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Higher Cigarette, Alcohol Taxes Proposed

Posted March 22, 2007


— Drinkers and smokers would have to pay more for their pasttimes if two bills are approved by the General Assembly.

Senate Bill 1208, sponsored by Sen. Tony Rand, D-Cumberland, calls for raising the tax on each pack of cigarettes by 5 cents. The added revenue would go toward building a new cancer center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Lawmakers raised cigarette taxes from 5 cents to 30 cents a pack two years ago.

Senate Bill 1367, sponsored by Sen. Larry Shaw, D-Cumberland, calls for raising the excise tax on beer, wine and liquor to fund education programs designed to reduce underage drinking.


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  • lrmerc5757 Mar 27, 2007

    I do not know about everyone else but I think its time to get rid of the people who make a living out of getting elective and forgetting about the people that but them there. Remenber they work for us it not the other way around. If I was in office I would think of what is the problem we see every day. Keeping a job, feeding our family and paying rising taxes, are the people in Raleigh stupid or just do not care?

  • lrmerc5757 Mar 26, 2007

    What is it now? Lets see smoking, drinking, tax, tax tax. But why? Why not tax people who are fat, or people who are slim. Why not people that are black, white, yellow or green. Lets tax anything that we can convince the majored that something is wrong with these people. But better yet why not tax the hospitals that charge 800.00 per night for a room, smaller then a closet.

  • Watcher Of Things Mar 25, 2007

    Gee! Go figure!

    Government spends a fortune to fight against LEGAL stuff

    reduces the sales

    then increase taxes to make up for LOST REVENUE!

    Thank Goodness For FREEDOM!


  • rpd911 Mar 23, 2007

    Sorry last comment lost it's direction. Point is neither alcohol or cigarettes are necessarily bad. It is the people using them. Both make you stink. Alcohol does alter your state of mind more but doesn't make you do things. As for increasing taxes on them, that would suck. I don't smoke but do drink occasionally. I like a good German beer with my steak, a glass of wine with a great Italian dish and a good Whiskey on ice for a night of watching a long movie. I agree with the comment on taxing Western Union and the like transactions where the money goes out of the US. I used to work at a grocery store and Mexicans (yes from Mexico) would come in and send 4 and 5 THOUSAND dollars at a time to Mexico. Tax the illegals who don't pay income tax! Finally...Increasing the amount I pay for alcohol may suck, but hey, if I drink a couple of beers I won't really care anymore.

  • rpd911 Mar 23, 2007

    Just a comment with regard to statements that alcohol makes people mean. Alcohol doesn't make people do anything, it is already in that person to do the mean or unpleasant things. Police do not get called out because of alcohol, they get called because an idiot who thought they were mentally competent enough to handle a couple of drinks wasn't and now he/she is beating there wife/friend. For cigarettes, smoking doesn't cause cancer! People who are genetically predisposed to getting cancer and smoke get cancer and blame it on the cigarettes. I know plenty of 80 and 90 year old people who have been smoking since they could hold the cigarette and light it themselves and they don't have cancer. I read in the paper the other day that the process of frying potatoes to make "french fries" releases a chemical from the potato that has caused cancer in rats. Let the rampage of lawsuits begin for cancer causing Oreidas!

  • mayor Mar 23, 2007

    Would it be possible to tax all monies sent by Western Union to foreign countries? That seems to me that ALL people would be paying some kind of tax. Don't drink - no comment. Smoke - will continue to buy cigs as long as I can pay for them. Not on any kind of welfare - pay my own insurace, no food stamps, worked many, many years so life is pretty good now. Do wish we could stop paying for those people who are to d--- sorry to work.

  • Trooper Mar 23, 2007

    You're not going to get fair taxes because the legislators have too many buddies that are lobbyist. It' a good thing that the legislators don't die together. The legislators are so crooked that they will have to be screwed into the ground and personally NC doesn't have enough Cemeteries to accommodate them

  • superman Mar 23, 2007

    Alcohol seems to be more harmful to me than cigs. Ask the parents of the teenagers that just died. No one is in prison for smoking-- lots of people get "mean and ugly" when they drink and they family suffers. If I could pick whether my teenager smokes or drinks-- I would prefer them to smoke. Smoking is more self destruction and alchol is more family and community destructive. Police are not usually called out for smokers but they surely are with drinkers.

    So you folks that are opposed to smokers-- hope u are lucky enough to have a person behind you drinking rather than smoking.

  • sasuke Mar 23, 2007

    nicotine addiction has been compared to heroin addiction (very very strong) i don't really think that food addiction is on the same level...but i dont really like all the comments about "smokers should pay for their health care instead of us paying for them" come on people, not ALL smokers are poor, pleny of us pay for our health care just like everyone else....if you want to say that smokers need to pay more because it is harmful to health and therefore costs more, there are plenty of other things people do that are not taxed and cost a lot of money in terms of health care (drugs, obesity, etc)

  • Me Mar 23, 2007

    If they can afford the cigs and beer they can afford the tax or else they would go with out. I've know several people who have quit smoking - it takes will power and a strong person - just like any other addiction such as food, beer, gambling. If they don't like the price, don't buy it. If you like those "pasttimes" then pay for it - it's not that big of an issue - you do or don't. (I'm sure someone is going to be rude now but that's my opinion)