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Family Values Rally Brings Throngs to Raleigh

Posted March 6, 2007

— Hundreds of people rallied outside the General Assembly Tuesday in support of what they called "family values legislation."

Churches across the state bused people to Raleigh to attend the rally, which coincided with the introduction of defense-of-marriage bills in the Senate and House.

State Capitol Police estimated the size of the crowd at 10,000, and they filled about half of Halifax Mall, a lawn area north of the  Legislative Building.

The rally was sponsored by Return America, a Wallburg-based group that opposes abortion, gay marriage and gambling.

Sens. Fred Smith, R-Johnston, and Jim Forrester, R-Gaston, spoke at the rally shortly after announcing the filing of Senate Bill 13, which they said strengthens anti-gay legislation already on the books in North Carolina.

Marriage is already defined in the state as being between a man and a woman. The bill would amend the state constitution to include the definition so that judges or future legislators couldn't overturn it.

"(The bill) does not take any rights that anyone has today away. It does not discriminate against anyone in any shape, form or fashion," Smith said at a press conference.

Smith and Forrester have introduced similar legislation twice before, but Democratic leaders in the Senate routed the bill through a committee that hasn't met in six years.

"That was a place to put the bill for it to die," Forrester said.

House Bill 493, a companion bill, was expected to be introduced later Tuesday, but the parallel pieces of legislation already have generated opposition.

"I'm against what I see as writing discrimination into the constitution," said Sen. Janet Cowell, D-Wake.

Senate President Pro Tem Marc Basnight said through a spokesman that current laws defining marriage are adequate, and the state doesn't need new legislation on the issue.

House Speaker Joe Hackney wouldn't commit when asked if he thought the bill would come up for vote on the House floor.


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  • Watcher Of Things Mar 12, 2007

    Grant the fact that opinions are like fingers - everyone has a couple handfuls!
    That said - in my opinion - Anything that goes against the NATURAL course of life has it's own repercussions.
    Sodomy used to be illegal - now people fear AIDS
    Using drugs is illegal - people get HIV
    It used to be illegal to have premarital sex - Stds were the effect of that.

    In my opinion - the life styles that produce these organic repercussions need to be dealt with 100% by those who contract these diseases. No insurance coverage - no federal subsidies to off set the expenses.
    Wrong is wrong and nature has spoken - pay attention or pay the price. If you want to do anything you please - don't expect government to pat you on the back and let you do it ...

  • Lightfoot Mar 9, 2007

    Let’s see, according to the bible, liars will burn. Atheists will burn. Fornicators will burn. Witches will burn. Etc. Do we see people marching to demand laws against all these? Hypocrites!

    Homosexuals should be allowed to marry. We need to keep God, and all the all the other giant invisible spooks and goblins out of the government. Heterosexuals have already pretty much destroyed the sanctity of marriage. If people want to preach about morality and sin according to what their invisible spook says, they need to do that in their church and homes.

  • lasutoo Mar 8, 2007

    It's really about much, much more than who you will leave your property to. If it was really just about taxes, they could buy a house together with suvivorship benefits.

    But it's also about being legal next of kin, it's about rights as a spouse, it's about receiving benefits as a spouse, it's about not being locked out of your spouse's hospital room, it's about having authority to determine where your spouse will be buried, it's about receiving death benefits entitled to a spouse, it's about parental rights, it's about who makes medical decisions in the event of an emergency, it's about being recognized as a legal couple, it's about love and commitment. It's about ALL THE SAME THINGS it's about when a man and woman get married.

    If you really believe that the only benefit to marriage is being able to get around taxes, why do you care anyway?

  • mugofstout Mar 8, 2007

    Lets be real folks, all this is about is money. I think gays are damned, but that is a side point. All a gay couple has to do, is go down and file a will with an attorney, and property can be left to whoever they want to leave it too. But the gays don't want to pay the tax... whine snivel moan. pay the tax for your deviant life, and go about your remainder.

  • Ladidada Mar 8, 2007

    These people are not christians they are dictatorial fascists.

  • Lizard Paw Mar 7, 2007

    What's that mean mellow? People are no more than animals now?

  • Lizard Paw Mar 7, 2007

    Wow! Such anti-Christian stances. Usually trying to use the Word and turning it back against the believers. Can't do it with any credibility though.

    Do you really think God tolerates sin? Where is this written?

  • virgomisty22 Mar 7, 2007

    Does ANYONE REMEMBER when Christians and others had to fight for there right to beleave in GOD. Well now look at yourselves like a pack of wild dogs fighting to stop something that you dont agree with or god or whatever people fear what they dont understand.

  • mellow Mar 7, 2007

    Moronmentations Chpt. 12: V. 1: And the lord spaketh, saying let the men and women fornicate, marry and then divorce. For that is the true Christian love. Denounce all those who want the same kind of private parts to touch eachother. Even though homosexuality occurs naturally in the animal kingdom, these pagans are the real animals. Deny their rights! Amen.

  • lasutoo Mar 7, 2007

    To ecupirate: There is a fundamental difference in our thinking. I do not think that homosexuality degrading or ignores the dignity of the human being. I think that denying loving, commited couples the rights and privileges of a legally recognized union is degrading and denies dignity. I don't believe that homosexual couples cause decay on the society, nor is there any evidence to show this.

    Again, I ask, how will you lead your life differently should same sex unions be legally recognized? Will it actually have any effect on you?

    But, I will say that while I certainly disagree with you, at least you seem pretty morally consistant. The hypocrisy of people crying out "Defend Marriage" while having affairs or past divorces makes me a little crazy.