countries, servers are required to have a serving license. I know that in Australia, you take a class that covers the law and how to decide when someone has had too much, etc., then take a test. NOW you have something you can take way if you consistently give alcohol to underage kids.

    Steve's comments are similar to his column in The Technician. Take a reasonable idea and see how extreme you can run with it. I rarely agreed with him, but he's the only one whose name I can still recall, so that's something.

  • lollly52 May 18, 2007

    Hi Steve – thanks for that last URL you sent to me – I am still studying the desalination info.

    RPD07 – yeah, Steve has a lot of opinions. I noticed that to. I asked him to back up his facts. I AM STILL READING!! That man can sure put some info at your finger tips, if you ask. Give it a try the next time you see one of his posts. I have yet to see him with out URLs and/or minutes from meetings where he was doing the presentations. I guess we all have our hobbies. Welcome!!

  • the alliance May 18, 2007

    I think the bill is unfounded.

  • colliefan May 18, 2007

    They will ptobably plead guilty to "broken speedometer" and get off just as those whose speeds often exceed 90MPH

  • themoonlodge May 18, 2007

    I'd like to add to Steve's Comment. My parents drank in our home and my father always told me that I was welcome to have a glass of wine with dinner with them. He told me to never go out and drink and drive. And he told me never to get in a car with anyone who did. He said, "Dead is dead. Call me and I will come and get you." Because of the love and trust, I did call my father when faced with that situation.

    I think that when you have good communication with your parents and alcohol is available to you at home, in moderation, then the tempation to go out and do something stupid is removed. When my kids were younger, I let them drink with us and gave them the same "talk" my father gave me. Again, no temptation for them.

    Too many parents today abdicate their responsibility to actually "parent" their children. I would never give alcohol to someone else's child, but I resent the government coming into my home and telling me how to parent my own kids.

  • Steve Crisp May 18, 2007

    Hello, rpd07. How old are you? When I was growing up, the drinking age was 18 for both beer and hard liquor. Yes, underage kids drank. But we didn't binge drink. And we didn't drink and drive. We we're taught better. Every football game after party had a keg and you grabbed a beer or two. No big deal. And if you DID have a few too many, parents would come get you. No need to hide consumption.

    Not one kid died from an auto accident or alcohol poisoning in my high school. Not one.

    As to the rest of the world being stupid, if you have issues with what I am saying, please refute it. On any blog. I have no issue with discussion and alternate opinion. But please back your viewpoint with fact instead of ad hominum attack, the typical method in which people refute me.

    Again, if I'm wrong, tell me why -- on any of the subjects. Then back it up. And the rest of the world is not stupid, just ignorant for the most part. People have stopped reading and lack a thirst for knowledge.

  • RPD07 May 18, 2007

    yeah, reduce the age to 18, that makes sense. Now you have the 18 year olds buying alcohol for the 14 year olds. smart plan. i've seen you "steve crisp" on just about every post. looks like you have an answer for everything. i guess the rest of the world is just stupid.

  • freespeech May 17, 2007

    Wow, our general assembly is really getting down to business this session.

  • Steve Crisp May 17, 2007

    How about just returning the drinking age to 18 where it belongs? Then you would probably eliminate most of this "crime."

  • sick of thugs 2 May 17, 2007

    Ok. The bill has passed. Lets enforce it right off the bat. No second chances. We need to be serious about the laws that are passed.