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Business groups: Federal budget cuts will cost NC jobs

Posted July 11, 2012

— Federal budget cuts that will slash spending for schools, transportation and health programs is drawing attention from North Carolina businesses with defense contracts.

North Carolina's chamber of commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers estimate that the defense spending cuts, part of an across-the-board budget balancing law, could cost 34,000 jobs in the state.

The North Carolina Chamber and the manufacturing lobbying group say they don't know how many jobs will be lost from cuts to social and domestic spending due to take effect in January.

The groups point to trouble from the cuts agreed to last summer by congressional Republican leaders and President Barack Obama. Congress is scrambling to come up with a way to avoid automatic, $1.2 trillion in cuts in domestic and military programs over a decade.


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  • Worland Jul 11, 2012

    The only people who truly suffer from cuts in defense spending are the troops. How soon we forget the lack of body armor, uparmored vehicles and ammo shortages resulted in thousands of unecessary casualties. Not to mention the VA, which has been broken for decades, will get even worse.

  • Worland Jul 11, 2012

    Hard for the DoD to save money when the Navy will be required to purchase $27 gallon bio fuel instead of $3.60 cent dino fuel.

  • westernwake1 Jul 11, 2012

    The only problem with these Federal spending cuts.. is that they do not go deep enough. Maybe these manufacturers need to think about not selling to the government, but marketing their products to businesses and consumers. Most of their products have dual applications and are military specific. Maybe they need to wean themselves off our tax dollars and stop their huge donations to politicians to get contracts.

  • artist Jul 11, 2012

    Lefty -

    I guess you missed this part of the article:

    "The groups point to trouble from the cuts agreed to last summer by congressional Republican leaders and President Barack Obama"

  • THEdrlefty Jul 11, 2012

    Sounds like the G-NO-P playbook to me...we're gonna cut the budget no matter who it hurts. By the way those are private sector jobs that will be lost, hurting small business and the state economy but what do Ellmers and her ilk care.

  • ICTrue Jul 11, 2012

    Here's to losing public sector jobs and increasing private sector!