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Bill Would Crack Down on Employers of Illegal Workers

Posted April 13, 2007

— State lawmakers are considering a proposal that could put more pressure on businesses to ensure their employees are legal U.S. residents.

House Bill 1485 seeks to tighten up efforts to verify citizenship for people charged with crimes and those who receive public assistance. It also would require businesses operating in North Carolina to check on the immigration status of their workers.

"I think it's a major problem that we're facing," said Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-Wake, who co-sponsored the bill. "All employers, both public employers and into the private sector, need to ensure that the individuals they're hiring that are citizens in this state lawfully in the United States."

Lawmakers stepped up efforts to verify citizenship for public workers last session.

But some business owners said the latest proposal amounts to more unnecessary government regulation.

Chuck Wright, a conservative Republican who owns a local property maintenance company, said the stance of most conservatives on the Hispanic work force is wrong.

"It's not about cheap labor or under-the-table labor. That's not it at all," Wright said. "These people are not tax filers, but trust me, they are taxpayers."

He hired a private human resources firm years ago to make sure his workers pass the immigration paperwork test. But he said he's still not happy about more regulation motivated by what he considers myth.

"This is going to tie up my competitors with a bunch of government bureacracy, and that's actually going to help me," he said. "But ideologically, this is going to create a government bureacracy, and government bureacracies do one thing -- sustain themselves."


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  • GWALLY Apr 17, 2007

    independent_thinker posted: "So far, no immigrant, legal or illegal, has impacted my life in any way."

    If you do really "Think" this way, you need to "RETHINK" and get the truth about "what you are thinking......"!!! Cost of med. care, school funding, car insurance are just a few areas you need to "Think" about...!!

  • independent_thinker Apr 16, 2007

    Ghostrogue: I think scholars argree that there is no right of secession in the Constituion.

    Your point actually agrees with mine. That which we see as legal or illegal from the current prism of time is often changed entirely as time marches on.

    The "Saints" posting on this forum do many things that thwart the law, intentionally and unintentionally. Yet the convenient black & white answer on immigration is deport everyone [especially those with skin darken than thine].

    I've seen poverty in other countries. Ours looks like a picnic in comparison. So far, no immigrant, legal or illegal, has impacted my life in any way.

  • ncguy Apr 16, 2007

    Trust me when I tell you that employer's know that they have illigals working for them! They sympathize and do nothing! If they did the bottom dollar line would not be as good- so business makes more money and you and I as individuals pay for all the tax money to support the illegals.
    And the conservative rep in the article is trying to save his bottom line.
    People we can live without them- we did it for centuries!
    Until big business doesn't dictate to government we will ahve to live with the illegals.

  • Slip Kid Apr 16, 2007

    "But some business owners said the latest proposal amounts to more unnecessary government regulation."

    Well, when the government is spending MY tax dollars to support unearned benifits for ILLEGAL aliens, then I want regulations in place to reduce this cost. It's called responsible government.

    I'm no fan of big government, but some rules must exist for us AMERICANS to work & live together. Stop making excuses for the instant gratification of a few extra $ of profit and run your businesses right.

  • 2little2late Apr 16, 2007

    shouldn't be able for illegals anyway..since durham is opening up a center where they can apply for green cards, citizenship status..except for the fact that the center should be in MEXICO

  • Tripwire Apr 16, 2007

    I'm doing more research but I think the Constitution upheld the independent sovereignty of the individual states which allowed for the legal withdrawal of a state from the Union of States. It overruled the previous prohibition of secession enacted in the Articles of Confederation of 1781

  • mvnull Apr 15, 2007

    "I was born here to legal Americans, therefore I have earned my rights...." Earned your rights? You were born into your rights. The only people who can be said to 'earn' their rights are naturalized citizens who have passed a test, and gone through the red tape.

  • independent_thinker Apr 15, 2007

    A lot of you are concered about what illegal. Let's get agreement. It's illegal to enter this country without the proper paperwork.


    It was illegal [Treason and Sedition], when some of your relatives broke the law, ignored the Constitution and seceeded from the United States.

    In fact, it was so aggregious that two Presidents had to offer amnesty and pardons. Your relatives were forced to swear oaths to the United States because their Treason and illegal acts left the strong impression that they lacked the fortitude to be loyal to the United States.

  • Bob3425 Apr 15, 2007

    ninenine_99 your argument that we all immigrates does wash anymore, what we are is a country of laws. Illegal aliens broke those laws once they crossed our borders, then they compound that criminal act by using false ID or worse stealing an American citizen ID. In addition, they are an enormous burden on the American taxpayer by getting to use our social system to received health, education and other social benefit, the same system you pointed out is broke. Illegal alien cost the American taxpayer billion of dollars each year.
    I don’t believe a new law is going to fix the problem, what needs to happen is for our current laws to be enforced. I don’t putting the business or individual in prison is the answer, these are people concern with the dollar. Fine business and individual that use these people in the thousands of dollars and if necessary revoke their business licenses, do the same for the individual that knowing hire them. In Addition, I would make the business or indiv

  • bigt16701 Apr 15, 2007

    well I gotta say it's a nice start, now why weren't ya doing it 20 yrs ago???