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Romney bus tour to stop in Morrisville

Posted August 6, 2012
Updated August 7, 2012

— Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will make a stop in Morrisville Sunday as part of a four-day, four-state bus tour.

The "Romney Plan For A Stronger Middle Class” bus tour begins Saturday in Virginia, visits the Tar Heel State Sunday and continues in Florida and Ohio.

All four states on the tour voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and have already seen an influx of television ad spending in anticipation of a tight November outcome. Polls have shown that Romney and Obama have been running almost dead even for months. 

Romney will appear at Smokey's Shack, a barbecue restaurant at 10800 Chapel Hill Road, at 4 p.m. Sunday. Doors to the event open at 3 p.m.


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  • nosferat Aug 10, 2012

    Interesting to see that (king) Mitt is coming to see the peasants (his subjects) in Morrisville on Sunday. Just a regular guy!

    Of note, he calls it a “Bus Tour”, he flies a luxury jet into RDU and has a campaign bus drive for 5 min him down the road to a very small barbecue pit on Chapel Hill Rd, that is closed on Sundays, yep he sure is just a simple politician, eh?

    The small restaurant, not usually open on Sundays and would appear crowded with 20 customers, is almost hidden off the road with little to no parking and not much room for any possible onlookers. So the Repubs are busing in some ‘volunteers’ to fill up the space and crowd the little area with ‘supporters’ to make a media show (typical staged event)and insure that there is no room for the opposition groups to get close enough to be found on the TV camera.

    A contrast to the Obama team that hold gatherings in large auditoriums and stadiums that fill without effort.

  • jamesthedoctor Aug 8, 2012

    Romney will release his taxes when Obama releases his college transcripts. Obama was accepted into Occidental and Harvard on a foreign exchange scholarship. He could only go to school in Indonesia if he were a citizen. Don't point at Romney, he's already explained what he did for 2 years when he lived outside of the US!!!

  • josephlawrence43 Aug 8, 2012

    Crabbit Cratur: Deep recession is over??? Tell that to the 13 million Americans without a job,or to the 8% of Americans who have been out of work for 42 straight months, or to the thousands who have lost or who are losing their homes.; The war in Iraq is over?? Then why do we still have troops on the ground there? And what about the war in Afghan.? Oh the car companies---GM still owes hundreds of millions of dollars to the taxpayers--and some analysts are predicting that this money will be like the money from Solyndra--it'll never be paid back. And yet people persist in saying Obama is a Success"???? Do you want to throw in the ever increasing price of gasoline--which Obama has the power to significantly reduce but he won't do it.

  • josephlawrence43 Aug 8, 2012

    woohoo2: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/08/gsa-urged-to-stand-down-on-occupy-portland-protests-by-white-house-documents/
    I would not expect any of the B3ON's to carry anything like this..too much news for them to handle.

  • snshine62d Aug 8, 2012

    If Romney has nothing to hide, what's the big deal in showing his taxes like everyone before has done. McCain was quoted saying he couldn't ask Romney to be a running mate because his taxes were toxic and that Palin was the better choice. Wow, Palin a better choice?? Doesn't say much for Romney does it?

  • snshine62d Aug 8, 2012

    Better get used to him. Romney will be President for the next 8 years."

    Funny, he keeps trying but never gets in. Obama will take care of the next four years then maybe the republicans can come up with someone that even they can believe in.

  • snshine62d Aug 8, 2012

    Why is his money any of your business? Jealous? Green with envy? Looking for something to steal?-Ripcord

    It's not his money people are interested in, it's whether or not he paid his fair share of taxes or if he paid any taxes at all. Rich or not rich, everyone should pay taxes.

  • snshine62d Aug 8, 2012

    The bus should just keep rolling along. Who needs tax increases for the middle class and someone that hides his tax records. Why doesn't he be a man and show the American people what he's hiding. If someone came out and told me I didn't pay taxes I'd have no problem showing them that I did pay my fair share. If he's be sneaky already what else could we expect?

  • WooHoo2You Aug 8, 2012

    The Obama administration told law enforcement authorities to go easy on Occupy Wall Street protesters, even though they were violating local laws, according to documents obtained by watchdog group Judicial Watch

    LAW...who needs these stinking laws-GERR

    1) Bet you can’t backup your claim. 2) Obama does not have the power to tell local authorities what to do vs not to do unless martial law is declared.

  • LambeauSouth Aug 8, 2012

    Or, as I asked earlier, is the requirement for truth somehow magically suspended for Obama??? And given his record so far, the truth doesn't seem to weigh very heavily on his mind or conscience.

    Yes , when it comes from a far right fringe wacko group you obviously belong to, hoping to one day prove he's not American!
    He never touted that he should be President because he know the law and can move America forward, now on the other hand, Mittens claims to be our finacial saviour, yet can't prove it, and past Bain accomplishments only prove that he was responsible for outsourcing American jobs for a Profit!