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Dems Sound Familiar Themes in 2007 Legislative Agenda

Posted March 14, 2007

— Nearly two months into the 2007 legislative session, Democratic lawmakers finally laid out their priorities for the session Thursday.

Democrats spent the last several weeks working out committee assignments and getting organized after electing Rep. Joe Hackney, D-Orange, as the new House speaker.

At a news conference Thursday, Democratic lawmakers stood shoulder to shoulder to tout familiar themes -- improving public education, helping low-income families, increasing access to health care, preserving open space and promoting energy efficiency. But they stopped short of detailing specific legislation.

The lawmakers also didn't elaborate on key battleground issues like the death penalty. Caucus members showed no consensus on a moratorium on executions, but they promised to consider direction from the attorney general and the courts on potential reforms to the system.

While promoting education, Democrats revealed no broad agreement on proposed changes to where lottery dollars go, such as shifting more money to pre-kindergarten programs.

With the budget still in flux, they gave no clues on teacher and state worker pay. They said they haven't reached a consensus on budget issues because they don't have all the revenue figures they need.

They offered no new ethics reforms, but Hackney vowed the caucus would lead by example when it comes to conduct.

"Item No. 1 is strengthen people's confidence in government. I say that to emphasize it and to say that it is important," Hackney said.

Republicans are in the minority in the General Assembly, but they're already gearing up for a fight over the budget, taxes and the death penalty.


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  • Wildman Mar 21, 2007

    and at the end of 2 months of sitting there on their collective hands and voting for who will pay for lunch today....the big announcement....TADAAAAAAH!...no...that was it....tada....did ya miss it? we can do it again for ya...NO NO...not 2 more months of nothing....but then again....if they do nothing...it's better than some of the stuff they come up with when they're trying to do something...ahhhhh...I've gotta get back to work so I can pay for their do-nothing-n-brag mess....

  • What The Deuce Mar 16, 2007

    Its the same thing they always say they are going to improve....We have now been working on improving and fixing these problems for 60 or 70 years now and for some reason they dont seem to be going away(in their minds). Why dont you try something different....On second thought, that would take effort.

  • mvnull Mar 16, 2007

    Don't hold back. Tell us what you really feel.

  • mugofstout Mar 15, 2007

    The Dems are on a path to Socialism for sure. Make the working class pay for the "low-income"( which means to stupid or lazy to work) citizens. Let the children of the dregs make all of our public schools a pesthole of drugs and gang violence. Give all of the people who were to stupid to stay out of the criminal justice system, and therfore be able to get a good job with benfits the same health care as someone who stays on the right path. What a crock, they are just buying votes from the leeches in our society.

  • Watcher Of Things Mar 15, 2007

    It's all about SOCIALIST CONTROL!

    We have a LESS freedom than countries that were under communist Russia's regime!

    Vermont has in Washington DC as an elected politician "Bernie Sanders" - a self proclaimed SOCIALIST who has been elected many time by the people of Vermont.

    The people of Vermont ALSO liked who?

    Recall who from Vermont was heading up the DNC?

    What voter base (and mentality) elected this person?

    Ever hear of the OLD SAYING:
    Bird Of Feature Flock Together

    won't find a chicken hawk nesting with the chickens will you?

  • mvnull Mar 15, 2007

    I can't argue with anything you have said, except in this day and age it is the Republicans who are reducing our freedoms.

  • me-in-raeford Mar 15, 2007

    It took them 2 months to decide nothing...and then they have the nerve to stand there proudly and proclaim that they're all in agreement that they've done nothing for the last 2 months!

    I'm sick of DEMOCRATS and their "chicken in every post, socialist, stick it to the middle class mindset!!! Oh yeah, like previously said...if they have time bad mouth the president of the United States during a time or war and give aid and comfort to our enemy...all in the name of HUMANITY!

    I really, really want to know...who votes for these idiots?

  • 68_polara Mar 15, 2007

    Who gave them a blank check? Oh, wait the optometrists did!

  • Crumps Br0ther Mar 15, 2007

    Don't you all get it? If they attack tobacco there won't be a need to grow as much of it and all that extra fallow soil can be used to grow money trees! DUH!

  • You Betcha Mar 14, 2007

    Is this any surprise? The Democrats are starting off the same way they left off last year. Attack a legal product (tobacco) and its users, raise taxes, raise taxes, raise taxes. Then they will attack tobacco and its users, raise taxes and reduce more or your freedoms. Sad thing is the Democrats have enough idiots out there to put them back into office after they attacked a legal product (tobacco) and its users, raised taxes, raised taxes, raised taxes.

    Next year when you Liberal nuts vote the same Democrats into office, they will attack a legal product (tobacco) and its users, raise taxes, raise taxes, raise taxes. Then they will attack tobacco and its users, raise taxes and reduce more or your freedoms.

    If they have time, they will bad mouth the President of the United States and become closer allies with our enemy, the terrorists.