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Judge May Seek Stronger Sentence Against Former Legislator

Posted April 20, 2007

— A federal judge indicated he might seek a tougher sentence for Michael Decker.

The former state legislator pleaded guilty in August to switching parties in exchange for campaign contributions.

Decker had hoped to get leniency for helping federal authorities investigate former House Speaker Jim Black. But in a court filing, U.S. District Court Judge James Dever wrote he "is contemplating an upward departure" from the sentence recommended under federal law.

Decker's sentencing is scheduled for Friday, April 27.


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  • yruatwit Apr 20, 2007

    billengr99 hit the nail squarely on center. Education in and thorough knowledge of our laws and statutes do not provide the tools for a well-trained professional, rather, too often that education and training is the catalyst for producing manipulative, cicumventive, fraudulent, immoral, unethical and deceitful so called "servants to the people."

  • Just Once Apr 20, 2007

    Any crime comitted in elected or appointed public office should be a felony to insure they will not be re-elected. They should also be prohibited from any business dealings with any other appointed or elected official and the penalty for this should also be a felony at such a level that it would be subject to the three strike penalties.

    Cannot agree with capital charges....maybe just radical serilization.....lol

  • SailbadTheSinner Apr 20, 2007

    I think that the most severe penalties in our legal system should be reserved for corruption of a public official, perhaps even to the extent of making those types of crimes capital offences.

    Most other crimes involve individuals or small groups of individuals. Corruption of a public official affects the entire fabric of our society ....

  • billengr99 Apr 20, 2007

    As if any of the judges were any better than the politicians. They come from the same corrupt party system and work their way up by promising favors and having favors done for them. To them all it is a game, push and twist and tweek every letter and nuance of the law to their advantage. Gone is their morality. Anything they can get away with is "legal".

  • OLD PIRATE Apr 20, 2007

    Must agree with 2 shoes..can't judge some by actions of others. I do hope this judge is simply setting the stage for Jim Black...This man could have done better...
    AlsoI Hope Basnight slips up and gets caught..Put some trust back in Raleigh and the good politicians who try to do right.

  • GWALLY Apr 20, 2007

    Yes.......just like "most" politicians.......lie, lie, lie......get caught........lie, lie, lie.........get a plea bargain for a reduced sentence to save your sorry butt.....rat on the other liers..........!!! Then the cycle starts over again. Just imagine......what is STILL going on that we don't know about yet. If your a politician, sit down, shut up, go home. This will save the tax payers a bunch of $$$$$$$$!!!!
    There are 2 types of people, those that will actually DO a good job and those that can only TALK a good job......(using your tax money of course).....unfortunately most politicians fall in the last category.

  • mayor Apr 20, 2007

    S-O-L - it would be nice if you did not lump everyone in the same category. My husband has been a "politician" for 50 (fifty) years and he is the most honest, good person I know. I truly resent your calling him scum - you do not even know him and you probably know very few politicians. I think everyone would agree that there are bad apples in every barrel. Just yesterday it was on the news that a minister had fathered a child with a l2 (twelve) year old - does this make all ministers child molesters - or scum?

  • Stormy13 Apr 20, 2007

    So what's going to happen to Black? Just a slap on the wrist probably and the voters next year in his District will no doubt vote him back into office again! Something is very wrong with this picture!

  • ladyblue Apr 20, 2007

    I think instead of working on a bill for elderly drivers, these politicians should be working to pass a bill stating that if you are in public office and fraud the system such as this man and Nifong, you should immediately be fired with out pay and jail time. They should be held to a higher form of punishment than the average joe.

  • Top Dog Apr 20, 2007

    somthings never change !!!!!!!