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Bill Requiring Photo Processors to Report Porn Makes Way to Senate

Posted March 29, 2007


— A bill designed to find child sex predators is on its way to the state Senate.

The bill, which recently passed the House, requires film and picture processors to tell authorities about any images they find that show minors involved in sexual activity.

The bill also applies to computer technicians who may run across child pornography on a computer they are servicing.


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  • sorry Mar 30, 2007

    I work on pc's all the time if I find child porn I will call the cops that you can bet on.

  • Tarheeljunior Mar 30, 2007

    Talk about a waste of taxpayers money...we are funding them to sit around and discuss legislature that is a little too little and a little too late. This legislature might have been important 10 or 20 years ago, but it is pretty much antiquated now and it hasn't even passed yet. I still own a film camera because I am an amateur photographer and it can achieve better quality than a digital in some cases, but I am the only one I know that has one and I haven't used it in over a year. Digital cameras are relatively inexpensive now and cheaper to use because they do not require processing and film. The people at the photo counters are pretty much there just to count the number of prints that a person gets out of a self-service machine. They don't look at the content.

  • anyway Mar 29, 2007

    Forget my pictures! What about all the porn on-line?Oh thats right Mr.Jackson isn't in the U.S. anymore.

  • My Screen name Mar 29, 2007

    This is a cover up....you all busted.....I bet you got naked dogs too......

  • SorryStatefan Mar 29, 2007

    Dern ... I mean would looking at big boob lovers website count if so I just might as well scrap my computer and just buy a new one ever year or two

  • 777 Mar 29, 2007

    There was a story a while back about a college kid who accidentally turned in a CD full of kiddie porn to his professor instead of his programming project. He emailed the prof later saying he accidentally submited a "music" cd and could he please have it back. He emphasised over and over that it was a "music" cd. Of course, the prof has already called the cops by the time the email was sent...

  • MiIky Mar 29, 2007

    I also have worked on many pc's and would never go snooping for anything. No searches. No Recent Documents. Unless it is on the desktopand not in a folder or pops up in a virus scan, I won't find it. My day job, on the other hand, I am responsible for all of the computers owned by my employer. That is a different ballpark. I still don't go looking for violations, but, our IT policy (signed by every employee) clearly gives me the right to do so at any time for any reason.

    That being said, only a complete idiot would take a computer full of child porn to a tech. Even though I don't agree with it, you should assume the tech is a guy like continuityman. Most of them are.

  • nccruzer Mar 29, 2007

    Great I will make sure not to hire anybody with the email address ljansch@nc.rr.com (Continuityman) or ltbarkley@gmail.com to ever work on my computer, since you have both apparently confessed to snooping around your clients computers and taking it upon yourselves to judge what you find and call in the government.

    Also, I really like hondaman's idea to pass a law requiring everyone to wipe after they use the bathroom. That is not a victimless crime you know.

  • ltbarkley Mar 29, 2007

    Chef Hemp - if you believe he is the only one doing that... Its the same at every computer repair store I know of. Most techs don't "search" the hard drive for pictures, but you would not believe the number of people that keep porn on the desktop, or you see it on the "recent documents" or any number of other places that a tech HAS to go to while fixing a computer (temp folders, etc etc). I have accidentally found child porn on a computer I worked on, and yes, it was accidental - it was listed in the recent documents folder. I immediately stopped working on it and called the police. The case was DROPPED - "improper search and seizure" - which is true.

    This bill is just another way of the politicians showing us they "are doing something". Remember - the keys to unlock US Constitution are "Protect the Children" and "Terrorism". Any time you see those words, in the words of a famous comedian, "Think for yourself, Challenge authority"

  • Screen name Mar 29, 2007

    I would hope they would report this anyway.