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Biden heading to Durham day after Romney visits Morrisville

Posted August 10, 2012

— Vice President Joe Biden will make a campaign appearance in Durham on Monday, less than 24 hours after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stops in the Triangle.

Biden will be at the Durham Armory, 212 Foster St., at 12:45 p.m. to discuss President Barack Obama's plan to build the U.S. economy through the middle class, according to a statement from the Obama campaign.

Romney's campaign bus tour will stop at Smokey's BBQ Shack in Morrisville, 10800 Chapel Hill Road, at 4 p.m. Sunday. The four-state tour is labeled "Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class.”

The Democratic National Committee will send its own bus, dubbed "Romney Economics: The Middle Class Under the Bus," through the Triangle on Saturday. Officials said the bus would stop at North Carolina Democratic Party headquarters, on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, at 9:45 a.m.


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  • heisenberg Aug 13, 2012

    Only time he opens his mouth is to switch feet.

  • Roland K. Aug 10, 2012

    what are you saying Bain Capital isn't up for discussion? He barely mentions his tenure as governor of Massachussets. Talks incessantly about his business background. I daresay his business practices at Bain Capital are wholly relevant.

  • Roland K. Aug 10, 2012

    at least that so-called liberal money isn't stained with Bain capital and Sheldon Adelson money, another great American success story Romney has broken bread with. sheesh

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 10, 2012

    Oh yeah, same old taking points. "Dirty Air and Dirty Water".

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 10, 2012

    That all you got is "Bain Capital"??? Try running on obama's record!

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 10, 2012

    Hmmm, perhaps you liberals would rather your buddy Sean Penn and "HIS" S/American buddies do the start-up companies here!

  • Roland K. Aug 10, 2012

    boney: you mean like Bain Capital, a company started with El Salvadoran oligarch money, oligarchs tied to the infamous death-squads Ronnie Raygun's Amerika winked and blushed at in the 1980s, fighting those leftist commies?

  • Roland K. Aug 10, 2012

    boney: since when is it the job of the government to create private sector jobs? The government can create an environment where the private sector wants to hire more people, and by all accounts, our government has: we have the lowest corporate tax in decades, and income taxes for the wealthiest Americans have been the lowest in years. Corporate profits are up in many sectors. Regulation has been cut back a bit - any less regulation all of our water will be poisoned - so where are the jobs? and by the way, boney, I do work for a living. does your name have anything to do with the hardness of your head? Just kidding.

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 10, 2012

    ". . . . Durham is a great city and it's a part of region that is one of the top places for business start-ups." Won't be much longer. You have to have "capital" to "start-up".

  • boneymaroney13 Aug 10, 2012

    RockGuitar - sooner or later your "check" will be cut off.